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MCR3U - Unit 7: Discrete Funetions: Sequences and Series Date: 7.2 & 7.6 Geometric Sequences and Series Homework: Pages 430-432: #8, 11, 13, 14,17 Pages 459-461: #5, 7,9,11, 15 Learning Objectives/Success Criteria: At the end of this lesson [will be able to: * Use the following terminology: geometric sequence, common ratio, geometric series * Define a geometric sequence by its general term, recursively, by a discrete exponential function and graphically + Calculate the sum of the first a terms of a geometric sequence What is the next number in the sequence? b) 6000, 3000, 1500, 750, 375 ©) 5,-15,45,-135 os 4 ATs 22 ret ae Ma eS common = 3 aL 2 - vane = 2 z rend Geometric Sequences: Tecursive sequence where the Consecutive Fern ge) Mulplied Wy the same value Ceotmntan vatto) We can define a geometric series in 4 different ways: (i) General term (t.) (ii) Recursive formula (na) ln- a tuth hem tne a-h N Bot lens tn Pbenay > tio-r bq ey x Fce Common a ate term evan vate Hob an evpanant BEY fenvy (iii) Discrete Exponential Function (iv) Graphically: {cn) = a-F aha 4 2 >0 oe Jen) = fr) new IPOS exp. rend = ® arouth kp f Vv to The brponent a decay Fiyst me LS doled Wne = frat he i % SMe OS the yentral kr x tt ate {ss xf ré0° poverob i reprasemtto] as aM exp frye. ane 1. For the following geometric sequences, find the common ratio [r), the general term (ty) and ts: a) -10,-5,-2.5 ‘b) 5, -10, 20, -40 2. Find the general term for the geometric sequence in which ts = 60 and ty = 960 3. Given the recursive formula for a geometric sequence, find the common ratio and the explieit fermula: a) sun ofthe ernns al the geometric sequences (Sn) ‘We have two ways to determine the (partial) sum of the first # terms of an arithmetic series: (i) Recursive va) Sn tnrmre sevies “Pw hy series nile (actual) # of fevms Fine ae eh. SB Rusk & fenms byttsthsctyrls Sn Formula Infinite Geometric Series: a + ar ar? + ar?+ art +. oO For @ 1, as n increase r™ wy rl ar ep Fry 3 ’ Sn 798 0s 128m fe rp acd rt : Sn -0g arn & 1. Calculate the sum of the geometric series: 7 971 615 + 5314 410 + 3542 940 « 92 160 2. Find xso thatx, Gav and 3x~1 are three terms of an arithmetic sequence. 3. Find xo that 2x, 3x01, and x7 +2 are three terms of an arithmetic sequence. 4, Find x so that 2x, x+5, and x-7 are consceutive terms of a geometric sequence, 5. Find y so that 4y+1, y+4 and 10-y are consecutive terms of a geometic sequence