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NEC ELECTRON DEVICE DESCRIPTION Noise Amplifier FEATURES © High I IWygl=45 ms TYP. © Low Noise 6-065 ai © Vos=80 V, Ip, 1° 1.0 kHe Oma, © Vos 50 V, Ip=5.0mA, 171.0 KH ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25 °c) Maximum Temperatures Storage Temperature 55 to +125 °C The 28K 162 is designed for use in the first stage for Low N-CHANNEL JUNCTION FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTOR 2SK162 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS. In meets lines) eb { SS Junction Temperature +125 °C Maximum Om) Maximum Power Dissipation (Ta=25 °C) : Total Power Dissipation 400 mi Moximum Voltages and Currents Veo Gate to Drain Voltage 40 Vv Zoare. — ieoee : Toa? Vaso. Gate to Source Voltage ~40 Vv ESolnce Wee'* Pasa Vosx” Drain to Source Voltage 40 Vv oan Corent 50 mA le Gate Currant 10 mA *Nos=-20 V ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (T | swisoc—_ chanacrenisnie We WAX UNIT TEST CONDITIONS Toss Brn uirene 018 30 mA Vos-B OV. Vasro 0 ne al Fornrd Tranter Admitarce 40 a8 m8 Vogr60V.lp50mA.f=10 He Vale Fora Torte mitarce 0 mS Vog-B0V. Vgg-0.t-194r nv Nowe Voluae 38 mV Sevten Creu Cx tno Canaan ss DF Vos 10. Vgg"0. 4-10 He Con Feedback Capacoace ‘0 oF Vpgt0V.Vgg-0, 10 Me ees Ga ut Current -10 tA vgs 200. Vos0 Mest) _ Gate Soure Colt Vohage ta V__vpgesov.igrioua Z Casitiestion of loss ark x c w Tossinal | 60-1 ee) 80 iss Test Conditions: Vog"50 V, Vas=0 2SK162 NEC escrnonvevecs ‘TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25 °C) TOTAL cowen ousearin we pan cunnen Fonano TRAMSEER ADMITTANCE RASPES SES touraae orate Soke a ier F = cana aed eee i= aw LEE | ia i Sooo ei ml mo | i me pel vg “Gate te Source Watge “¥ SRMVARB,TNANEEER aDuirraNcE m= SATS TOSCURCE SERELRRONAE™ — INTRE,AN SoanRaey azaeance Bo ea Pia Hepa : peti | i Aso wit { : {ttt 3 HH: i Et] et 8 ; qi : (UM! vi Til WN tt Bee 1 yt ings Grant ok a Tagg Deen Cort a pg Oran vo Sowee tinge