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“MCR3U Unrr 2 - Ocr 2012 NAME: INTRO TO FUNCTIONS UNIT TEST V.1. Dare: Knowledge/Understanding | __‘Thinking/Inquiry Communication Application 245 AL 10 {16 Parent/Guardian Signature: Comments: Instructions: Show all work for full marks, Don’t forget to check for errors? Good luck! Note: 5 communication marks will be given overall for proper mathematical notation and form. 5 Part A: Knowledge/Understanding [K:27] 1. A relation is defined by the following set of ordered pairs: {(1,-1), (2,1), (3,3), (45)} a) State the domain and range [K:2] b) Drawa mapping diagram for therelation —_[K:2] D= 21,2, 3,45 ¥ Re 2-1 3.5RY% ©) Graph the relation on the grid provided [k:2] r i I Doman Rang d) Explain why this relation is also function [K:1] Soe Every X value hao only | y valWe i 1 | e) Write an equation for this function [K:1] a X-3 tT £) Create another ordered pair so that this relation is Li no longer a function [ks] TT Angwers will vary. Mitst hare oume X vale bak Ait yovalites. 2. Sketch a graph each of the following: eq. Cio) ov (8.5) adyeve+g — VSWH 4 units up [k2] b) y= vefinceed UR XOX [k-2] 1 4t x-5 = shut S viniio "ight ‘BW flxye3x45 and gfx)ax"+3x—5, detepmmine: g(2x+1)- fx) Ik3)4 (axH)2+ 301) 5 - [3035] 2 Ay244K HY FOXES 5 -4x-5 = 4xtex-b Y ard e2 2 4. For the function /(x)=2vx+3-2 a) Determine the inverse [K: 3] b) State the domain and range of the function —_[K:2] ys NK -2 pe 2xeR, 2-3 X= Ns -2 Rs EYER, ye 27 Xay= v Bat = Ths ese il z ©) State the domain and range of the inverse [K:2] 2 ye as pe 2K ERM 2-23o ' iat - tr fay <3 Re ayee at Ziv yee w= (BS Fv oe ona) _ - 4d) State whether the inverse is a function [ka] jes tec NeCred cae, v only Ay Value for cach x-value . Part B: Application [A; 16] 5. a) The graph of g(x)= Vx is horizontally stretched by a factor of 2 and is reflected in the y-axiscompressed vertically by a factor of z and reflected in the x-axis, translated horizontally to the left by 5 units and up by 3 units. Write an equation for the transformed function. mo [A: 3] Keds =" us gOO = SY7p 48) +3 c= 3hs A= -S hs a ee +37 3 b) The graph of A(x) = x is horizontally compressed by a factor of i reflected in the x-axis, horizontally translated 4 units to the left and 6 units down. Write the equation of the transformed function. [a: 2] nn nlx) = = (ak -4))* -& = - (3x-12)7-b V “6. The measure of an interior angle, i of a regular polygon is related to the number of sides, n, by the function: i(n)=180-22 , n a) Determine the measure of an interior angle of a regular heptagon. Note: aheptagon has seven sides. [A: 2] i(4)= 1BO - 360 + Vv = 180 ~ 5.4 = 128.6° o b) Find the inverse of the function. BCi)= 180-360 nc) b-180 , \ s s nti) = 260 y v nay To-i ) What does the inverse represent? he number of sicles as & Punch of the d) Use the inverse to identify the number of sides a polygon has with an interior angle of 144°? n(¥4) = 360 ig0-4 ¥ aoe 36 > iv 6. Ifeach small circle has a radius r, express the area of the shaded region as a function of r: Ay = Asquace — + Reick ao iH +Orvy) Ver? — terre The interst 4 of @ Feguiar heplagor Is +. the pol 1446 + Aye (4-") (23.6° i With an lo Sides. Y hoa intertol A. utain 4 oF [4:3] [As] [a3] [az] Part C: Thinking, Inquiry and Problem Solving {T/I: 15} 7. State the domain and range for the function f(x)=4-2V2—4x . Show/explain your solution. [t/t] = 4-2¢-4ner + -2 velledud Wx-axic xd! Fk) = 4 2A arn k MAY by 2 y « C2) * ALOE) Kook pellets mravey yx x(k) ye 4 comprestea hl by ) 40g) enh Wich 4+ ee ances aa WwW shtr 5 unite hight at Doman = txeR, xelt w Aside Se caniia Range = eyeR, Yost yzocaet 8. IF f()= 2 aol, Hind £0) af dee [Tt 4] - x2 24 Hee ing =V xy = Xt3 ret XCD + +3y tod -E 4 3 x -x = 2yu+3 ~2y > x43 v yarn) 7X8 v = x3 q Kz ie 9. A point (6-6) on the graph of y=/{) is shifted to what point on the transformed graph of 2G -5y|- ged xe c= 3 4-3 ' sf 5 3] 3 cas : 4 wey [1/:3] ob st t Rez xe ast -3 2 x 6C3)+5 y 604) -8 78 = -4,4 = Wes Ca = 4S =-4 Part D: Communication 10. Using proper mathematical terminology, describe the differences between the graphs of y =-5/(x) and > [e:5] Sfx) hs ye FESO) a retlectid un The x AMEE 2-5 velteckes yp Pe ill I a Fachy of 5 N. compresseat , dee, mam Aaah Exompk. Fxd= X* graph 4 fEOS) Check your Answers!