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1) Abate-

subside or moderate

2) Aberrant-


3) Abeyance-

suspended action, a temp pause.

4) Abscond-

depart secretly and hide.

5) Abstemious-

sparing in eating and drinking.

6) Admonish-

warn, reprove, reprimand.

7) Adulterate8) Aesthetic-

make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances, taint.

artistic, dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful.

9) Aggregate-

gather, accumulate.

10) Alacrity-

cheerful promptness, eagerness.

11) Alleviate-

relieve, lighten.

12) Amalgamate-

combine, unite in one body.

13) Ambiguous-

unclear or doubtful in meaning.

14) Ambivalence-

the state of having contradictory conflicting emotional attitudes.

15) Ameliorate-

improve, to make better, enrich, enhance.

16) Anachronism-

something or someone misplaced in time.

17) Analogous-


18) Anarchy-

absence of governing body, state of disorder.

19) Anomalous-

abnormal, irregular.

20) Antipathy-

aversion, dislike, antagonism, hostility.

21) Apathy-

lack of caring, indifference.

22) Appease-

pacify, soothe, relieve.

23) Apprise-


24) Approbation-


25) Appropriate-

acquire, take possession of ones own use.

26) Arduous-

hard, strenuous [active, tireless, spirited].

27) Artless-

without guile [cunning, treachery], open and honest.

28) Ascetic-

practicing self-denial, austere.

29) Assiduous-

diligent [meticulous, hardworking].

30) Assuage-

ease or lessen, satisfy, soothe.

31) Attenuate-

make thinner, weaken or lessen.

32) Audacious-

daring, bold.

33) Austere-

forbiddingly stern, severely simple and unornamented.

34) Autonomous-


35) Aver-

assert [proclaim, state] confidently or declare, as used in law, state

formally as a fact.

1) Banal- commonplace, trite, hackneyed.
2) Belie- contradict, give a false impression.
3) Beneficent- kindly, doing well.
4) Bolster- support, reinforce.
5) Bombastic- pompous, using inflated language.
6) Boorish- rude, insensitive.
7) Burgeon- grow forth, sent out buds.
8) Burnish- makes shinning by rubbing, polish.
9) Buttress- support, prop up.
1) Cacophonous- discordant, inharmonious.
2) Capricious- unpredictable, fickle.
3) Castigation- punishment, severe criticism.
4) Catalyst- agent that influences the pace of chemical reaction while it remains unaffected and
unchanged, person or thing that causes action.
5) Caustic- burning, sarcastically biting.
6) Chicanery- trickery, deception.
7) Coagulate- thicken, clot, congeal.
8) Coda- concluding section of a musical or literary composition, something that rounds out,
summarizes, or concludes, ending.
9) Cogent- convincing.
10) Commensurate- corresponding in extent, degree, amount etc. proportionate.
11) Compendium- brief, comprehensive summary.
12) Complaisant- trying to please, overly polite, obliging.
13) Compliant- yielding, conforming to requirements.
14) Conciliatory- reconciling, soothing.
15) Condone- overlook, forgive, give tacit approval, excuse.
16) Confound- confuse, puzzle.
17) Connoisseur- person competent to act as judge.
18) Contention- claim, thesis.

19) Contentious- quarrelsome.

20) Contrite- penitent.
21) Conundrum- riddle, difficult problem.
22) Converge- approach, tend to meet, come together.
23) Convoluted- coiled around, involved, intricate.
24) Craven- cowardly.
1) Daunt- intimidate, frighten.
2) Decorum- propriety, orderliness and good taste in manners.
3) Default- failure to act.
4) Deference- courteous regard for anothers wish.
5) Delineate- portray, depict, sketch.
6) Denigrate- blacken, to attack the reputation.
7) Deride- ridicule, make fun of.
8) Derivative- unoriginal, obtained from another source.
9) Desiccate- dry up.
10) Desultory- aimless, haphazard.
11) Deterrent- something that discourages hindrance.
12) Diatribe- bitter scolding, invective.
13) Dichotomy- split, branching into parts.
14) Diffidence-shyness.
15) Diffuse- wordy, rambling, spread out.
16) Digression- wandering away from the subject.
17) Dirge- lament with music.
18) Disabuse- correct a false impression, undeceive.
19) Discerning- mentally quick and observant, having insight.
20) Discordant- not harmonious, conflicting.
21) Discredit- defames, destroy confidence in, disbelieve.
22) Discrepancy- lack of consistency, difference.
23) Discrete- separate, unconnected, consisted of distinct parts.
24) Disingenuous- lacking genuine candour, insincere.
25) Disinterested- unprejudiced.
26) Disjointed- lacking coherence, separated at the joints.
27) Dismiss- eliminate from consideration, reject.

