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The basics on leopard gecko care

9 Brand new beginnings


10 Take control of your life through self-hypnosis

Outdoor workouts for families

12 Do your kids need to detox?


13 Mindfulness can ease energy disturbances

Exercise tips for beginners

14 Eliminate pain


Southwestern Kale Power Salad




16 Get a head start on tax season

17 Triad of change
18 Taking stock of a special life in the New Year
20 Incontinence and women
25 Clear, heal and integrate
26 Beyond New Years resolutions: Improve your health in 2016
27 Lets talk about Reiki


28 Gratitude
30 Choosing your dogs staff
34 Emotional well-being for the New Year
37 Healthy habits that can have a lasting impact




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WELCOME, 2016!

2015 was a year not unlike others: it had its share

of ups, downs, stillness and chaos. 365 days,
52 weeks and 12 months filled with happiness,
sadness, laughter and tears. Looking back, it feels
almost fleeting time gone by so quickly.
And here we are, back to another January to
begin a fresh New Year. We know it will happen
and yet, its a surprise when it catches up with us.
Soon, a childhood has gone by, an adolescence
has been survived, and a lifetime passed.
We think January is the perfect time to bring
clarity to your life. It brings about a new perspective, new goals. Be kind. Spend time with people
who love and respect you, and who respect and
love you in return. Take risks. Delight in contentedness and comfort. Have fun!
For times gone by, my dear
For times gone by,
We will take a cup of kindness yet
For times gone by.
We two have run about the hillsides
And pulled the daisies fine,
But we have wandered many a weary foot
For times gone by
And there is a hand, my trusty friend,
And give us a hand of yours,
And we will take a goodwill drink
For times gone by!
Auld Lang Syne, Modern English Version
The Natures Pathways Team

Grace Olson
Kim Byrne
Ann Hanson
Melissa Alderton Photography

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The basics
on leopard

urry dogs, cuddly cats, fluffy hamsters, and feathered birds

may be the preferred pets of choice in homes across the
country, but a fair share of pet lovers are enamored with
reptiles and decidedly more unusual pets.
The leopard gecko is one lizard that many reptile fans find is
a great introductory pet for owners learning to care for reptiles.
Leopard geckos tend to be docile, require easy care and do not
need a very large cage.
Geckos are lizards native to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan,
where the terrain is dry and rocky. They like an arid environment
and prefer to live on the ground or even below it. Their spotted
skin makes great camouflage in their natural environments, and
geckos prefer hiding out.
Geckos are widely available at pet retailers, but sometimes you
may find a fellow reptile enthusiast who has bred leopard geckos
at home and is willing to sell you one or give you one free. Healthy
geckos tend to have bright, clear eyes, a thick tail that is at least as
thick as its neck and an interest in food.
You will need a tank to hold your gecko. One or two geckos
usually can live comfortably in a 10-gallon aquarium. If you plan
to buy more geckos in the future or even breed them, you will
need a larger tank.
Geckos require year-round warm temperatures that mirror
those in their native surroundings. A heating pad or heating lamp
will be needed to keep the gecko comfortable. Place it on one side
of the tank so that the other side will remain cooler if the lizard
needs to regulate its body temperature. Geckos are nocturnal, so
you will not need any specialized basking lights. Geckos arent

Natures Pathways | January 2016

normally escape artists, but you may want to use a screen over the
top of the tank to keep crickets from getting out and other pets
from getting in.
Choose the right substrate material. Some geckos may eat the
substrate and get digestive blockages, called impactions, so make
sure that any sand you use is a very fine grain. You may want
to wait until juvenile geckos are older before introducing sand.
Otherwise, paper towels, newspaper, reptile carpets, or ceramic
tiles can work. Decorations, such as perching ledges and rocks,
can add a natural appeal. Geckos also need hiding spots, so
include cave-like hide boxes.
Occasionally, the gecko will need extra humidity to aid with
skin shedding. Misting the walls of the tank or putting a damp
paper towel under a hide box can help with the process.
Provide food and water for your gecko. Use a very small amount
of water so that it will not become contaminated with bacteria. In
nature, geckos do not drink or get large amounts of water. Live
food sources can run the gamut from crickets to mealworms
to pinkie mice. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and
it is best to discuss feeding options with a knowledgeable gecko
Like cats, leopard geckos will use one spot for waste, making
cleanup easier. Spot clean the tank once per week. Empty the tank
and sterilize all items once every three to four months.
Leopard geckos can be interesting pets. Learn about these
reptiles to ensure they enjoy a long, healthy life.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

new beginnings
By Kirsty Blattner

o you love the start of a new year? Do you feel like its a
fresh new beginning where you can reinvent yourself? If
youre anything like me, you are not perfect all the time!
Sometimes its easy to fall into a There is no point I cant stick
to it! belief. This may look something like:
New Years resolutions:
1. Stick to an exercise routine.
2. Eat like a normal human instead of a Frantic Festive Monster!
Maybe your intentions were awesome and you were excited to be
starting this new venture. As a few days or weeks go by, life happens
and you break rules you set for yourself. This leads to feelings of
shame and guilt. You may even convince yourself that you have no
willpower and are hopeless at sticking to goals! What if I told you,
you were wrong? What if I told you that willpower is limited in all
humans and has very little to do with living a healthFULL life?
What if I told you that, despite your past, you can reinvent your
future? How would you feel knowing that you can change and your
values, beliefs and actions can all be in alignment?
There is no magic bullet, pill or potion, but what there is may
surprise you!

My top 3 tips for transforming your 2016

1. Set specific, positively charged goals that are attached

to feelings. Stay in the positive instead of saying, I want

to stop eating bad food, reframe as, I want to eat foods that
nourish me. Here is an example of one of my goals: I would
love to eat 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables every day
for 21 days. Ill start this on January 3. The feelings Ill get
from doing this will be: feeling energized, emotions feeling
balanced, feeling nourished and centered. Ill feel my cravings
for unhealthy, processed food diminish and feel in alignment
with my values and actions. In three words, Ill feel balanced,
energized and healthFULL.
continued on page 11

Kirsty Blattner LLC

Resetting your body to return to an
energizing, nourished alignment
Heal Into Health Workshop
Meals Prep2Plate in 5-15 minutes
Gluten-Free, Vegan AND Delicious!


MEd. Certified Life & Health Coach & NLP Practitioner

January 2016 | Natures Pathways

Take control
of your life
through selfhypnosis
By Ken-Adi Ring

t is always a good idea to consult a professional hypnotist for a

better grasp of the subject. That said, I ask, Who hasnt heard
of hypnosis? If you have, do you have a grasp of the dos and
donts, and a good sense of what it is and what it isnt? This is why
research and seeing a professional is a good idea. The purpose of
this article is to give you some tools for self-hypnosis. Now lets use
our thinking positively to our advantage. This is the time of New
Years resolutions. We make them, we break them and we remake
them. It is human nature to have intentions to do or accomplish
something and to fail at it. Its OK, dont beat yourself up about it.
Failing is not the problem; it is how you deal with it that makes
the difference. If you learn from it, eventually you will succeed if
your intention is strong enough and you impact it with affirmative
resolve. That in a nutshell is the approach to self-hypnosis!
The technique may vary and style may take on various colors

Tri-Unity Wellife
Karing Hypnotherapy
Therapeutic Massage
Reiki & Yoga
Call Ken-Adi or Sally Ring LMT, RN

For more info, visit:


Natures Pathways | January 2016

and alterations. Lets give it a go! Two primary factors are important and aid in hypnosis, no less so in self-hypnosis. These are:
1. The right use of ones breath
2. Imagination
Both of these agents are the closest thing we have to the creative
spirit. Right use of breath helps to impact a thought or image we
implement regarding a present issue with which we are dealing.
There are positive and negative impacts, i.e. we may want to do
better in a sport or implement a positive habit like studying and
retention, or we might want to quit or destroy a bad habit such as
overeating, smoking or a sleep disorder.
The right us of breath is deep access. Breathing deeply,
diagrammatically calls for deep in breaths and out breaths, up to
a five-count, several breaths while relaxing the body into a zone.
Relaxing from the head, through the body, neck, shoulders, arms,
fingers, spine, torso, pelvis, and legs to toes is a common practice
while deep breathing into each area. You can use a shorter process
as well. A few breaths to get you relaxed and then implement a
self-talk module, affirmation or mantra. Self-talk is extremely
important in self-hypnosis!

Here are a few examples:

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. I enjoy

speaking to groups.

I am relaxed and in control when speaking.

Taking deep breaths and slowly exhaling relaxes me deeply.

As my head hits the pillow I will enjoy relaxing and drifting

off into restful sleep.

The more patience I have the happier I feel.
I sense I have changed and feel so much better.
I am now and forever pain free.

Even though a trained professional hypnotherapist is a good consultant and ally to see for your deep seated issues, it is important to
know that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotist is a good trained
facilitator for a session and consulting one is not out of the question.
We simply want you to have some tools for yourself to continue your
successful journey to self-consciousness and self-empowerment.
With guidance you are likely the most powerful hypnotist to have
an effect on your life with right use of these tools. You can implement change by making affirmations to yourself often in mantra like
fashion, especially the last thing at night before drifting off to sleep.
Coerce yourself to do an affirmation of your choice in meditative self-talk and as many times a day as necessary. Force yourself.
Suspend all doubt; make it true for you and it will become your
truth. Words have power and when implemented positively and
powerfully in this way, they will create change in you. Know and
believe it is true. This past fall, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Oprah
focused on The Power of Your Imagination as their topic for
their free 21-Day Meditation experience. They offer a free gift of
21-day meditations in spring and fall each year. Empowering!
You are accessing your conscious and, more importantly, your
subconscious mind for change. Think of your inner mind as an
obstinate child who needs repetition to get it. You might experience change come in a few days, or it may take more time for
it. The I-Ching Book of Changes common guidance is perseverance furthers. Take heart, it will work. Take control of your life
through repetition and tools of the breath and your vivid imagination. These tools are your allies, make them your friends, and have
a Happy New Year for 2016!
By Ken-Adi Ring, LMT, CH, CI. Contact: 608-256-0080. Email: Website: Member of
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), International Association of
Counselors and Therapists (IACT), Certified Hypnotherapist and
Instructor, Senior Certified Massage-Bodywork Therapist, Certified Yoga/Meditation Instructor; Author: Ken-Adi has traveled
and taught internationally. A Reiki Master Teacher, he has maintained a thriving professional practice since 1975, trained in multiple disciplines.


BRAND NEW BEGINNINGS continued from page 9

2. Get support. This may be in the form of a coach, supportive

family member, respected friend or trusted work colleague.

It is vital you provide your support person with specific ways
to assist you. This may be you saying to them, Please text
me every evening at 6 p.m. and ask me how many servings
of fruit and veggies I ate. It may be you asking, Please meet
with me once a week to talk about my eating 6-8 servings of
fruit and veggies every day for 21 days. You know yourself
best and you know what works for you. It may be email, text
or in-person meetings. Maybe a reward system works well
for you. The more information you can give your support
crew the better they can support you. We are all unique, so
knowing yourself and how you operate is crucial to your goals
being successful and sensational.
3. Set your goals low! Ha, I know, this may seem strange but
hear me out! Our brain does not like change. Subconsciously
our brain thinks that whatever we have done in the past has
worked, as we are alive. It resists our efforts to change as it sees
this as a type of threat. This is not on a logical level, but instead
more of a reptile brain type functioning. What we want to do
is to reassure our brain that we are safe, loved and have a sense
of belonging. If one of these 3 elements is missing we will not
change effectively. You may think of this as self-sabotage. If you
have love, safety and belonging built into your goals, you will
make changes with ease. Remember once you have achieved
your goals and created a new habit (this is sticking to your goals
for 21 consecutive days) then you can increase your goals to a
slightly higher level. This ensures that your brain feels safe and
secure and will create lifelong goals rather than fads that can
leave you feeling fearful, depleted, guilty and frustrated.

