Press ALT key to show the shortcut keys.  Main menu: F Save: 1 Undo : 2 Repeat save: 3         Home: H Insert: I Design: D Animations: A Slide: S Review: R View: V Format: JD

HOME Cut: x Paste: v Copy: c Bold: 1 Italic: 2 Underline: 3 Strike through:4 Text shadow:5 Character spacing:6 Change case:7 Bullets: U Numbering: N Multilevel list: m Align text left: AL Align center: AC Align text right: AR Increase indent: AO Decrease indent: AI Line spacing: K Columns: J

Font colour:8 Copy format: fp New slide: I Layout: L Reset: Q Delete: D Font: FF Font size: FS Increase font size; FG Decrease font size: FK Clear all formatting: E Font: FN

Text direction: AX Align text: AT Smart art graphics: M Shapes: SH Arrange: g Quick styles: SS Shape fill: SF Shape outline: SO Shape effect: SE Find: FD Replace: R Select: SL


Tables: T Pictures: P Clip art: Fphoto album: A Shapes: Sh smartArtL: M charts: C hyperlink: I action: K text box: X

header & footer: H Wordart: W Date and time: D Slide number: Sn Symbol: U Object: J Movie: V Sound: O


Page setup : S Slide orientation: O Themes: H Colors: TC Fonts: TF

Effects: TE Background styles: B Hide background graphics: M


Preview: P Animate: A Custom animation: C Transition: T Transition sound:

Transitions speed: E Apply to all: L On mouse click: M Automatically After: F


Slide show from beginning: B From current : C Custom slide show: M Set UP Slide show: S Hide slide: H

Record narration: N Rehearse timings: T Use rehearsed timings: U Resolution: R Use presenter view: V

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