28) Disparage- belittle.

29) Disparate- basically different, unrelated.
30) Dissemble- disguise, pretend.
31) Disseminate- distribute, spread, scatter.
32) Dissolution- disintegration, looseness in morals.
33) Dissonance- discord, opposite of harmony.
34) Distend- expand, swell out.
35) Distil- purify, refine, concentrate.
36) Diverge- vary, go in different directions from the same point.
37) Divest- strip, deprive.
38) Document- provides written evidence.
39) Dogmatic- opinionated, arbitrary, doctrinal.
40) Dormant- sleeping, lethargic, latent.
41) Dupe- someone easily fooled.
1) Ebullient- showing excitement, overflowing with enthusiasm.
2) Eclectic- selective composed of elements drawn from disparate sources.
3) Efficacy- power to produce desired effect.
4) Effrontery- impudence, shameless boldness, sheer nerve, presumptuousness.
5) Elegy- poem or song expressing lamentation.
6) Elicit- draw out by discussion.
7) Embellish- adorn, ornament, enhance, as a story.
8) Empirical- based on experience.
9) Emulate- imitate, rival.
10) Endemic- prevailing among a specific group of people or in a specific area or country.
11) Enervate- weaken.
12) Engender- cause, produce.
13) Enhance- increase, improve.
14) Ephemeral- short lived, fleeting.
15) Equanimity- calmness of temperament, composure.
16) Equivocate- lie, mislead, attempt to conceal the truth.
17) Erudite- learned, scholarly.
18) Esoteric- hard to understand, known only to the chosen few.
19) Eulogy- expression of praise, often on the occasion of someones death.

20) Euphemism- mild expression in place of an unpleasant one.

21) Exacerbate- worsen, embitter.
22) Exculpate- clear from blame.
23) Exigency- urgent situation, pressing needs or demands, state of requiring immediate
24) Extrapolation- projection, conjecture.
1) Facetious- joking, humorous.
2) Facilitate- help bring about, make less difficult.
3) Fallacious- false, misleading.
4) Fatuous- brainless, inane, foolish, yet smug.
5) Fawning- trying to please by behaving obsequiously, flattering or cringing.
6) Felicitous- apt suitably expressed, well chosen.
7) Fervour- glowing ardour, intensity of feeling.
8) Flag- droop, grow feeble.
9) Fledgling- inexperienced.
10) Flout- rejects, mock, show contempt for.
11) Foment- stir up, instigate.
12) Forestall- prevent by taking action in advance.
13) Frugality- thrift, economy.
14) Futile-useless, hopeless, ineffectual.
1) Gainsay- deny.
2) Garrulous- loquacious, wordy, talkative.
3) Goad- urge on.
4) Gouge- overcharge.
5) Grandiloquent- pompous, bombastic, using high sounding language.
6) Gregarious- sociable.
7) Guileless- without deceit.
8) Gullible- easily deceived.
1) Harangue- long, passionate and vehement speech.
2) Homogenous-of the same kind.
3) Hyperbole- exaggeration, overstatement.

1) Iconoclastic- attacking cherished conditions.

