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NP Patricia
This wasnt the day I was expecting. But maybe there was a
The member is a resident of a skilled nursing facility which cares
for Alzheimers and dementia patients.
I contacted his wife to obtain permission to complete his
assessment. However, my call came shortly after his wife had
learned their daughter had just very unexpectedly passed away. I
expressed my condolences and explained the reason for my call.
She was tearful, saying that her daughter had been discharged
from the hospital and was just found dead at home.
She gave me permission to see her husband for his assessment
and requested I mail the leave behind information to her, as she
does not get to the facility very often.
She explained that her daughter was her primary emotional
support and was unsure how she would function. She now had no
one. I asked if she would like me to alert the facility staff to what
happened. She said yes and that she greatly appreciated the
gesture. She further explained that she was trying to deal with all
the funeral arrangements since her daughter lived out of state.
I completed the assessment on her husband and informed the
staff of what had happened to his daughter. The unit nurse, who
knew the family, said she would call the members wife. I learned
from the staff that his daughter was the main person making his
care decisions.

I completed a case management referral to the health plan for the

member, explaining the situation and stating his spouse might
benefit from having case management services to help navigate
his care decisions during this time of transition.