Happy 2016, my friends. Let me know how I can assist you in

living the life of your dreams.
Kirsty brings 10 years of experience, has a masters degree in teaching,
a bachelors in leisure science, is certified in life and health coaching
and is a qualified neuro-linguistic programmer. She provides executive life and health coaching services, group wellness workshops and is
a well-known speaker for organizations and events. Kirsty will rewire
your lifes desire! She is available through Kirsty Blattner LLC. For more information,
email or call 608-381-5755. See ad on page 9.

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Do your kids
need to detox?
One moms advice for safely releasing
toxins from your childs body
By Angela Kowieski

s a busy mom of three little ones, sometimes its hard to

know what the healthy options to help rid my kids of
toxins are. As adults we are always on a quest to detox our
systems, but what about our kids?
According to a test commissioned by the Environmental
Working Group on ten newborns, it was found that there are more
than 200 chemicals found in umbilical cord blood. Over 200! I
think its time that adults take control of not only safely detoxing
their own body, but those of their children. Studies are now finding
that toxic chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and heavy metals are
causing children at ages 1, 2, 3 and 4 to be affected with autism,
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other mental
disorders. I know as a parent I find it alarming. I know you would
want to do anything to keep your little loved ones safe from harms
way, but it can be a little overwhelming. As a mom of three under
the age of 7 it can be stressful at times to add another thing to your
list of other numerous life duties, but working on a detox program
not only for you but your kids is achievable!

What I have found to be helpful and easy to do:

Steam detox treatments
Full body steam treatments are a great way to gently release
toxins from your body. This is done through sweating out
unwanted substances through the pores of your skin. During this
treatment you are able to comfortably lie down on the massage
table and relax while the steam unit (its kind of like a tent) is placed
over you, allowing your head to remain out of the steam. Allowing your head to remain out of the steam unit is crucial because it
provides more comfort, as well as prevents overheating and dizziness, which is associated with traditional sauna treatments. Since
you are also able to lie down during this treatment, the heat of the
steam also helps to even your blood circulation and provides a
deeper relaxation for the user. This treatment is great because it is
fully customizable. You are able to adjust temperature and decide
when you have had enough time steaming. I recommend this type
of treatment at least once a week for the first month, then once
every other week to maintain the effects.
Steam detox treatments are wonderful for kids because they

Natures Pathways | January 2016

can simply relax or watch a movie while they steam. The steam
is more beneficial than the dry sauna because it is keeping their
skin moist verses dry heat, which can dry the skin and may cause
irritation in colder weather. My son recently received a treatment
and absolutely loved it! He didnt want to get out. He was able
to watch one of his favorite cartoons and relax while steaming.
We are now planning on having him receive a treatment at least
once a week, and in the colder months when he typically gets sick,
twice a week. This treatment is not only great for your kids but for
the whole family for safe detox!
Fruit and vegetable based supplements
Like I said earlier, I am a busy mom of three little ones. For us to
possibly receive the daily recommended intake of fruits and veggies
seems darn near impossible to accomplish by regular meals alone,
so in our house we have incorporated fruit and vegetable supplements called JuicePlus. This has made our lives so much easier
by just taking capsules full of fruits and vegetables or to open the
capsules and placing the contents in our smoothies (which the kids
love because they think its a treat!). This has also been a much more
affordable option for us since we are a household of five, and juicing
for five people would cost and arm and a leg; not to mention does
take some time out of my day that I would rather spend reading a
book or snuggling with my kids. Another great benefit to JuicePlus
is that if you have young children, you receive complimentary fruit
and vegetable gummies that kids love!
I hope these tips that I have been able to incorporate in our family
can help you and your family achieve health goals in the New
Angela Kowieski, Master Certified Organic Hair Colorist, Owner of Organic Beauty Salon & Spa (formerly Divine
Body & Styles Organic Salon), Creative Director and
founder of Divinity Organics healthy skin lifestyle products.
Website: Email: Phone: 608.242.HAIR (4247). Let us create a healthier
you! New Address: 1 Dempsey Road, Madison. See ad on page 11.
Reference: Tests Find More Than 200 Chemicals in Newborn Umbilical
Cord Blood. Scientific American.

can ease
By Doris Deits

rom a metaphysical standpoint, the

planet is ever changing through the
influences of various energies. Last
November, some new and potent energies were expected to be infused into the
planetary system. These energies have a
mission to stimulate new thought via our
feeling nature.
As these new feelings or energy come
into the body, we are challenged with integrating it into our awareness. By using the
art of mindfulness, we can give ourselves
a helping hand in reducing the stress our
bodies are going through.
Whenever new energies are released into
the system, there is a destabilizing effect
on all the kingdoms mineral, plant,
animal and human until the energy is
acclimated. This can translate into erratic
behavior, feeling ungrounded or disconnected, and maybe not feeling comfortable
in our own skin.
Another interesting fact is that the
planet is currently relocating itself to a
new magnetic North. My understanding
is that with each transition to a new astrological quadrant (we are now in Aquarius),
the earth must find or locate a new star to
align its magnetic North Pole axis. This can
take a while and adds its own destabilizing
effect until the realignment occurs.

Currently, scientists are reporting that

the Earths magnetic North is migrating
toward Siberia. There is speculation that
the Earths magnetic field is weakening and
may be getting set to flip in a few thousand
This is where most doomsday fears have
their foundations. The cataclysmic earth
changes that would result from a major
fluctuation in the Earths axis are well
documented in the Nostradamus writings
and the Book of Revelations.
Fortunately, the Earth is moving
through this monumental transition with
more stability than was expected when
the prophecies were written, thus avoiding too much wobbling and the resultant
So here we have a slightly wobbling
planet, which feels a little scary, and an
influx of stimulating energy.
All of this is affecting us at a feeling level,
while our thinking logical mind doesnt
have a clue as to whats going on. The result
is that our mental body becomes even
more disconnected than normal, and we
get out of time sync.
When this happens, there is a tendency
to feel spacey. Or perhaps we find ourselves
not paying attention and going on autopilot.
Personally, I find that I am easily distracted

and have to constantly refocus myself to get

anything done. I feel the animals are equally
affected, as their behavior appears erratic
and unpredictable, too.
The best thing we can do right now is
to be mindful that our bodies are indeed
reacting to these changes, even if we are not
continued on page 15

Its crystal clear

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January 2016 | Natures Pathways


Use your bodys own ability
to block pain receptors
By Sonya Sullins

ne of the number one complaints my clients deal with

its pain. Pain comes in many forms, two very common
types are: acute pain, such as sore muscles from overexertion or soreness from an injury (such as spraining your ankle),
and chronic pain such as pain from arthritis or pain from old
injuries (such as sports injuries or from a car accident). People
also experience pain from diseases or conditions (like cancer,

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Natures Pathways | January 2016

stroke or migraine headaches), and maybe most frustrating is the

pain that you dont know why you have it.
All too often, pain medications are not as effective as we wish
they would be, which means living with pain every day of your
life. Sometimes surgery is an option, sometimes it is not. Sometimes surgery still does not provide relief, and sometimes you
end up feeling even worse. As awful as this sounds, its a reality
many have come to know. Its not easy to say goodbye to a vibrant,
active, and pain-free life yet most tough it out as best they can and
resign themselves to living with pain.

My pain story

I consider myself lucky. I had no real issues with pain. That is until
I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. Pain altered my mood, my energy
and my ability to do even basic activities. Pain kept me from sleeping, made it hard to drive and made me depressed. Surgery wasnt
an option (post stroke), and even if it had been, there was no guarantee it would resolve my pain issue. Like many others, I was taking
opioid pain relief medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(NSAIDs), and sleep aids. These each came with their own side effects.
In my search for a natural and safe way to manage my pain, I
discovered an advanced form of the technology widely used by
physical therapists and other health practitioners: transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS therapy. This advanced
technology bio electrotherapy that is highly effective, safe to use
and easy to administer. It is called The WellnessPro Plus. The
WellnessPro Plus relieves muscle pain, joint pain and even nerve
pain. Treating pain from neurological trauma can be particularly
difficult to treat. It is because of this therapy that I am able to be
free of pain medications today!

How does it work?

The WellnessPro Plus electrotherapy device produces the fastest

long-term results by alleviating acute and chronic pain symptoms. It
is widely used around the world and is the premier choice of health
care professionals, athletes, coaches and medical research facilities.

[bio electrotherapy] has

quickly opened new
Also keep mindful of the
possibilities and frontiers in
environment. Understand
the medical field for research
that people are not
and overall wellness.
connecting well with reality
and not paying attention
WellnessPro Plus impulses stimulate the peripheral nerves that
send information about touch and vibration. The signals from
as well as they should be.
the stimulated nerves interfere with pain signals traveling to the

brain, which reduces the brains perception of pain. In addition,

the frequencies generated by the WellnessPro stimulate endogenous opioids. These can eliminate pain through the same biological processes as prescription pain medications but without the
harmful side effects.
Basically, prescription pain medicines that are opioids
(morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, etc.) work by interfering with
the brains perception of pain, thereby reducing the amount of
pain that you feel. The WellnessPro Plus is able to mimic these
very same biological processes, which means your pain is eliminated. The big difference is that there are no harmful or uncomfortable side effects!

Why havent I heard of it before?

The technology has been available to the elite, practitioners,

professional athletes and celebrities for over 60 years. It has been
used for decades throughout the world and is common practice
in various hospitals and clinics in Europe today. In the past few
years, bio electrotherapy has become more available in the United
States. It has quickly opened new possibilities and frontiers in the
medical field for research and overall wellness.
You can try it today! My own healing results are so amazing,
that I knew I had to bring this healing technology to others who
are suffering with pain and in need of a safe solution. There are
two ways you can try WelllnessPro Plus:
In my office. WellnessPro Plus treatments are available at
Luminious Lotus Healing. Single sessions as well as packages are
Purchase for home use. If you are located out of the area,
or if you prefer the convenience of receiving treatments at your
convenience within your own home, I can help you own your
own WellnessPro Plus and train you on how to best use it for your
particular needs!
Sonya Sullins, MBA and Wellness Advisor, is the owner of Luminous Lotus Healing. Sonya works with people who want to live
pain free, stress free and disease free. Healing therapies include Far
Infrared Therapy with Amethyst BioMat, Bio Electrotherapy with
Wellness Pro, Reconnective Healing, and Access Consciousness
BARS. Experience healing treatments on the Biomat and with the Wellness Pro.
You may receive treatments in office, or you may purchase the medical devices
for home use. Gift Certificates available online. Check back regularly as I offer
classes and hold events. Visit or Call 608-6205171 or email for more information.

consciously aware of it. There are simple steps we can take to assist
our bodies as we acclimate to energies within the environment.
Most important is to be in the moment. We can keep ourselves
safe by being careful to pay attention to what we are doing and
avoid distractions.
Dont be daydreaming when youre cutting the carrots. Put the
cell phone away when youre driving. Make the effort to focus on
what you are doing.
Also keep mindful of the environment. Understand that people
are not connecting well with reality and not paying attention as
well as they should be. In my own experience, Ive had to swerve
away from cars crossing the center line or suddenly changing
lanes more than I care to as of late. People are just not in their
bodies, energetically speaking.
It can be extremely beneficial to make room for some quiet
time, or meditation. By quieting the mind and concentrating our
focus inward we can tune into our body and how its feeling. Physical forms do not like change and will resist any new or different
energy patterns.
I was surprised to feel a sense of utter panic when I checked in
with my own body recently. My brain was totally disconnected
from those sensations. I now make it a point to check in with my
body two to three times a day.
When we have an understanding as to why the body is feeling
unsettled, we can help it to calm down. If you find that your body
is panicky, nervous or freaked out, its best to acknowledge the
sensations and then attempt to calm the body by telling it that
everything is going to be fine.
Just sit with those feelings for a few minutes until they dissipate.
This is my recipe for averting meltdowns.
Even though the energies sweeping into the system are positive and progressive, they are unsettling to all forms. Keeping in
mind that we are integrating a higher-quality energy, we can help
ourselves and those around us to move forward with greater ease
and a sense of peace.
Doris Deits is the owner of Peaceful Heart Gifts and Books, located at 123 S.
Main St., Oregon. Doris is a student of metaphysics and offers her perspective
of over 20 years of research and experience in the field. Through the products at
Peaceful Heart, they strive to offer products that can connect people to their own
innate wisdom and spirituality. For more information, visit www.peacefulheart.
net or call 608-835-5288. See ad on page See ad on page 13.
January 2016 | Natures Pathways


Get a head
start on

he dawn of a new calendar year

often marks the end of the sometimes hectic holiday season. This
time of year marks a return to normalcy
for many families, as the kids go back to
school and parents return to work.
The beginning of January also serves as a
great time to start preparing for tax season.
While the deadline to file returns may be
several months away, getting a head-start
allows men and women the chance to
organize their tax documents so they arent
racing against a deadline come April. The
following are a handful of ways to start
preparing for your returns now.

need information from last years return

in order to file this year, so find last years
return and print it out if you plan to hire a
professional to work on your return.
GATHER DEPENDENTS INFORMATION. While you might know your own

Social Security number by heart, if you

have dependents, youre going to need
their information as well. New parents or
adults who started serving as their elderly

Natures Pathways | January 2016

parents primary caretakers over the last

year will need their kids and their folks
social security numbers. If you do not have
these numbers upon filing, your return will
likely be delayed and you might even be
denied potentially substantial tax credits.

last year investing, then you will have to

pay taxes on any interest earned. Interest
earned on the majority of savings accounts
is also taxable, so gather all of your yearend financial statements from your
assorted accounts in one place. Doing so
will make filing your return, whether you
do it yourself or work with a professional,
go more quickly.
LENDER. Homeowners should receive

forms documenting their mortgage interest

payments for the last year, as the money paid
in interest on your home or homes is tax
deductible. If these forms are not received
in a timely manner, speak with your lender.
You might even be able to download them
from your lenders secure website.


