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MPM2D Univ 1 - Sept 2012 EQUIVALENT ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS UNIT TEST V.2 wiedge/Understanding| ‘Thinking/Inguiry 22 10 Parent/Guardian Signature: Comments: Instructions: Show all work for full marks. Don't forget to check for errors! Good luck! Part A: Knowledge/Understanding [K:22] Multiple Choice: Circle the best answer. [K:1 each] 1. Which of the following is mot a polynomial: a 2 © sa* d.8y° 2. Circle the pair of equivalent expressions: @ (4-0? and (7-4) b. t+2)?and 97 -12144 ©. (x+3)0r+6)° and (+3)? -36) a. x? ~Sx+Gand (x-3Xx+2) 3. The lowest common denominator (LCD) of 4, and is: y aay b.xy? @xy dy? 4. Which expression has the restrictions y #~3,0,5: a i AO) SVY43) yoS a 10, SY. yo2 6y dy y43 y+2 2y(y+2) 5. Identify the correct product of a, 243Ke=5) p, DO+S) (x-1a+2) "(w+ I(r+2) 5H Lox+2 6. Identify the correct sum of X64 2; GaN K-4) = bP ADRK ADA xl ox-4 2x? 423x424 15x? - 18x 23x+24 8x? = 295424 a b. = a (44+1)e=4) (x+Dr-4) (e+)G-4) 3aa)- 7. The simplified form of 3 +4 (whereas 0,0) is: Bb a w-4 2x4 is: x43 7-9 a, 23D" =4) 0 (= 3-2) 2x-4 2 8. The simplified form of 2x~ee+2F (re 3h (r= 19. Factor fully: a) @(a-1)-(a-1) [K:2] | b) 12x°-94x? -16x. “= (ani) (2-1) = 2x (ox?-49x-B) ) = 2x (yx*-ABx4 x 8) = 2x Coxlx-8) eb) 2x (6x419Cx-B) 4B = (at) (a+ = (a-1)?(at) 11. Simplify and state the restrictions on ALL variables: a) Yad, DP Idy ed [Kk] 4y-12 18-6y restricttsve | ox 1004) 370 ‘ eae 2 eh ¢ peport) Bye2 eo By 2-2 pesmennes Ya kh ed ii g 3 x aches xZ + pele ran 12. Two triangles have the same base Jength, represented by x. The height of one triangle is x+1. The height ofthe other triangle is x+3. Write and simplify an expression that represents the difference in area of the two triangles. qifiorente = Arm Ap = tbhi- {A:5] cys v gun sume [K:3] fs] 13. Professor Snape can mark his Defense Against the Dark Arts exams 3 times faster than Professor Dumbledore. Working together, it takes them a total of 3.75 hours to mark all the exams. How long would the marking take Professor Dumbledore if he worked alone? {A:5] Let 3 ¥ep thy Howe & D. to mark asd lob x Sto vnark & Part C: Thinking/Inquiry [T/1:10] 14. Determine what k must be to satisfy the equation [a:5] 15. Ifp is any positive integer, than which is greater 2+! or 2*? prove algebraically. (T/t5] pt2 p43 A: Reotr pd-2,78 bus = fy ablap ne bie Prone art D; Com 16. Explain fully how you would determine if two polynomial functions or expressions are equivalent. For full marks, include how you would show that two polynomial functions were not equivalent. [c3] ‘ eguvaiencsy O avaph % compare -sawe. equavolen : ' ® Gevent @ expand & comnpave cGerErt ap equivelot 17. Explain when the lowest common denominator (LCD) for two rational numbers is: {c3] One of the denominators The product of the Neither one of the denominators denominators nor the product Expk one deiowinatey 1s A exe ave QO Commer? Mave ak ost one ‘planation i the other tors common factor {c05eacn) | A ? . facto Ly a eae fees 9 8x3 Example 3" 378 41S ge 8xe [C:0.5 each] ~ fet oe ae 1D bepeiz 45 18. Explain, in words, the steps you would take to simplify and find the restrictions for: 3 3x6" 2x-4 a Q Fac the Numerator And denominator iy vy the Gteatesy fea? @ Twos owes common depaminator of 30x a @ fates Towed) Lep = 6(%-2) deed @ we te nurtverors guy Ake Commar Agnowixabor eres by walling by a tatty et 2 ana 3 Pov tae hush anc Sash tani \ vespecrively ® vestncrons - stt the Acmomunehy equal fo 0 and soe Por x ¥-2 #0 x#L ial ial taxa ied Explanation shows vary imied | Explanation shows some planation hawssibstanial | fuparation shows comple snderstanding ofthe understanding oe persia dhe tinerstoding ot tinderyingconceps needed to | muthematcal concepts ceded | mathematical concepts wsedto_| mathemetc] concepts asd to rove the problen(gorisnot | toro the probien() feivesneprebon(® fovehe problem) ween Check your answers!