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Tools and Processes that you may see in a Learner centered room

1. Shared Vision Connected to schools + R.O.A.R. (example)

2. Code of Conduct R.O.A.R. (posted and visited)
3. Proof of a Learner Centered Classroom (Take time to teach learners what this looks like)
Balanced instruction
Meaningful activities
Learning targets posted
Key vocabulary posted
Goal setting: Learners write goals(personal & academic)
Learners help one another (collaboration)
Learners take responsibility for their own learning and learning environment
Learners track their own progress through tools such as: PDCA, CAP. MAT, BAR GRAPHS)
and can talk about it.
Teachers know each learner personally
Descriptive Feedback
Closure of lessons
4. Learning Style ARE LEARNERS STRENGTHS (know them, use them)
5. Processes & tools:
5 Whys
Affinity Diagram
Parking Lot
Smart goals (short and long term)
Peaks and Valleys
Thinking Maps
Blooms Tax/ Marzano posted/used
Flow Charts posted/used
Trackers or other
SIOP lesson format (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
Learner directed tools (peer reviews, reading logs, rubrics)
Unit Planning
Rubrics (teacher made / learner made)
6. Teach learners how to locate and use resources to accomplish their goals. (i.g. math, writing,
reading, science, tools)

Tools and Processes that you may see in a Learner centered room
7. Assessments: i.g. Pre, post, Self, Objective, Subjective, Authentic, Project based