CONTRIBUTIONS. Charitable contribu-

tions, no matter how small, are tax deductible. While its easiest to maintain a list of all
charitable donations you make as the year
goes on, if you have not done that, then you
can make one now. Look for receipts of all
contributions, contacting any charities you
donated to if you misplaced any receipts.
YOUR TAX PREPARATION SPECIALIST NOW. As April 15 draws closer, tax

preparers schedules get busier and busier.

The earlier you book your appointment,
the more likely you are to get a favorable
time for that meeting. In addition, if you
have gathered all of the information you
need by early February, then booking
your appointment early means you can file
earlier and receive any return you might be
eligible for that much quicker.
Tax season might not be right around
the corner, but its never too early to start
preparing your return.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

Triad of
By Dr. Laura Konopacki

Sustainable change

One of the most frustrating things I see my patients experience

is the roller coaster of trying to make a healthy lifestyle change,
but not being able to sustain it. They put time, money and effort
toward reaching a goal and fall off the wagon inevitably because
they werent going about it in the most energy efficient, sustainable way. Like my brother-in-law, who considers his monthly gym
membership fee to be his donation to charity.
One of the most impactful thought leaders who has had a major
influence on my life is Dr. Donald Epstein, founder and developer
of Network Spinal Analysis (a Chiropractic technique) and the
Reorganizational Healing paradigm. In this article, well explore
his Triad of Change model and see how it can be applied to create
sustainable change and real, lasting results in your life.

What happens when we work on

whats not working?

Maybe wed like to exercise more (change a behavior), get rid of

anxiety or depression (change a perception), or develop a weekly
meal schedule that supports our family (change a structure).
These three elements behavior, perception and structure
create a triad that when understood, allows us to gain leverage by
using our strengths.


continued on page 19

Think you
could benefit?
Well-Brain Program:
Gentle adjustments
(no popping or cracking)

Brain-balancing exercises
Lifestyle modifications


Natures Pathways n. Your

resource to share information of

health, wellness & sustainability
with a natural perspective.

Dr. Laura Konopacki

2984 Triverton Pike Dr. Ste. 102 Fitchburg, WI 53711

January 2016 | Natures Pathways


stock of
a special
life in the
By Omar

or 77 years Ive received privileges

beyond compare: loving parents,
a first-class education through my
18th year, service as Peace Corps volunteer 50 years ago, providing cross-cultural

perspectives and enriching experiences, a

superb marriage 51 years with the same
wonderful woman two superb children,
a smart and caring daughter-in-law, two
loving grandsons, direct connections with

Olivaloe Body Butter

the perfect solution for dry skin

Two to choose from:

Regular or for Dry, Cracked Skin
(920) 737-3498 (888) 295-4333

Natures Pathways | January 2016

hundreds of beloved friends and relatives

in Australia and throughout North and
South America, deep-rooted metaphysical values with Christian values acquired
over decades in Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Unity and
other churches, as well as the Center for
Conscious Living, along with hundreds of
books and articles read and pondered.
I decided years ago to focus my life on
what I give so that I shall receive more of
the same. What we give freely multiplies
impressively for expanding numbers of
givers and receivers. I seek to ally with
others who choose to focus upon getting
and giving what is most important:
How to feel better
How to function better
How to heal mind/body/spirit faster,
more effectively and at nominal financial expense
How to improve our social networks
with loving relationships
My 2016 New Years resolution is to double
the number of people whom I touch for
good, whether in person through healing
touch or through loving thoughts and

What we give freely

multiplies impressively
for expanding
numbers of givers
and receivers.
information conveyed in articles and
other contacts. (Im now big on social
My motto for 2016 is to improve each
thing I do each day, while expanding fun
and enjoyment in life. My desire is to
continue converting each adversity that
affects me and others to the greater benefit
of many, and to touch in loving spirit
people who live anywhere in the world.
My greatest hope is that I will have the
opportunity to serve, acquire and share
amazing new insights, feelings and healing
powers with you and your beloveds. And
that the good vibes we share ripple to
multiples of 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000,
even a million or more for each of us.
As we seek great things each day over the
upcoming year, may our choice for more
consciousness, power, joy, love, peace,
intuition and enthusiasm strengthen our
faith and that of millions that whatever we call it God/Goddess/Cosmos/
Universe is good to us and gives us what
we ask for in faith providing that it is for
the good of the whole.
We affirm that we live in a most amazing
place in our vast universe. We have nothing
to fear, even fear of fear. Each is here to
acquire lessons we may have overlooked to
improve life for ourselves and everyone else.
This article is several hundred words
short of normal size for my Natures Pathways articles. May anyone reading it feel
free to add to, improve and enrich it with
your own words!
Omar, who works throughout the
Midwest and beyond continually
improves therapeutic treatments over
75,000 hours practice, blends about
25 modalities into Mind, Body, Spirit
healing sessions. Einstein Methods sessions experientially explore the principle that Energy Is the
Currency of the Cosmos. Sessions multi-task: Your
cells heal as you relax deeply; you acquire Conscious
Skills to support healing; your Subconscious is
directed to support you while you work, play or
sleep. See, call 608-658-6718, email

TRIAD OF CHANGE continued from page 17

If you focus on whats not working, youll

need to put in more and more energy just
to keep things where they are currently.
Take your foot off the gas for a second,
and things break down. Whether thats an
increase in symptoms or feelings of overwhelm, a drop in energy, or simply feeling
like youre moving farther away from
where you want to get to. Its simply not
sustainable to put more effort into a way of
doing things thats not energy efficient, or
that hasnt worked for you in the past.

Go where theres energy


Understanding and using our strengths

(just like working with the part of the spine
that is free and energy rich so that the rest
of the system can entrain to that) helps us
access sustainable change.
Typically, whatever we see as a problem
in our lives will be related to the side of
our triad that happens to be weaker. For
example, think of a person who seems
unable to take action in some area of their
life (behavior). Trying harder and harder
to take action and be consistent with that
exercise program will likely only lead to
self-berating about not being able to do so
on a consistent basis. An easier way would
be to harness their strengths of perception
and structure first.
Change perception: Cut pictures out
of magazines that represent the feelings
youre going for.
Change structure: Put three 30-minute
time slots in your weekly schedule to do
some type of movement.
By working on the other, stronger sides of
the triad, this person is much more likely
to find their behavior falling into place.
Theyve created the system that works to
support getting a consistent result in their
Second example: someone feels
depressed. By changing structure (body
structure: shoulders back, head high,
deep and energized breath) and behavior (taking action to reach out to create
community and volunteer), theyre much
more likely to see positive change even
though they didnt have to address the
depression directly!

Each person has a uniquely organized triad,

with one or two sides being easy, natural and
effortless. The key is to identify our personalized recipe for success, harness the power
of working congruently with our strengths
and take action. So a congruent triad, fueled
by the energy of whats truly important to
us, can help our lives take off. Its not to say
there wont be hard work in your future, but
people dont mind work as long as theyre
getting a new result.
Dr. Laura Konopacki is a chiropractor and owner of
Body Wave Chiropractic. She helps kids and families
upgrade brain and body function using very gentle
chiropractic adjustments, brain exercises and lifestyle changes. Originally from Brooklyn, WI, her
13 years in practice have been worldwide: China,
Brazil, Peru, India, Spain and the US. Call 608-4449906, visit her website,
or stop in at 2984 Triverton Pike Drive, Suite 102,
Fitchburg. See ad on page 17.

$75 an hour could increase
your energetic functioning
42.8% or more
See Scientific
Evidence section at
Call to schedule an appointment


905 Lorraine Drive, Madison |

January 2016 | Natures Pathways


By Jed Downs

p to 40 percent of women at some

time in their lives will experience
struggles with urinary incontinence. Some will accept this as a normal
consequence of having children. Some will
become socially withdrawn secondary to
worries about urinary accidents and odor
associated with incontinence. They may
adopt strategies such as drinking very
little to avoid having to pee, but unintentionally, this may backfire as increased
urine concentration from water restriction
increases irritation of the bladder.
The anatomy is complex, but osteopathy
(and probably some other manual therapies) may be able to help. The bladder is
related to many other structures, most
must be moving well to allow the bladder
to function well. Before going into

anatomic relationships well discuss

what is supposed to happen during
The bladder is under autonomic
nervous system control. In order to fill the
bladder muscles must relax and the internal/
involuntary sphincter must contract to keep
the bladder from draining. The pressure in
the bladder must remain lower than the
pressure being generated by the sphincter.
These actions are facilitated by activity from
the sympathetic nervous system. Emptying the bladder requires parasympathetic
nervous system activity, which contracts
the bladder muscle and relaxes the
involuntary sphincter. Problems with
the thoracolumbar junction impact
the sympathetic system and problems with sacral nerve roots impact

Memorial Center for Pets

Your pet is an important part of the family
and deserves a dignified farewell. When the
time comes and you must say goodbye to your
beloved pet, know that we are here for you.
Veterinary or home pickup and delivery
Cremation options tailored to fit your needs
Private comfort rooms for memorial services,
on-site euthanasia or just to spend additional
time with your pet
Memorial items (urns, burial markers, jewelry)


Pet loss resources and grief support

4319 Twin Valley Rd., Suite 15, Middleton

608.836.PAWS (7297)


Natures Pathways | January 2016

Madison Manual Medicine

Manual Medicine

Jed Downs, MD, MPH

2940 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg

the parasympathetic system. There is also a

voluntary sphincter below the involuntary
sphincter that is controlled by the pudendal
nerve supplied by sacral nerve roots.
The bladder and urethra are in relationship to multiple other structures locally
including the ligaments to the pubic bones,
the ligaments of the pelvis that support the
bladder, the uterus, the rectum and attach
to the sacrum and pubic bones. The uterus
usually lies over the top of the bladder when
it is empty. The back wall of the urethra
is the same structure as the front wall of
the vagina. The ureters come through the
bladder wall and connect to the kidneys.
There are connective tissue relationships
with the pelvic floor, muscles of the pelvic
floor and hip joints. In women, its blood
supply courses through ligaments that
support the uterus from the sides.
Normally when the pelvic floor contracts
(this should occur any time there is increased
abdominal pressure) the bladder is lifted
anteriorly and superiorly and when it relaxes
the bladder settles inferiorly and posteriorly.
If the connective tissue in front of the bladder
is impacted by scar tissue from abdominal or

pelvic surgery it may not drop down where it

belongs when things are relaxed. If the anterior wall of the vagina is injured during labor
and delivery or if the urethra is scarred from
some other process, the bladder will be held
down and backward. With coughing, sneezing, laughing or other activities that increase
abdominal pressure and contract the pelvic
floor the bladder will be forced forward and
up, opening the urinary sphincter leading
to leakage. This is called posterior incontinence. With anterior incontinence the ligaments to the pubic bones, the abdominal
wall and connective tissue in front of the
bladder hold the anterior bladder wall as the
rest of the bladder descends; the weight of
the bladder leads to opening of the sphincters and leakage.
Incontinence develops for other reasons.
There can be too much hydraulic pressure
pushing downward on the bladder and
pelvic floor from organs in the abdomen
not being supported appropriately or from
too much intra-abdominal fat deposition.
The autonomic neural tone can be disturbed
as previously suggested by spine and sacral
dysfunctions. There can be injuries or lack

of tone from hormonal changes that allow

for descent of the uterus, rectum and/or
bladder. There can be scarring of the bladder
wall from recurrent infections leading to a
posterior incontinence.
Some reasons for incontinence can only
be addressed surgically or with prostheses
(advanced descent of the organs). Some
require internal work addressing structures that can only be contacted intravaginally (I dont provide these services). Most
will require a degree of exercise followthrough post treatment for optimal results.
The bottom line is that incontinence is
not a normal consequence of delivery that
must just be accepted. Help for many is
Jed Downs, M.D., MPH, has been
studying osteopathy since 1995.
Formerly, he worked in occupational
medicine until pursuing his passion
full time at Madison Manual Medicine, 2940 Chapel Valley Road in Fitchburg. He
uses osteopathic techniques to manage consequences
(pain and loss of function) of trauma regardless of
etiology, be it birth, sport, MVA, repetitive strain or
living life. For more information, call 608-512-7177,
visit or email

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Are you a
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Organic beauty at its best!

