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Strategic resource invesment

Critical mission assurance
Suport college
Non- traditional support
NRO program manager
DNI programa manager
Corporate bussines
Global infrastructure
Global services
Mission integration
Personel resource
Ciencia y tecnologa
Business strategies and resources center
Center for technology management
Chief scientist
Development and enginering
Global access
Missin managers
Special activities
Special communications programs
Systems enginering and analysis
Technical collection
Technical readiness
Technical service
Deputy director ncs for comunity humint
Comunity humint coordination center
Deputy director ncs
Counterproliferation Divisin
Counter terrorism center
Counterintelligence center
Regional and transnational issues divisions
Technology support divisions
Crime and narcotios center
Counterintelligence center analysis group
Information operations center analytical group
Asian Pacific latin american and frican analysis
Collection strategies and analysis
Corporate resources
Irak analysis
New eastern and south asian analysis
Policy support
Russian and european analysis
Terrorism analysis
Transnational issues

Wespons intelligence noncroferation & arms control center

School for intelligence analysis

Fbi kgb seguridad investigacin organizacion