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Electrical Distribution System and

Fundamentals of Electrical and

Electronic Measuring Instruments
Module Outlines
1. Pre-test
2. Distribution systems
3. Over-current protection of LV & HV cables
4. Service and installation rules for LV cables
5. Cables construction and application
6. Line conductors
7. Maintenance and fault diagnosis for cables
8. Electrical Measuring Instruments
Types of measuring instruments
Specification of measuring instruments
Measuring errors; prevention and calibration
Basic components of measuring instruments
DC and AC measuring instruments
Measuring of energy, power and power-factor
Measuring of pressure, temperature and flow rate
Applications and problems
9. Electronic Measuring Instruments
10. Introduction to digital signals
11. Signal amplification
12. Introduction to digital electronics
13. Electronic measurement of current, resistance, frequency and
time intervals
14. Electronic measurement of energy, power and power-factor
15. Modern oscilloscope
16. Applications and problems

17. Post-test