Indulge in Divinity Organics healthier approach to skin care
One of Angela Kowieskis favorite sayings is, Its not a fad its a lifestyle! For her,
its more than a seemingly lighthearted phrase to encompass an alternative idea.
She has taken it to the next level for herself, her family and for all who appreciate her
vision for the future for the beauty industry.
She has lived this dream by creating Organic Beauty Salon and Spa (formerly
Divine Body & Styles Organic Salon and Spa), a place where hair, skin and nail care
focuses on alternatives to traditional items that typically mean harmful chemicals
and destructive side effects. The name change comes with a clear message.
I wanted to keep it really simple so people know exactly who we are, Angela
says. We offer premium salon products that are focused on organic and safer ingredients and of course we still offer the same great services.
Theyve even made it easier to receive those services and products. Beginning
in early January, Organic Beauty Salon and Spa will be located on Dempsey Road
conveniently situated next to Woodmans Market East Milwaukee Street location,
Willy Street Co-op and the mainstream bike path. Angela couldnt be more excited
about their new Eastside address to provide easier accessibility for everyone.

A safer professional beauty and spa option

After working in a traditional salon for several years, Angela began noticing her
health deteriorating and her quality of life decreasing. When toxicity from typical

Natures Pathways | January 2016

beauty products such as hair and nail color containing formaldehyde began affecting
her third pregnancy, she knew she had a choice to make only it wasnt so difficult.
I knew I had to change what I was using or change my career, Angela remembers. I love what I do, so I started researching and from there it just took off I
started converting everything over little by little and now organic products are all
I look for.
Investigating and studying to find the best safer alternatives to beauty treatments wont ever slow down at Organic Beauty Salon and Spa. Angela explains that
its a bit of a novelty in the industry, and with that comes constant improvements
and updates, something certainly not lost on her or her team.
The traditional cosmetology business has a lot of cleaning up to do, she says.
Everyone is still learning about better options. Well always be upgrading to the
best once its available to us.
Theyve got more than a great start. Specializing in organic hair coloring, the salon
and spa uses Organic Colour Systems manufactured in the UK, which holds higher
standards within their beauty industry than the US currently has. Organic Beauty
Salon and Spa also uses the organic line to provide hair texturizing services such as
perms and straightening treatments.
Also included on their list of hair care options is Onesta out of Minnesota and
Innersense from California, both of which who hold the belief in safer ingredients.
New for 2016 is an additional color line called Organic Way (OWAY) manufactured

by Simply Organic Beauty. Produced in Bologna, Italy, the biodynamic color line uses
only organic and fair trade ingredients while combining the highest quality elements
to create pure products. Angela explains that its the perfect option for people who
may have sensitivities to classic natural ingredients.
Some people may even be sensitive to chamomile or fruits in beauty products,
she says. We have a lot of options for everyone.
Organic Beauty Salon and Spa also provides makeup services for weddings,
special and everyday occasions using 100% Pure, a fruit-pigmented cosmetic line
without harsh chemicals and preservatives, as well as a professional airbrush system,
a more hygienic and clean choice for sensitive skin.
Its such a light mist of makeup and were not having to touch your face, Angela
says. Its free falling, natural looking and camouflages fine lines. Were also able to
customize it and mix a few colors together to get the perfect shade, which can be
tough with other makeup.
Formaldehyde free and providing an outstanding range of colors, Zoya nail polish
is another huge hit amongst Organic Beauty Salon and Spa clients:
Theyre amazing because youre not smelling the harsh fumes when you open
the bottle, Angela says. Even my daughters love to paint their nails, and I feel better
knowing that we use a safer option.
In addition to healthier organic beauty treatments, Organic Beauty Salon and Spa
offers typical spa-like services in an environment that is anything but. Their Steam
Detox Therapy to help reduce toxins in the body is a private, rejuvenating and beneficial treatment that is helpful and relaxing at any age.
Instead of being in a sauna with a lot people, you can lie on a massage table
and just relax, Angela explains. You can add it on to any massage or facial, or even
have it done during a facial. I recently had a mom bring in her 7-year-old son, and
he adores it!

Divinity Organics
Angela Kowieski is a licensed cosmetologist, cosmetology instructor, massage
therapist and master certified organic hair colorist by Simply Organic who has
created her own professional grade beauty products. Divinity Organics offers skin,
hair and body care products combining the best of the best for your physical and
emotional well-being. Below are some of the most popular choices:
Organic Pumpkin Firming Serum: Its great for firming and anti-aging
treatments, but I also recommend it for anyone with acne issues. The serum
contains zinc with notes of carrot seed, frankincense, geranium, patchouli,
palmarosa and sweet orange to renew your skins cells.
Refresh Gemi Spray: Each bottle is infused with rose quartz and organic
oils to clear, moisturize and nourish your skin and senses. Refresh contains
Divinity Organics refreshing blend, helping to clear the air of any funk and
refresh, rebalance, stimulate your senses and contains key essential oil notes
of lemongrass and lavender.
Organic Jojoba Honey Facial Exfoliator: Ideal for all skin types needing a
gentle exfoliation and resurfacing. Rather than plastic beads or shells that
are going to cut your skin and leave it open to damage, the jojoba are gentle
and melt down in the water system so they dont pollute our water. Honey
is excellent for eczema and psoriasis, and the scrub is great for any skin type
whether its sensitive, super dry or oily.
Organic Sandalwood Anti-Aging Serum: Prevent fine lines and increase
the moisture levels of your skin with this healing blend. Everyone is really
dry during the winter, and this serum is great for that but also is really nice
because the sandalwood, cardamom and vanilla is really good for boosting
your mood.
To learn more, purchase products online, or if youre interested in offering
Divinity Organics at your place of business, visit

Divinity Organics is born

The meaning and motivation behind Organic Beauty Salon and Spas mission to
provide safe, professional beauty treatments in a serene environment has catapulted
Angela into creating her own healthier skin care line, Divinity Organics.
I started by making soap and my own treatments for personal use, she explains.
When I started using it on customers in the salon, they just loved it. Going from
there, I wanted to create a line that we could have at the salon and know exactly
whats in the products and what they treat.
Whats not in the high-quality items is perhaps the most significant part. The line
doesnt contain parabens, harsh preservatives, formaldehyde or olive oil. The latter
is an unusual culprit on the list of problematic ingredients when it comes to skin care
I dont use olive oil because it tends to go rancid faster than most premium oils,
Angela says. I prefer evening primrose, rosehip seed and coconut oils because they
mimic our skins natural oils molecule sizes.
Divinity Organics products (see sidebar for a few favorites!) are also sans water,
and instead filled with the above pure oils or pumpkin seed, jojoba, and argan oil,
which are considered more treatment based. The benefits arent restricted to physical beauty the serums, lotions and sprays also hold mood-lifting properties, which
may be more beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being than you realize.
I combine oils and ingredients so theyll work for your senses too, Angela
adds. For example, I use grapefruit because it brightens your skin, but it also helps
brighten your mood and uplift you too.
A lot of people dont realize that their skin issues are not just coming from having
bad skin. It can also be from stress and different moods youre feeling because youre
creating different hormones in your body.
Visiting Organic Beauty Salon and Spa and enjoying Divinity Organics premium

products is anything but stressful, and that in itself has a positive effect on all who
join Angela and her team both in person and via their website shop. Theres a
personal touch added to every interaction, even in their presentation. Aside from the
natural and organic ingredients, and key essential oil notes included, theres another
clear message on each and every one of Angelas skin care labels:
All of the bottles say, Made with Love because its true! Angela says. I enjoy the
whole process creating, packaging and smelling all of the wonderful scents. This is
something I just absolutely love doing.

1 Dempsey Road, Madison 608-242-HAIR (4247)
Facebook: OrganicBeautyMadison Instagram: OrganicHairPros
January 2016 | Natures Pathways



tips for

he right combination of diet and

exercise is one of the keys to a
long and healthy life. While many
people find adapting to a healthier diet
challenging, that challenge often pales in
comparison to the intimidation felt when
working out for the first time in years.
Exercising after an extended period
of inactivity may intimidate people who
choose to workout at gyms, where fellow
gym members may appear to be in tip-top
shape. Overcoming that intimidation
factor can be as simple as working out with
a friend or working with a personal trainer,
each of whom can offer the support and
guidance beginners need when reacclimating themselves to more active lifestyles. In addition to the buddy system,
beginners can employ the following strategies to make their return to exercise go as
smoothly as possible.

regimen. Gradually build up your exercise

tolerance, exercising two or three days per
week and taking a day off between workouts when you start. As your body becomes
more acclimated to exercise, you can start
to workout more and with more intensity.


must sign up for a gym membership upon

resolving to adopt a more active lifestyle.
While gyms afford you the opportunity to
strength train and get in your cardiovascular exercise, theyre not for everyone. The
best approach and the one thats likely to
be most successful over the long haul is to
find an exercise routine that engages you

cise, your body releases neurotransmitters

known as endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in the body. Those positive
feelings can be addictive, but its important that beginners do not go too hard too
quickly when beginning a new exercise

Natures Pathways | January 2016


Stretching can improve flexibility, and that

may decrease your risk of future injury. In
addition, improved flexibility may improve
your exercise performance by improving
your range of motion and helping your
muscles work more effectively. Muscles
contract during a workout, and stretching after workouts can help reset those
muscles to their natural position. Include
both static stretching and foam rolling in
your post-workout stretching routine.
YOU. Many men and women feel they

and that you find enjoyable. If the gym

is not for you, try to find a routine that
still includes both strength training and
cardiovascular exercise. Strength training
can make your body more durable, and
cardiovascular exercise can reduce your
risk for various health problems, including
heart disease.

stay motivated is to keep track of your progress. If youre working out but not monitoring your results, you may not feel like
youre getting anywhere. Keep a workout
diary, tracking both your successes and
failures, so you can see whats working and
whats not. The longer you stay committed
to your workout routine, the greater the
likelihood that you will be tracking more
successes than failures, and those successes
can provide the motivation to keep you
going on those inevitable days when you
want to skip workouts.
Returning to exercise after an extended
period of inactivity can be quite the challenge, but its nothing motivated men and
women cannot overcome.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.