2) Idolatry- worship of idols, excessive admiration.
3) Immutable- unchangeable.
4) Impair- injure, hurt.
5) Impassive- without feeling, imperturbable, stoical.
6) Impede- hinder, block.
7) Impermeable- impervious, not pertaining passage through its substance.
8) Imperturbable- calm, placid.
9) Impervious- impenetrable, incapable of being damaged or distressed.
10) Implacable- incapable of being pacified.
11) Implicit- understood but not stated.
12) Implode- burst inward.
13) Inadvertently- unintentionally by oversight, carelessly.
14) Inchoate- recently begun, rudimentary, elementary.
15) Incongruity- lack of harmony, absurdity.
16) Inconsequential- insignificant, unimportant.
17) Incorporate- introduce something into large whole, combine, unite.
18) Indeterminate- uncertain, not clearly fixed, indefinite.
19) Indigence- poverty.
20) Indolent- lazy.
21) Inert- inactive, lacking power to move.
22) Ingenuous- nave and trusting, young, unsophisticated.
23) Inherent- firmly established by nature or habit.
24) Innocuous- harmless.
25) Insensible- unconscious, unresponsive.
26) Insinuate- hint, imply, creep in.
27) Insipid- dull, lacking in flavour.
28) Insularity- isolation, narrow mindedness.
29) Intractable- unruly, stubborn, unyielding.
30) Intransigence- refusal of any compromise, stubbornness.
31) Inundate- overwhelm, flood, submerge.
32) Inured- accustomed, hardened.
33) Invective- abuse.
34) Irascible- irritable easily angered.

35) Irresolute- uncertain how to act, uncertain.

36) Itinerary- plan of a trip.
1) Laconic- brief and to the point.
2) Lassitude- languor, weariness.
3) Latent- potential but underdeveloped, dormant, hidden.
4) Laud- praise.
5) Lethargic- drowsy, dull.
6) Levee- earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding.
7) Levity- lack of seriousness or steadiness, frivolity.
8) Log- record of a voyage or flight, record of day to day activities.
9) Loquacious- talkative.
10) Lucid- easily understood, clear, intelligible.
11) Luminous- shining, issuing light.
1) Magnanimity- generosity.
2) Malingerer- one who feigns illness to escape duty.
3) Malleable- capable of being shaped by pounding, impressionable.
4) Maverick- rebel, nonconformist.
5) Mendacious- lying, habitually dishonest.
6) Metamorphosis- change of form.
7) Meticulous- excessively careful, painstaking, scrupulous.
8) Misanthrope- one who hates mankind.
9) Mitigate- lessen in intensity, moderate, appease.
10) Mollify- soothe.
11) Morose- ill- humoured sullen, melancholy.
12) Mundane- worldly as opposed to spiritual, every day.
1) Negate- cancel out, nullify, deny.
2) Neophyte- recent convert, beginner.
1) Obdurate- stubborn.
2) Obsequious- slavishly attentive, servile, sycophantic.
3) Obviate- make unnecessary, get rid of.

4) Occlude- shut, close.

5) Officious- meddlesome, excessively pushy in offering ones services.
6) Onerous- burdensome.
7) Opprobrium- infamy, vilification.
8) Oscillate- vibrate pendulum like, waver.
9) Ostentatious- showy, pretentious.
1) Paragon- model of perfection.
2) Partisan- one sided, prejudiced, committed to a party.
3) Pathological- pertaining to disease.
4) Paucity- scarcity.
5) Pedantic- showing off learning, bookish.
6) Penchant- strong inclination, liking.
7) Penury- severe poverty, stinginess.
8) Perennial- something long lasting.
9) Perfidious- treacherous, disloyal.
10) Perfunctory- superficial, not thorough, lacking interest, care and enthusiasm.
11) Permeable- penetrable, porous, allowing liquids or gas to pass through.
12) Pervasive- spread throughout.
13) Phlegmatic- calm, not easily disturbed.
14) Piety- devoutness, reverence of god.
15) Placate- pacify, conciliate.
16) Plasticity- ability to be moulded.
17) Platitude- trite remark, commonplace statement.
18) Plethora- excess, overabundance.
19) Plummet- falls sharply.
20) Porous- full of pores.
21) Pragmatic- practical.
22) Preamble- introductory statement.
23) Precarious- uncertain, risky.
24) Precipitate- rash, premature, hasty, sudden.
25) Precursor- forerunner.
26) Presumptuous- arrogant, taking liberties.
27) Prevaricate- lie.

