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aleph, shin, mem is the mother letters.

They are in the center on the

rosecross, and all other letters are around them. This imply that they are the
center of creation and yes the fingerprint left from it's creator.
Aleph is the union of mem and shin, so we focus on those. Mem and shin are
resp water and fire, the active and passive, reciving and taking. To make the
sound mem, you only form your lips, no need to move your tounge. While
making the sound shin, you dont need to move your lips but only your
This implies that they are not the same aspect in different degree but two
seperate entinies. They are not just hot and cold. The principle of degrees,
says that you can only increase or decrease the degrees of someting, not
changing it's nature. Thus you can never derive water from water or the other
way around.
The pillar of mercy and pillar of severity is resp mem and shin. The middle
pillar is aleph.
The principle of altar of insence is repeated in the tree on every 3 levels.