Clear, heal
By Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC
& Holistic Psychotherapist

o much has happened in the last year. Every day it seemed

that we had powerful energies to assist us in determining
what we needed to let go of for our continued growth and
evolution. So 2016 is going to be a continuance of this. What a
wonderful way to begin this New Year! The more aligned you are
with your higher self, the less drama you will experience in your
life. But you may ask, How do we become more aligned with that
higher self?
Its about clearing out any old identities, old labels, old ways of
doing things and old patterns that are now just plain old! Nows the
time to determine what is working and what is not any more. It is
identifying any hidden patterns that may be holding you back from
reaching your full potential. It is asking, Where is it that I need to
make some changes? Hint: If you keep coming up against the same
challenges and difficulties in your life, you just seem to be unable to
make the changes that you would like to make, or if you have any
unresolved feelings from your past, these may be signs for change.
Often our healing requires one of letting go and releasing
so that we can create more balance and peace in our lives. It is
through a process of integration of our suppressed emotions that
this can happen. It is one of allowing. It is learning to recognize
any resistances and stepping through them so that they begin to
fall away. It is no longer about suppressing, as that has been the
old way. Much of the time we suppress until the suppression is
no longer an option. It is these unfelt emotions that can still be
lingering in your energy field and therefore still be affecting you.
The only way to clear, heal and integrate any emotions is to feel
them and allow them to surface.
Feeling our feelings means we validate them. We identify them,
acknowledge them, accept them and allow them to flow through
so to not get stuck. We can recognize the emotions as energy and
as such that they can be felt and released. When we choose to
release, we are no longer a victim and the healing begins. Yes,
the healing may feel uncomfortable, as this is what you have
suppressed so as to not feel it.
Our bodies react to external triggers to show what needs to be
released. Pay attention to this! It is when we are aware and conscious
that we can then choose how to react. Suppressed emotions have
a contracted feeling of discomfort. One who is in defensive mode

will contract. Where there is any sign of physical illness, disease,

pain (physical/emotional), weight, then there is discordant energy
within that has been suppressed and awaits to be released.
It is the integration of these emotions that creates the healing.
Integration is a matter of perception of the individual experiencing it. It can be a felt sense of something leaving and releasing or a
sense of it clearing, it can be an understanding or feeling of clarity,
or it can be a shift in energy. Whatever it is, it will feel different.
Feeling keeps us in the present moment and keeps us connected
rather than separated from ourselves and others. It can be a clearing of the old to make room for the new so that you can be a
happier and more amazing you! So take this time now to spend
time envisioning what you want to create for 2016. You can start
by journaling, meditating or just writing down some goals. Tap
into the heart to determine what yet needs to be healed and
released. Make this year a time that you really free yourself.
Wishing you all a happy, peaceful, healing and new 2016.
Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC, is a Holistic Psychotherapist,
Avatar Master, and Reiki practitioner who uses holistic and experiential therapies to empower individuals, couples and families to
heal and transform their lives so each of them is able to live to their
fullest potential. You can reach her at 608-251-6590; for more
information, visit her website

Holistic Psychotherapist
Individuals Couples Families
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC
660 W. Washington Ave., Suite 308, Madison





January 2016 | Natures Pathways


New Years
Improve your
in 2016
By Debbie Armstrong, S.N.H.S. dip.

here is no greater silent killer than stress. Along with stress

comes negativity, which sucks the energy right out of a person.
Your health and lifes quality is greatly reduced by stress and
negativity. We all experience stress and negativity in our lives, but the
trick is to not let it take over. People who dwell on negativity are often
miserable, stressed out and have multiple health problems.
So how did you all do over the holidays? Thinking those New
Years resolutions will do the trick? They might, but you have to
make conscious decisions beyond your New Years resolutions to
change your thinking and ultimately your health.
As you look to take charge of your physical and emotional wellness, here are some safe, effective, natural and noninvasive techniques and treatments that can get started toward improving your
health in 2016.

Help others

Did you know that negativity and selfishness are often connected?
Find a charity or organization that you can volunteer for. Volunteering goes a long way in giving of yourself to help others.

Choose your emotions

Your deepest emotions come from within, and change always

starts from within. Learning to see the good in a negative situations is often hard but it is the greatest asset you will have to
feeling good and being successful in life, creating a healthy you.

BioMat therapeutic sessions

The Amethyst BioMat uses state-of-the-art technology. It is an

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-approved pad that converts
electricity into far infrared fays (FIR). FIR is natures invisible light
and was discovered by NASA. It is the safest, most beneficial type
of light waves. The BioMat also utilizes natures energizer (negative ions), to convey a molecular level massage that will accelerate
and deepen every healing and cleansing process.
FIR and negative ions have been found to reduce swelling, increase
blood flow, alleviate allergies, migraines and sinus problems, and has
proven to destroy cancer and viral cells without damaging surrounding healthy cells. FIR penetrates the body 6-8 inches, which stimulates the rejuvenation and healing of nerves and muscle tissue.
The third component of the BioMat is the amethyst quartz crystals. Amethyst is considered to be natures super conductor. It is
used to transfer FIR and negative ions into the body. Amethyst
has been found to have the same vibrational frequencies as the
continued on page 29


Natures Pathways | January 2016

Lets talk
By Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT,

everal months ago, I shared with readers how Reiki is helping

my chronic pain. It was the beginning of my journey with
that particular method of emotional and spiritual healing. I
recapped my history with lingering chronic pain and shared how
Reiki was helping to release another layer, and how wonderful it
felt! I promised an update when I felt my journey was complete, and
though I cant know with certainty if completeness has occurred, I
do feel enough changes have occurred to provide that update.

What exactly is Reiki?

I find a whole lot of people have no idea. It is spiritual; it works

with the energetic forces in our bodies similar to acupressure and
acupuncture, and it helps release and resolve areas that get stuck
with various baggage weve been carrying around from old injuries,
traumas, and stressors. Being stuck creates an environment for pain
to thrive, and it literally keeps us from moving forward when it is
time to let go. A gifted Reiki practitioner can assist in letting go on
levels we are not aware of, like a therapy for your subconscious and
spiritual self. I am so thankful for the very gifted therapist at my
place of business who has done wonderful work with me!

Thats the thing with Reiki, as

with most any type of therapy,
you have to be ready for it
and be willing to partner with
your therapist to see results.
I do have to be honest I slacked a bit on consistency with Reiki
after giving it a solid go in the spring. But over those slacking months,
my emotions were also in a stuck place and werent yet ready to
move. Thats the thing with Reiki, as with most any type of therapy,
you have to be ready for it and be willing to partner with your therapist to see results. I began regular Reiki treatments in March for my
chronic pain, then in April a bunch of things got shaken up in my
world, and it took several months for my attitude to be OK with
the changes. Coincidence? Im thinking not. It seems when we open
continued on page 29




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Sprin g green Healthy Choices Small Town Hospitality Mindful Living

January 2016 | Natures Pathways


By Katie Hilst, DVM

ratitude is defined as the quality of

being thankful; readiness to show
appreciation for and to return
kindness. January is a time to reflect on
the year that just passed, and to set goals
for the New Year. Gratitude and the act
of being grateful has been shown to make
people feel better, become more optimistic
and increase self- esteem. It is not surprising that people who show gratitude in
their daily lives have more friends (who
doesnt want to be around someone who
is optimistic?), and even earn more. Gratitude increases the dopamine levels in our
brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter
that is associated with reward behavior. Is
a neurotransmitter enough to explain the
effects of gratitude and gratefulness? Most
addictive drugs increase the levels of dopamine in our brains, so I do not think the
dopamine is enough to explain the effects
of gratitude.
In November I asked readers to send
me their thoughts on what they are thankful (grateful) for over the Thanksgiving
Joan wrote she is grateful for her beautiful family, her girls, their husbands
and children she is very blessed.

Natures Pathways | January 2016

Chris wrote he is grateful he found his

beautiful pet Roxie online and brought

her home to Wisconsin. She helps
him fill the space in his heart left after
his pet Abbey crossed the Rainbow
Sheila is grateful for all the pets that
have come through her doors and for
the wonderful life she has had because
of them.
HiDee is grateful for the people and
animals in her life, and she saw a
double rainbow the other day!
Sue is grateful for the time she spent
caring for her mother over the past
year as it has helped them both have a
closer relationship.
Pat is grateful for her lifetime friend
that she can always count on to share
her troubles with.
Joe is grateful his house was full on
Thanksgiving, and everyone there
loved his cooking.
The common theme with gratefulness is
that it helps us appreciate the here and
now, the current moment. Isnt it interesting that we all appreciate the people, pets
and natural beauty in the world, but no

one mentioned money, status or things?

Gratefulness helps us see what we have
right on front of us and focus on the good
in our lives, and that creates a feeling of
fullness. When we are grateful we want to
share our joy in life and our resources with
others who may not be so fortunate.
Join me in keeping a gratitude journal
for the New Year. I have committed to
recording two things I am grateful for
every day. Today I am grateful YOU read
my article, and grateful I get to spend my
days with folks who cherish their pets.
What are you grateful for?
Wishing you many blessing in the New
Dr. Katie Hilst founded Journeys
Home Pet Euthanasia LLC, a mobile
veterinary service for the Madison
area and surrounding communities. She offers compassionate, gentle
euthanasia for families in the privacy of home. She
specializes in pet quality of life consultations. She
received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree
from UW-Madison in 2002, is certified in Pet Loss
and Grief Companioning and is a member of the
International Association of Animal Hospice and
Palliative Care and the Association for Pet Loss and
Bereavement. Reach her at 608-347-1897, or visit See ad on page 43.

BEYOND NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS continued from page 26

body, which offers a stable and powerful delivery method.

Consumers are enjoying the benefits of the BioMat in spas and
professional offices all over the world. Chiropractors, physical
therapists, acupuncturists and natural wellness consultants are
realizing the benefits for their clients. Starting today, being proactive about your health and emotions can go a long way to ensure a
healthier 2016 and more active life for years to come.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils have been around

for thousands of years. They are used for a variety of therapeutic
and health issues. They have the ability to detoxify, stimulate the
limbic region, oxygenate the body and more. The benefits from
using essential oils come from their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
There are varying grades of essential oils. Be sure to pick one
that is pure and is of therapeutic grade. Essential oils are rapidly
gaining popularity because they act like natural medicine without
all of the side effects. Are you ready to harness the power of the
proven therapeutic effects of essential oils?

Nutritional consulting

If changing your diet is on your list then I can help you completely
overhaul your diet, fine tune your food choices, or just get inspiration for new, healthy recipes. Setting up a nutritional consultation
may be the answer to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle in 2016.
With alternatives such as these you are able to commit to your
New Years resolutions and take charge of your physical and
emotional wellness in 2016. I would love to teach you more about
the methods and techniques that you can use to get you on your
way to a healthy 2016.
Debbie Armstrong, S.N.H.S. dip. is the owner of BioMat 4 Autism.
She has been working alongside children with autism and other disorders, as well as their families for the past 29 years. Her areas of expertise are in BioMat therapy, child development, social engagement, life
coaching, natural health consulting, ABA and play therapy, essential oils, color therapy, primitive reflexes and allergy testing. Debbie also regularly
holds informative talks and classes at her office. For more information, visit www., call 608-577-5733, or email
Follow Debbie on Facebook at

LETS TALK ABOUT REIKI continued from page 27

ourselves up to a treatment to help us change, move on, or move

through any type of stuck pattern, we should not be surprised when
our world gets shaken up a bit. I took a break from Reiki while my
attitude decided it wanted to stay in an unhappy place for a while.
As I started to accept and embrace the changes, I saw that these
changes really were good for me, and it seemed to be confirmation that the universe was giving me wonderful gifts despite my
begrudging attitude at my inconvenience and things not happening the way I had planned or envisioned. Then I noticed something else: I had not felt my back pain in quite some time! It had
been getting pretty bad there for a while, and though the Reiki did
provide some relief, it wasnt going away entirely. Somewhere in
that span of time when I decided to catch the wave of change and
ride it instead of fighting it, I also let go of my pain.
When I went back to Reiki, I felt some amazing sensations
during the session, which seemed to be getting deeper into areas
I have felt were holding on to past pain. I was told my energy is
much smoother than it had been several months prior. It was such
a beautiful experience! And as before, it seemed to stir things up
again for a while as things shifted within me (this time internal,
not with my external surroundings as had happened before). Now
I feel more in tune with what Im feeling and experiencing; I can
tell were getting to some really good things.
I know Im not complete and done with Reiki, but as I was feeling
some deeply held sadness over the holidays (that I still marvel can
hide out within me for so long), it actually felt like I was reaching
the bottom of it. I was letting it out, letting it go and replacing it
with wonderful love and security now that I feel so strongly.
Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT, BCTMB, and Member
AOBTA, is the owner of Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork
specializing in Eastern bodywork therapies and the healing arts.
Heidi and her team of bodywork therapists, a Reiki master, and
a Certified Personal Trainer, all strive to achieve balance in
each session through the use of energy work incorporated into their bodywork
therapies and have all been trained in Eastern healing techniques and cupping
therapy. Renu also offers an infrared sauna from Sunlighten Saunas for deeper
healing and detoxification after your session. For more information or to contact
Heidi, please visit
Reference: How Reiki Is Helping My Chronic Pain. Renu Madison. http://

Together We Can
Change Lives!