28) Pristine- characteristic of earlier times, primitive, unspoiled.

29) Probity- uprightness, incorruptibility.
30) Problematic- doubtful, unsettled, questionable, perplexing.
31) Prodigal- wasteful, reckless with money.
32) Profound- deep. Not superficial, complete.
33) Prohibitive- tending to prevent the purchase or use of something, inclined to prevent or
34) Proliferate- grow rapidly, spread, multiply.
35) Propensity- natural inclination.
36) Propitiate- appease.
37) Propriety- fitness, correct conduct.
38) Proscribe- ostracize, banish, outlaw.
39) Pungent- stinging, sharp in taste or smell, caustic.
1) Qualified- limited, restricted.
2) Quibble- minor objection or complaint.
3) Quiescent- at rest, dormant, temporarily inactive.
1) Rarefied- made less dense.
2) Recalcitrant- obstinately stubborn, determined to resist authority, unruly.
3) Recant- disclaims, disavow, retract a previous statement, and openly confess error.
4) Recluse- hermit, loner.
5) Recondite- abstruse, profound.
6) Refractory- stubborn, unmanageable.
7) Refute- disprove.
8) Relegate- banish to an inferior position delegate assign.
9) Reproach- expresses disapproval or disappointment.
10) Reprobate- person hardened in sin, devoid of sense of decency.
11) Repudiate- disown, disavow.
12) Rescind- cancel.
13) Resolution- determination.
14) Resolve- determination, firmness of purpose.
15) Reticent- reserved, uncommunicative, inclined to silence.
16) Reverent- respectful, worshipful.

1) Sage- person celebrated for wisdom.

2) Salubrious-healthful.
3) Sanction-approve, ratify
4) Satiate- satisfy fully.
5) Saturate- soak thoroughly.
6) Savour- enjoy, having a distinctive flavour, smell or quality.
7) Secrete- hide away or cache, produce and release a substance into an organism.
8) Shard- fragment, generally of pottery.
9) Sceptic- doubter.
10) Solicitous- worried, concerned.
11) Soporific- sleeps causing, marked by sleepiness.
12) Specious- seemingly reasonable but incorrect.
13) Spectrum- coloured band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism.
14) Sporadic- occurring irregularly.
15) Stigma- token of disgrace, brand.
16) Stint- be thrifty, set limits.
17) Stipulate- make express conditions, specify.
18) Stolid- dull, impassive.
19) Striated- marked with parallel bands, grooved.
20) Strut- supporting bar.
21) Subpoena- writ summoning a witness to appear.
22) Subside- settle down, descend, grow quiet.
23) Substantiate- establish by evidence verify, support.
24) Supersede- cause to be set aside, replace, make obsolete.
25) Supposition- hypothesis, surmise.
1) Tacit- understood, not put into words.
2) Tangential- peripheral, only slightly connected. Digressing
3) Tenuous- thin, rare, slim.
4) Tirade- extended scolding, denunciation, and harangue.
5) Torpor-lethargy, sluggishness, dormancy
6) Tortuous- winding, full of curves
7) Tractable- docile, easily managed
8) Transgression- violation of a law.

9) Truculence- aggressiveness, ferocity

1) Vacillate- waver, fluctuate
2) Venerate- revere
3) Veracious- truthful
4) Verbose- wordy
5) Viable- practical or workable, capable of maintaining life.
6) Viscous- sticky, gluey
7) Vituperative- abusive, scolding
8) Volatile- changeable, explosive, evaporating rapidly.
1) Warranted justified, authorized.
2) Wary very cautious.
3) Welter turmoil, bewildering jumble.
4) Whimsical- Capricious, fanciful.
1) Zealot- fanatic, a person who shows excessive zeal.