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Ghats That Will Lead You To



Stepping stones that lead you down to a sacred river, are

known as Ghats. One
of the most popular ghats in Ujjain on the banks of the holy
river Kshipraare the Ram Ghats. They beautifully surround the
river and have numerous small
by performing
Shiva Kshipra
Lingas built
on them. Ram Ghat lies near to the worldspecial
famous pujas.
Mahakaleshwar temple and various priests and devotees
worship the holy

2 Ram Ghats have their own spiritual importance due to the river
. they
surround. Kshipra is said to be one of those rivers that were
formed when the drop of nectar fell from the holy Kumbh on
earth. The drop felt on earth following a battle between the
gods and demons for the elixir of immortality that was
preserved in a pot or Kumbh. Kshipra is said to contain the
sacred water andhence people from all over the world come at
these holy ghats to take ShahiSnan during the grandiose
festival of SimhasthaKumbhMela. It is strongly believed that
the water of the river Kshipra can wash away all the sins of a
person's present as well as past life and lead them towards
salvation. River Kshipra is also used by Hindus for performing
various funeral ceremonies of the departed soul. The Ram
Ghat is particularly renowned due to the presence of idols of
gods: Pishachamukteshwar, Guheshwar, Dundeshwar,
Damarukeshwar, Aruneshwar and Ardhanarishwar. It is also
called as Sri Ram Ghat and is probably one of the most ancient
bathing ghats in according to the Indian history. During the
SimhasthaKumbhMela at Ujjain,
the famous DattaAkhara (where Naga Sadhus reside
temporarily) can also be found along the holy Ram Ghats

As per experts in the field of geography and astronomy, the

holy city of Ujjain
is also known as te Greenwich of India because the first
meridian of longitude passes through it. The tropic of cancer
also passes through the pious city.
Another famous spot for bathing is NarsinghaGhat. This ghat
is also another ancient ghat and attracts millions of devotees
during the Kumbh. These ghats are alluringly picturesque and
walking along them gives a leisurely feeling. You can always
find little tortoises at the banks of the holy river Kshipra.