Coaching and Consultation Services

Spectrum Movement and Exercise Classes
Environmental Enrichment & Developmental Therapy
Alternative Health Treatments
Essential Oils
Nutritional Support

DEBBIE ARMSTRONG Autism Consultant, Certified Life Coach and Developmental Specialist
4705 Dale-Curtin Drive, McFarland | 608-577-5733 |

6417 Normandy, Suite 208, Madison

Book online at
(608) 438.5342
We offer the following services:
Cupping therapy & TuiNa techniques
Reiki & Acupressure
Couples massage packages
Infrared sauna
Hot stones & Aromatherapy
Personal training
January 2016 | Natures Pathways


your dogs
By Michelle Lonergan

hether you are a new pet parent or want to revisit your

dogs professional staff, this guide will ensure your dog
is being cared for by the best team of professionals!


Its just too easy to get wrapped up in the cute little fluff balls and
forget to ask the the right questions to ensure we are getting our
dog from the most responsible breeders. The most important
question you should always ask your breeder is, What are you
feeding the mom and her puppies? Be sure it is a food made up
of healthy ingredients with high protein, low or no grains and free
of byproducts and chemical preservatives. For further validation,
find a pet specialty store with pet nutritionists who can help you
determine if the diet being fed is healthy. A breeder that is willing
to pay more for a higher quality food certainly has done their
research and cares about the health of the puppies.


Look for a vet that best matches your philosophies on health care.
If you have a holistic side and like to explore alternative medicine,
then be sure that your vet is either a holistic vet or is open minded
to your ideas and thoughts. Remember, the vet works for you and
should take the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns. They
should give your health philosophies consideration, or you should
look for a better health care partner.


Finding a groomer who will provide a safe and stress-free environment is critical as the first couple of grooms will set the tone
for your dogs anxiety for grooming for the rest of their life. Avoid
any grooming salons that use cage dryers to dry your dog. This is a
very invasive hands-off method of drying that makes it very difficult for your dog to breathe. The process is extremely stressful and
can lead to severe anxiety and, in some cases, has caused death.

Natures Pathways | January 2016

Also, look for a salon that will be able to complete a small dog
groom in less than 1.5 hours. Salons that keep your dog all day
should be avoided, as the crowded grooming rooms filled with
crying and barking dogs can also cause undo anxiety.

Pet store

Feeding your pet a diet made up of healthy and safe ingredients

that is biologically appropriate will provide them with the best
chance for a long healthy life. Look for a pet store that specializes
in healthy food and treats and accessories that are safe and meet
your dogs needs. The pet store should be staffed with knowledgeable people who can tailor a diet for your dogs particular needs.
Avoid pet stores that have employee sales spiffs on the Food of the
Month, as the motives are not always in your dogs best interest.

Doggie daycare

If you have talked to anyone that has used doggie daycare services
for their pet, they will tell you that it is one of the best tools to
ensure that your dog is getting the exercise and socialization they
need to make them a healthy and happy pet. Doggie daycare is
an excellent option for any dog, especially young dogs or dogs
with high energy. When looking for a doggie daycare, always ask
for a tour before signing up. If the facility does not allow for a
tour, cross them off your list. Look for a daycare with constant
supervision from caretakers trained in pet first aid and obedience
training, low attendant to dog ratios and willingness to meet your
dogs specific needs.

Dog sitter

Leaving your pet behind is one of the hardest things you can do
when you are heading out for vacation. Your dog will most likely
be happier in their own home with someone staying with them to
feed, walk and give them the attention they have come to expect
daily. Be sure you check your dog sitters references and look for

recommendations from friends and colleagues. Also, verify they are

insured, bonded and trained in pet first aid. If your pet has special
dietary needs or you home make your pets food, look for a pet sitter
that is versed and comfortable with special instructions. With a pet
sitter, years of experience goes a long way, as they are familiar and
prepared with almost anything that could come about.


Boarding facility

If you prefer boarding your pet rather than have a pet sitter stay
in your home, be sure to tour the facility to ensure it is clean and
the staff is interacting with the guests to your satisfaction. Be sure
the facility allows your dog out of its kennel during the day to
play and interact with other dogs. If your dog does not interact
well with other dogs, make sure they are getting walks or other
one-on-one time to make their stay an enjoyable one, opposed to
being locked up for a week! If your dog is prone to kennel cough
it is not recommended that you board your dog in a heavily populated facility. Many home-based dog boarding businesses are now
available as a viable option for senior dogs or dogs that do better
in smaller groups.





Michelle Lonergan owns Tabby & Jacks Pet Supplies and Holistic
Grooming in Madison and Fitchburg. She has studied pet nutrition her whole life and is well-known in the Madison area for her
expertise in healing dogs and cats with a tailored diet, supplements
and natural topicals. She works with many holistic vets in the
Madison area to manage a health plan through proper nutrition. If you have
questions or comments about this article or need advice on tailoring a diet for
your pet, please contact Michelle Lonergan at

Holistic Pet Services and Supplies

Middleton 608-841-1133
& Fitchburg 608-277-5900


Sacred Journey to Peru

May 8-21, 2016

Experience a trip of a lifetime to learn the traditional Andean

ways with authentic medicine people in Peru.
A spiritual journey from the sacred mountains to Machu Picchu.

Single Occupancy - $3150

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(flight not included)

All are welcome as no prior knowledge of Incan

spirituality is required. Training available ahead of time.


Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary

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January 2016 | Natures Pathways



Kale Power
With sweet potato, quinoa
and avocado sauce
By Kim Baehman, MS, Clinical Nutritionist

ealthy kale and quinoa power

salad with spicy sweet potato,
black beans and creamy avocado
sauce is a gluten-free (and easily vegan)
salad that packs well for lunch, too!

Quinoa and kale
1 cup quinoa
1 bunch kale, ribs removed and
chopped into very small, bite-sized
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium lime, juiced
teaspoon salt
Sweet potatoes
2 medium sweet potatoes (about 1
pounds), sliced into small, -inch
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoons salt

Natures Pathways | January 2016

Avocado sauce
2 avocados, sliced into long strips
2 limes, juiced
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium jalapeo, deseeded,
membranes removed and roughly
1 handful cilantro leaves
teaspoon ground coriander, optional
Salt, to taste
Everything else
1 (14-ounce) can black beans, rinsed
and drained, or 1 cups cooked black
cup crumbled feta (Omit for vegan/
dairy-free salad)
cup pepitas (green pumpkin seeds)


1. To cook quinoa: First rinse the

quinoa in a fine mesh colander under

running water for a minute or two.
In a medium-sized pot, combine the

rinsed quinoa and 2 cups water. Bring

the mixture to a gentle boil, then cover
the pot, reduce heat to a simmer and
cook for 15 minutes. Remove the
quinoa from heat and let it rest, still
covered, for 5 minutes. Uncover the
pot, drain off any excess water and
fluff the quinoa with a fork. Set aside
to cool.
2. To cook the sweet potatoes: In a

large skillet, warm the olive oil over

medium heat. Add the chopped sweet
potatoes and toss to coat, then add the
cumin, smoked paprika and salt. Stir
to combine. Once the pan is sizzling,
add a scant cup water, then cover
the pan and reduce heat to low to
avoid burning the contents. Cook,
stirring occasionally, until the sweet
potato is tender and cooked through,
about 10 minutes.

3. Uncover the pan, raise the heat back

to medium and cook until the excess

moisture has evaporated and the
sweet potatoes are caramelizing on
the edges, about 3 to 7 minutes (add
another little splash of olive oil if the
potatoes start sticking to the pan).
Set aside to cool.
4. To prepare the kale: Transfer the

Interested in

kale to a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle

the chopped kale with salt and use
your hands to massage it, which
improves the flavor. Grab handfuls
of kale in your hands and scrunch
it up in your palms. Repeat until
the kale is darker green in color
and more fragrant. Whisk together
2 tablespoons olive oil, the juice of
1 lime and teaspoon salt. Drizzle
over the kale and toss to coat.

5. To make the avocado sauce: Simply

combine the ingredients as listed in

a food processor or blender. Blend
well and season with salt to taste.

6. To toast the pepitas: In a small skillet

over medium-low heat, toast the

pepitas, stirring frequently until
they are turning lightly golden on
the edges and starting to make little
popping noises, about 3 to 5 minutes.

com you


7. Once the quinoa has cooled down a

bit, pour it into the bowl of kale and

toss to combine. Divide the kale and
quinoa mixture into four large salad
bowls. Top with sweet potatoes, black
beans, a big dollop of avocado sauce,
and a sprinkle of feta and pepitas.

Kimberly Baehman, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies
in supporting peoples health through
evidence-based medicine (risks
versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has her masters of
science in human nutrition degree, and experience
working with clients regarding weight and fatigue
issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high
blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/
triglycerides, migraines, thyroid conditions and gut
dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or

Call 877-479-7209
or email
to learn more!
January 2016 | Natures Pathways


for the
By Tracy Jobe

he holidays are over, its the New Year and we are making
our New Years resolutions. Among the top 10 New Years
resolutions is losing weight and/or getting fit. Every year
we resolve to get a little more exercise, eat better and/or lose
weight. If we choose to focus on self-care, we often look to the
physical body. When was the last time you stopped and looked
at your emotional body, and vowed to take care of your mental
state? Often New Years resolutions are given up before the end
of January, and we are back to old habits. Habits take a while to

Body & Mind
Therapeutic Massage BioMat CranioSacral Reiki
Access Conscience Bars Raindrop Technique
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only se io
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Restorative Massage LLC Tracy Jobe LMT

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$55 for a
60 minute massage
on the BioMat
(Reg $80)

Mention this ad while booking to receive discounts


Natures Pathways | January 2016

develop. Why do we think it will take less time to break them than
form new, healthier ones, to replace the old bad ones?
As you evaluate and contemplate what resolutions you might
embark on for the New Year, consider working on your mental
and emotional well-being. Now you are sitting here thinking, I
am happy all the time, and have no problems with my emotions.
Doing not only manual bodywork but energy work, I see it every
day: emotions stuck in the physical body and tissues. Studies have
shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical
injury, but also by stress or emotional issues. Often, physical pain
functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to
be done, and it can also be a sign of unresolved trauma in the
nervous system.

What does this mean to you?

