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Bryans in Rwanda

December 2015

Over the Hills and

Catching up on the Past Few
Months in Rwanda

This Christmas season has been filled with the song Go

Tell It on the Mountain. The main reason for this is
because most days in my third grade class, students have
requested the song during our devotional time in the
morning. The message in the song rings true no matter
where you are in the world. Indeed this Christmas season
was another reminder that I needed to remind myself,
students, and everyone else that we celebrate that Jesus
Christ was born.
A few months prior to the advent season, I also wanted to
go tell everyone over the hills and everywhere about the
amazing blessing of our son Elias Emerson Bryan. He has
been a joy to have the past couple months. I have been
amazed as the Christmas story has been recanted the past
several weeks and to marvel at the birth of Christ. It is
tempting to argue about how the night probably wasnt so
silent. In fact, if it was like our birth night, parts of the
community would probably have come to see what was
going on with Mary and Joseph. Of course we dont know
exactly, but even if it wasnt a silent night, I believe it was
a holy night as Jesus was born into the world. We
celebrate this Christmas season God sending his Son to
Earth as well as the gift of an incredible son. -Douglas

Fast Facts
about Elias

He is the cutest boy in the


He was born on October 15 at

3:08am. He weighed seven and
a half pounds and was twenty
inches. Hes now nearly
thirteen pounds!

Hobbies include: sleeping,

gorilla trekking, eating, stamp
collecting, crying and graphic

We were grateful to have a smooth homebirth

here in Kigali. We had amazing midwives and
nurses for a special delivery.

Bryans in Rwanda

December 2015

Outside Parenthood
Although most of my days are spent taking care of Elias
at home, I try to stay involved helping others. This year
Ive had a chance to become more involved with Rwanda
YoungLife, a Christian ministry that reaches out to
middle and high school students in our international
community. My dear friend Micki is the director of this
ministry and this year she formed a support team of
adults to come along side her. Besides being the prayer
chair, I was also involved in planning the YoungLife
Christmas party .I love being able to pray for and help
this valuable ministry. -Kerry

Teachers Needed at
KICS for 2016-2017
Its that time of year
where our international
Christian school begins to
look for teachers for next
year. Interested in joining
us to see how God is
moving and live where its
year round summer?
Check our website for
open positions:


Donate here:

We truly value the partnership we have with

many who make it possible for us to remain and
flourish in Rwanda. We decided at the beginning
of December to remain in Rwanda for two more
years. We recognize the continued calling for
us to be in Rwanda serving.
Would you consider a year-end gift as we raise
support for our future in Rwanda? We use
support money for flights home, insurance, and
monthly living expenses such as food, water,
rent and electricity. We have felt supported this
school year, and are confident God will continue
to meet our needs as He has done in the past.

Bryans in Rwanda

December 2015

Family Visits
There is nothing quite like family visits.
For years we have lived in Rwanda
and it has truly been wonderful
sharing our international lives with
those we are close with. Recently,
Kerrys mom, Douglas parents, and
Kerrys sister and brother-in-law
have flown to see us in our natural
habitat. We also look forward to Kerrys
dad visiting in the new year.

Rwanda Outreach
Partners (ROC)

Of course the headlining feature was

our wonderful boy, but they also had
the opportunity to soak up the beauty
and breathtaking views of Rwanda. We
went on visits to a tea plantation, went
to see how hand-made greetings cards
are made from scratch, and also sent
them off on safari.

We are thankful to be a part of ROC

Partners here in Rwanda. This Christmas
holiday we had the opportunity reconnect
with our teammates. They are involved
with ministry at KICS, Christ Church
Rwanda, and Body & Soul. To learn more,
check out this year in review link on our

We acknowledge that being apart from

family is a sacrifice of our ministry.
During our time with family, it has been
refreshing and has helped us grow even
closer to those who have come. Not
only did they get to see Elias, but also
recognize in a more tangible way what
life is like in Rwanda for us and our
family. We are thankful for Skype,
email, and all the other forms of
technology that keep us connected, but
these weeks of connection to family
have been rich. We realize that not
everyone in our family can make the
journey, and we equally appreciate their
love and support in this far away land.

As always, were grateful that you
read our ne wsletter! We love you
and appreciate you! We hope you
had a w onderful Christmas and we
wish you the best in 2016!
With love,
Douglas, Kerry, and Elias Bryan