Well day in and day out I see people come in with chronic pain
in the low back, upper back, shoulders, neck, etc. I can feel that it
is at a deeper level, an emotional level. That argument with your
best friend in college, the first crush, the first breakup, the loss of
life, job loss, etc. all the emotional trauma we go through, and
dont process completely, can manifest physically in our bodies. It
may be immediately after the event or months, even years, later,
and we have a nagging pain that wont go away despite medical
intervention (and maybe other alternative therapies). This is why

In your day-to-day life being mindful of your emotions is a good

start. There is never a right or wrong emotion to be experiencing,
but if you pay attention to them, they are our guidance system to
your state of overall well-being. We often dismiss our emotions,
and look at them in a negative way. When an emotional event has
occurred in your life, stop. Acknowledge it, allow it, validate it,
accept it, heal and grow from the experience. This is to be done in
whatever way works best for you. Some things may need professional help, and this is OK too. Know when you can process them
on your own, and when other help is needed. This is going to
vary from individual to individual and there is no wrong or right
answer. It may be as simple as sitting down and allowing yourself
to feel your emotions in a safe, secure place; for others talking
about the emotions or experience is helpful. Some look to spirituality to help them through releasing and healing emotions. Others
look to the various forms of energy work that is out there, helping
to release and heal your emotions. Meditation, tapping, being out
in nature and journaling are all other good options. Play around
with what works for you.
The first step is to be aware of your emotional state, and how
it affects your physical body. How many times have you been so
overwhelmed at work that your stomach starts turning, or after
an argument your head is pounding? These are some very simple,
basic physical symptoms that we have all experienced at some
point, which reflects how our emotional well-being affects our
physical body. Once you know how your emotional well-being
affects you, it will be easier to release and let go of what no longer
serves you. Most often people feel like a weight has been literally
lifted off their shoulders.
As a New Year begins, and you resolve to take better care of yourself, remember not to dismiss your emotional body, restoring
body and mind.
Tracy is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master. Tracy has been practicing therapeutic massage for 10 years, dealing with a wide variety of populations and conditions. Tracy uses a variety of modalities including Cranio Sacral,
Raindrop Technique, Cupping, Reiki, Access Bars, and the Amethyst BioMat,
treating everyone individually, facilitating the bodys own natural ability to heal,
and restoring body & mind. She is located at 6425 Odana Road, Suite 1B in
Madison and can be contacted at 608-628-0045. For more information, visit


Where do you start?


supporting both the physical and emotional body is so important.

Both work together, and when one is off the other is affected.


We often dismiss our emotions,

and look at them in a negative
way. When an emotional event
has occurred in your life,
stop. Acknowledge it, allow it,
validate it, accept it, heal and
grow from the experience.

January 2016 | Natures Pathways



Euterpe oleracea

he acai palm tree, native to tropical Central and South America,

produces a reddish-purple berry.
The acai berrys name, which comes from a
language of the native people of the region,
means fruit that cries. The acai berry has
long been an important food source for
indigenous peoples of the Amazon region,
who also use acai for a variety of healthrelated purposes.
Acai berry products have become
popular in the United States, where they
have been marketed as folk or traditional
remedies for weight loss and anti-aging
purposes, but there is no definitive scientific evidence to support these claims. Acai
fruit pulp has been used experimentally
as an oral contrast agent for magnetic

resonance imaging (MRI) of the gastrointestinal tract.

Acai berry products are available as
juices, powders, tablets and capsules.

What the science says

There is no definitive scientific evidence

based on studies in humans to support
the use of acai berry for any health-related
No independent studies have been
published in peer-reviewed journals that
substantiate claims that acai supplements
alone promote rapid weight loss. Researchers who investigated the safety profile of an
acai-fortified juice in animals observed that
there were no body weight changes in rats
given the juice compared with controls.

and share

Natures Pathways | January 2016

Laboratory studies have focused on

acai berrys potential antioxidant properties (antioxidants are substances that are
thought to protect cells from damaging
effects of chemical reactions with oxygen).
Laboratory studies also have shown that
acai berries demonstrate anti-cancer and
anti-inflammatory activity.

Side effects and cautions

There is little reliable information about

the safety of acai as a supplement. It is
widely consumed as an edible fruit or as a
People who are allergic to acai or to
plants in the Arecaceae (palm) family
should not consume acai.
Consuming acai might affect MRI test
results. If you use acai products and are
scheduled for an MRI, check with your
health care provider.
Tell all your health care providers about
any complementary health approaches you
use. Give them a full picture of what you
do to manage your health. This will help
ensure coordinated and safe care.
Source: Acai. National Center for Complementary
and Integrative Health.

habits that
can have
a lasting

long and healthy life is the ultimate goal for many people.
While a host of factors beyond a persons control, such
as genetics, impact how long that person lives and how
susceptible to certain medical conditions he or she may be, there
are many things men and women can do to improve their chances
of living long, healthy lives.
KEEP WORKING. While many working men and women dream

of the day when they can leave the daily grind behind once and
for all, they might want to think more about a second career
than a long, carefree retirement. A study from British researchers published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
found that each extra year that men and women work was associated with a six-week delay in the onset of dementia. While men
and women may want to retire from their professions, finding
second careers or volunteering close to full-time hours may
improve their long-term health and quality of life.
STAY ON YOUR TOES. A healthy diet is a key component of a

healthy lifestyle, but diet alone is not enough to promote a long

and healthy life. According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Health
Library, the risks associated with a physically inactive lifestyle are
considerable. Such risks include a greater risk of developing high
blood pressure and coronary heart disease and even a greater risk
for certain cancers. In addition, physical inactivity can add to feelings of anxiety and depression. Inactivity tends to increase with
age, so men and women aiming for long and healthy lives should
make physical activity a vital part of their daily lives.

GET YOUR WHOLE GRAINS. Whole grains may be another

key ingredient to a long and healthy life. Numerous studies have

shown that increasing whole grain consumption can help prevent
the onset of type 2 diabetes. Researchers who conducted a systematic review of studies examining the link between whole grains
and type 2 diabetes prevention in 2007 found that eating an extra
two servings of whole grains per day decreased a persons risk
of developing type 2 diabetes by 21 percent. Thats an important
finding, as additional research has found that people with diabetes
have an increased risk of developing Alzheimers disease, a neurodegenerative condition that can dramatically reduce quality of life.
FREQUENTLY. While many people, especially those who feel

healthy, are hesitant to visit their physicians, doing so may just save
your life. Several diseases, including cancer and heart disease, are
more effectively treated when detected early. Annual physicals and
discussions with your physician may uncover a disease in its early
stages when it is most treatable. Waiting until symptoms appear
may not be too late to treat a condition or disease, but taking a
proactive approach increases the likelihood of early detection,
which increases your chances of living a long and healthy life.
Healthy habits improve peoples quality of life while also increasing the likelihood that men and women live long, healthy and
productive lives.
Source: MetroCreative Connection.
January 2016 | Natures Pathways


For $75 an hour, you can experience a transformational Einstein Methods Mind/Body/Spirit session!
Visit for scientific evidence
that the process really works to improve how you
feel and function. For more information, visit www., call 608-658-6718 or email Location: Omars Touch
Therapy, 905 Lorraine Drive, Madison.
Sundays 10-11:15 a.m.
Mindful Living: Prayers for World Peace/
Dharma for Kids
Mindful Living: Prayers for World Peace is a way to start
the week with confidence and renewed enthusiasm in
creating outer peace in our own personal worlds and
the world in general. Dharma for Kids melds the principles of Buddhist practice to meet the challenges of
raising children in todays hectic times. Parents and kids
are welcome to join. Suggested donation: $5/adults,
$1/kids (Under 4 years old free). Location: Kadampa
Meditation Center and Bookstore, 1825 S. Park St.,
Madison. For more information, call 608-661-3211 or


Wednesdays and Fridays 12-12:30 p.m.

Noontime Meditation
Take 30 minutes in the middle of a busy weekday to let
go of stress and tension, experience an inner stillness
and sense of well-being. Meditation brings our intellectual understanding down to our heart where we can
experience our own inner peace, which is always there
beneath stress and tension from the busyness of our
daily lives. Everyone is welcome to attend these guided
meditations. They are suitable for everyone, regardless
of background or experience. Walk-ins are encouraged
you will be pleasantly surprised! Location: Kadampa
Meditation Center and Bookstore, 1825 S. Park Street,
Madison. For more information, call 608-661-3211 or
Friday, Jan. 15 3-8 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 16 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
7th Annual Well EXPO
Well EXPO is the only event in the Madison area
devoted to showcasing local resources for weight
loss, medical care, wellness programs, healthy foods,
green living, exercise, beauty and so much more!
Tickets are $5. Attendees who pay Friday can return
Saturday for free! Free admission both Friday and Saturday with two non-perishable food items. This year,
Spa Day will be all day on Friday and Saturday.
Saturdays highlights will include fitness classes, wellness and health classrooms, our main stage speakers
and much more! Please continue to check our web-


site for more updates. Location: Monona Terrace, 1

John Nolen Drive, Madison. For more information,
Monday, Feb. 8 through Saturday, Feb. 13
Transformational Wellness Week
Location: R&R Bayview Resorts, 10630 W Twin
Bay Road, Hayward. Come for a half day or for
all six days! For more information, please visit
Friday, May 6 through Saturday, May 21
Sacred Journey to Peru
Experience a trip of a lifetime to learn the traditional Andean ways with authentic medicine people
in Peru. Enjoy a spiritual journey from the sacred
mountains to Machu Picchu. For more information,
contact Julie Maree at 920-342-8955 or visit www.

Advertise your event in the

$20 per entry (advertisers)
$50 per entry (non-advertisers)

Natures Pathways has been great! I was recommended

the best advertising package for my business and
since I have seen nothing but pure results! When I was
featured on the cover, business doubled in just one
month. Natures Pathways also assisted me in the most
profitable and trackable offers that we have had in ANY
of our marketing endeavors. I would highly recommend
Natures Pathways advertising for your business
marketing needs.

Schedule Your Session!

Angela Kowieski, owner, Organic Beauty Salon and Spa

(formerly Divine Body and Styles)

Interested in advertising with

Natures Pathways?
Call or email to learn more,
877-479-7209 or info@naturespathways .com.


Natures Pathways | January 2016



Learn more about these local businesses in the expanded

online directory at



Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork................................... Madison
Restorative Massage................................................................... Madison
Tri-Unity Wellife Associates..................................................... Madison

Memorial Pet Services..............................................................Middleton

Madison Manual Medicine...................................................... Fitchburg

Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia LLC..................................... Madison


Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Cafe...........Spring Green



Jennifer M. Warner....................................................................... Madison


Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, Inc.... Madison



43/90 North Earth Gifts........................................................Spring Green


Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Cafe...........Spring Green



The Organic Skin


Peaceful Heart................................................................................... Oregon



Body Wave Chiropractic............................................................ Fitchburg
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison............................... Madison
Luminous Lotus Healing..........................................................Middleton
Omars Touch Therapy................................................................. Madison

Float Madison.................................................................................. Madison

Pilates Method with Ellen Utter............................................ Madison

BioMat 4 Autism..........................................................................McFarland


Kirsty Blattner LLC........................................................................ Madison

Time to Thrive Coaching..................................................... Blue Mounds


Excellence in Dentistry....................................... Madison/Cottage Grove

608-318-4350, 608-478-2077;
Integrative Dental Solutions................................................. Pewaukee

Organic Beauty Salon and Spa............................................... Madison


Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary.......................................... Beaver Dam


Interested in advertising
your business in EnhanceU?
Reach more customers through the
streamlined print and digital directory.
CALL US TO LEARN MORE, 877-479-7209

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Madison Manual Medicine
Dr. Jed Downs
2940 Chapel Valley Road, #1B, Fitchburg
At Madison Manual Medicine our
goal is to assist your body to remove
barriers to movement, whether of
joints, connective tissue or fluids
within the body. Those restrictions can cause multiple
types of symptoms and preclude you from having
optimal function and health. We use osteopathic
manual therapy (OMT), a hands-on treatment approach capable of interacting with your body at multiple tissue levels.
Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork
6417 Normandy Lane Suite 208, Madison
The licensed massage and
bodywork therapists at
Renu Massage and Day
Spa on Madisons west side all specialize in Asian
bodywork therapies while promoting organic and
sustainable living. The team of therapists strive to
achieve balance in each session using energy
work as well as other therapeutic techniques, including cupping therapy, aromatherapy and reiki.
For more information, visit
Restorative Massage
6425 Odana Rd., Madison
At Restorative Massage, therapeutic
massage is offered with the goal of
obtaining a therapeutic benefit.
Therapeutic massage is more restorative and healing, and the healing effects of the
massage last longer. Tracy Jobe is specially trained
in multiple modalities: myofascial release, trigger
point therapy, deep tissue, postural assessments
and cupping, all techniques used as part of the
therapeutic massage. You will experience a more
healing, relaxing and therapeutic massage with
these customizations than with just a traditional

Natures Pathways | January 2016

Tri-Unity Wellife Associates

629 Spruce St., Madison
Tri-Unity Wellife offers Karing hypnotherapy for individuals and groups
looking to overcome addiction disorders and phobias, including smoking
cessation, weight loss, sleep deprivation and
more. Ken-Adi Ring, CH, CI, LMT, consulting hypnotist, offers an opportunity to be free of addictive habits and behavioral issues to change your
life! Ken is the only NGH-certified instructor in
Madison. Ken-Adi is an NGH certified instructor,
licensed massage therapist and Reiki master
teacher. Mr. Ring uses all modalities to also treat
pain, tension and stress. For more information
and to book a session, contact Ken-Adi at 608256-0080 or visit

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

chotherapy, which works with the whole person

integrating movement, creative process, and verbal communication to further healing and transformation.

Pilates Method with Ellen Utter
Certified Pilates and yoga instructor Ellen Utters
method is that of mindful body awareness through
breath, imagery and proper alignment. She demonstrates and leads everyone in her class through
the very basic techniques and deep abdominal access skills, before moving into the mat routines.
She teaches basic Pilates techniques, beginning
and intermediate mat classes, PiYO strength group
classes (a blend of yoga and Pilates), individual or
group instruction and Pilates barre classes.

Jennifer M. Warner, LPC
660 W. Washington Ave., Suite 308, Madison
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC, is a holistic psychotherapist. Her passion is to empower individuals,
couples and families to call upon their personal
strengths to create mental, emotional, physical
and spiritual balance in their lives. It is through
the combination of talk therapy and experiential
approaches that she assists each of her clients to
go more deeply into their own process. Jennifer
is also a certified equine assisted psychotherapist
and specializes in working with women and in
eating disorders.
Hancock Center for Dance/Movement
Therapy, Inc.
16 North Hancock Street, Madison
Hancock Center is a
nonprofit organization providing dance/
movement therapy services and wellness education to people of all ages and abilities. Dance/
Movement Therapy is an innovative form of psy-

BioMat 4 Autism
Debbie Armstrong
4705 Dale-Curtin Drive, McFarland
BioMat 4 Autism provides a wide
range of safe, proven and effective
treatment options like the far infrared
Amethyst BioMat, AromaTouch technique, essential oils, nutritional supplements, nutritional coaching, primitive reflexes, color phototherapy, autism consultation and parent
coaching. Spectrum Movement and fitness classes are also available. Optimal health is within your
reach! Schedule your complimentary consultation today!
Body Wave Chiropractic
Dr. Laura Konopacki
2984 Triverton Pike Drive, Suite 102, Fitchburg
Dr. Laura specializes in
working with kids and
families looking for
natural ways to stay healthy. ADHD, autism, sleep

disorders, digestive problems, depression and

pain are some of the more common conditions
she helps kids and adults with. Using gentle,
mindful chiropractic treatment along with lifestyle changes she helps each person upgrade
their brain function, allowing the body to heal.
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison
1825 S. Park Street, Madison
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison is a friendly and welcoming
place for everyone. We offer meditation classes that are suitable for
every level of experience. Our class
design always includes two guided meditations
and a short talk or teaching on a topic suitable for
busy modern people, or instruction in meditation
techniques. We also offer study programs for
those interested in increasing their understanding
and experience of Buddhist philosophy and practice, and chanted prayers throughout the week.
We have a resident teacher, Gen Kelsang
Gomlam, who teaches most of the classes and
leads the meditations. Our center is dedicated to
helping everyone develop and maintain their own
inner peace, which naturally reduces problems
and eliminates stress. Open 30 minutes before
every event and on the weekends from 1 to 4
p.m. Please drop in!
Luminous Lotus Healing
Sonya Sullins, MBA, CRHP
6808 University Ave., Suite 115, Middleton
At Luminous Lotus Healing, optimal health is within your reach!
You can improve sleep, relieve
pain and regenerate at a cellular
level and you can do it with all-natural and
safe approaches like the far infrared Amethyst
BioMat, Reconnective Healing, crystal healing,
intuitive readings, and even Divine Guidance
business coaching. Schedule your complimentary
wellness consultation today!
Omars Touch Therapy
905 Lorraine Drive, Madison


Using his unique method,

the Einstein Method, Omar
is on a quest to continually
improve world-class therapeutic treatments,
blending up to 50 impressive modalities into the
mind, body and spirit healing session desired by
respective clients. After experiencing many personal healings resolving scoliosis and chronic
lower back pain he has sought to share with
others. As of 2014, he has practiced more than
70,000 hours hands-on (and hands-off) the body
since 1976.

Kirsty Blattner LLC
710 West Olin Ave., Madison
Are you ready to be harmonized and
amplified to extraordinary heights?
Want to excel beyond belief and design your own odyssey? If your pipe
dreams or bucket list alchemized into reality, how
would that feel? My executive three-month coaching program will change the direction of your life.
My one-month customized group coaching program will allow you to experience transformational change. You will be inspired to live your passionate, purposeful life. Youll feel freedom, energy,
motivation and harmony. Reach high, dream BIG
and imagine that view from your new amplified
balanced perspective. What will you do with your
revamped, extraordinary life?
Time to Thrive Coaching
Lysianne Unruh, CPCC
As a personal happiness
strategist, I understand
that life is unpredictable. Your well-being doesnt
have to be. I support clients in creating effective,
thriving strategies and establishing powerful happiness habits. Turn your times of challenge and
change into a source of personal power, victory
and opportunity. Design your vibrant life today.

Integrative Dental Solutions
N35 W23770 Capitol Drive, Pewaukee
Office: 262-691-4555 Fax: 262-691-4579
Biological or holistic dentistry is different from
conventional dentistry in
that it recognizes the importance of a healthy
mouth in achieving optimal overall health. Our
office understands that every patient has specific
needs. Drs. Mahn and Shetty will even be happy
to work with your health care practitioner to help
you reach your goals.

Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia LLC
Dr. Katie Hilst provides gentle,
compassionate pet euthanasia in
the privacy of your home, seven
days a week. She serves communities within an hour radius of Madison. She will
take your pet for cremation if desired. Phone con-

sultations are welcome and free. Her Journeys Pet

Quality of Life Scale is available at She can be reached at 608-347-1897
Memorial Pet Services, Inc.
4319 Twin Valley Road, Suite 15, Middleton
Memorial Pet Services is a leading-edge pet funeral home providing the highest standards of
aftercare and cremation services to pet parents
and veterinary practices in southern Wisconsin.
Our professional and compassionate staff can
help you with pre-planning for your pets aftercare, throughout the cremation process and with
emotional support when healing from your loss.

Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Cafe
140 S. Winsted St./Hwy. 23, Spring Green
(next to the railroad tracks)
Open Tuesday-Sunday
Mindfully sourced, quality, organic
and locally farmed foods. International gourmet specialties, sandwiches, soups, espresso, wines,
microbrews, gelato, custom picnic baskets, gift
baskets and local artists creations. Fresh Wisconsin trout dinners every Friday RSVP by Thursday. Discover what is in season!

43/90 North Earth Gifts
South Albany Street Shops
PO Box 688, Spring Green
A haven for new thought. A sanctuary for peaceful browsing. Fountains,
statuary, peace poles, chimes and
whimsy to help you create a garden
grotto. Wisdom Oak Reading Room. Books to increase understanding. Crystal bowls. Gemstone
gallery. Symbolic gemstone jewelry. Inspired and
life-affirming personal gifts. Journals, clothing,
CDs, incense, oils and candles. Angels. Fairies.
Open in the winter: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Driftless Depot Organic Market, Deli & Cafe
140 S. Winsted St./Hwy. 23, Spring Green
(next to the railroad tracks)
Open Tuesday-Sunday
Mindfully sourced, quality, organic
and locally farmed foods. International gourmet specialties, sandwiches, soups, espresso, wines,
microbrews, gelato, custom picnic baskets, gift
baskets and local artists creations. Fresh Wisconsin trout dinners every Friday RSVP by Thursday. Discover what is in season!
January 2016 | Natures Pathways


Peaceful Heart
123 South Main St., Oregon
Peaceful Heart strives to offer
products and services that promote and enhance emotional
and spiritual well-being. We have many tools available in the form of books, CDs, classes, events and
speakers to assist in understanding what our emotional needs are as individuals. We also have a wide
selection of unique, fun and uplifting gifts including
jewelry, music, scarves, crystals and Angel Cards.


Organic Beauty Salon and Spa (formerly
Divine Body and Styles Organic Salon & Spa)
1 Dempsey Road, Madison
We strive to find
beauty products
that are made with as many organic, natural and
eco-friendly ingredients safe for you and us!
We only get one body and one earth, so its time
that we are all conscious of what we are doing to
both of them with the products we use!

Float Madison
312 E. Wilson St., Madison
Located just a few blocks from the
Capitol, Float Madison is the perfect place to escape the stresses of
everyday life. Choose from their
Evolution pods or Ocean Float rooms, each
housed in one of their private float suites and
containing 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt saturated
in 10 inches of clear, skin-temperature water. The
saltwater solution allows you to float effortlessly,
giving your body a much needed break from the
effects of gravity. With options to control lighting
and music, you can create the perfect environment for your float. Their state-of-the-art float
pods and float rooms are equipped with the best
water filtration systems on the market, cleaning
the saltwater 3 times between clients to ensure a
clean environment. Float Madison is owned and
operated by Greg Griffin, a Madison resident
who is looking forward to meeting you!



Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary
Julie Maree
N8341 County Road W, Beaver Dam
Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary is
owned and operated by Julie Hogan.
Her studio offers shamanic energy
healing in the traditions of the ancient Inca, guided meditation, and
various classes and ceremony helping to reconnect to your souls journey. Take time to reconnect. Come away to a quiet place and rest for a

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 877-479-7209

43/90 North Earth Gifts..........................................27
BioMat 4 Autism.....................................................29
Body Wave Chiropractic Wellness Center................17
Driftless Depot........................................................27
Float Madison...........................................................2
Integrative Dental Solutions.....................................3
Jennifer M. Warner, LPC..........................................25
Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia...............................43
Kadampa Meditation Center Madison....................26
Kirsty Blattner LLC....................................................9
Luminous Lotus Healing.........................................14
Madison Manual Medicine.....................................20
Memorial Pet Services.............................................20
NT Media - Well Expo.............................................44
Omars Touch Therapy.............................................19
Organic Beauty Salon & Spa...................................11
Peaceful Heart Gifts & Books..................................13
Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary................................31
Renu Massage Day Spa..........................................29
Restorative Massage LLC........................................34
Tabby & Jacks.........................................................31
The Organic Skin.....................................................18
Tri-Unity Wellife, LLC...............................................10


Natures Pathways | January 2016

A final
act of caring
Available 7 days a week
Serving communities within
an hour of Madison


608.347.1897 |


Healthy Place?
Be inspired to find
it at the Well Expo.


JAN. 15-16, 2016

Monona Terrace



3-8 p.m.: Complimentary Spa Services

10 a.m.: Love Your Body, Rock Your Style with

Krystle Marks, Personal Stylist

Enjoy services from Sundara Inn & Spa including hand treatments,
chair massages and more.

3-8 p.m.: FREE Fitness Classes

Whether you are looking to work up a sweat or
unwind and relax, theres a class for you!

Open the door to self-acceptance and discover and celebrate

your best assets by making the most of your wardrobe.

12 p.m.: E.S.P. is the New Skinny (Endurance, Strength &

Power) with Faith Dey, Orangetheory Fitness

6 p.m.: Stress Less - Habits to Look and Feel Your Very Best
with Tracie Fountain, Nutritional Consultant and Life Coach

Learn how to achieve the fittest version of yourself by maximizing

your workout results, increasing your metabolism and calorie burn and
reaching your fitness goals faster and more efficiently, at any age.

Learn how slowing down and making some simple changes in your
lifestyle and thought life can create health in your body. Get ready to
learn how changing your mind about stress could actually save your life!

Heres your chance to try out a new class taught by some of Madisons
best instructors. Did we mention that all classes are free?

9 a.m.-4 p.m.: FREE Fitness Classes

16 FREE Fitness Classes Health Screenings Spa Services

Seminars Demonstrations 130+ Health and Wellness Professionals