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Caroline Joyce

October 13, 2015

DLP Assignment # 1:
Part One
1) The schools mission statement:
The Tarboro High School Community will collaborate to graduate all students
ready to achieve success in a globally competitive world.
Mission rating: Proficient
A written mission statement is in place and used on a periodic
basis by the school to lead school improvement. Our motto is
Mission Possible. On the first day of school, every student and
staff member was presented a purple and gold wristband that
reads, Mission Possible, THS Strong. Students were told the
mission statement by the principal at each grade level assembly
when they were presented with the wristbands. To encourage
that our students wear them everyday, many teachers do spot
checks and give out Airheads or other incentives. Concern: I
think students think Mission Possible is our mission statement
rather than the actual mission statement.
2) The schools vision statement:
Our belief, Missions Are Possible, allows the faculty to create a collaborative
educational setting that prepares our students for the 21st Century.
Vision statement rating: Proficient
A written vision statement is in place and used on a periodic basis by the school to
lead the school improvement. While Mission Possible is posted throughout the
school and is verbalized everyday on the morning announcements, I am not
observing a culture of collaboration and preparing students for the 21st century
throughout my walkthroughs of the classrooms. I am observing pockets of a
collaborative culture.

3) The schools core values and/or belief statements:

To lead us toward our mission, our school community shares the following
COMMUNITY: THS will foster relationships among students, families, school
staff, faith-based networks, and community representatives for the sake of establishing
partnerships that will benefit the school and the community as a whole.
CONTINUOUSIMPROVEMENT: THS will be strengthened and enriched by

the cultivation of intellectual, social, and emotional growth in an all-inclusive

environment that embraces continuous improvement and positive change.
RELATIONSHIPS: THS will collaborate with a diverse school culture of
parents, students, and community stakeholders to foster positive and meaningful
stakeholders will maintain rigorous curriculum and instruction by:
o Holding faculty and staff to a high level of expectation
o Effectively utilizing PLC and common planning to continuously improve
the quality of lesson planning and delivery in all classrooms 3
o Increasing AP/Honors course offerings, as well as, creating and
maintaining opportunities for Career and Technical Education and
Edgecombe Community College courses to improve career readiness.
SAFESCHOOLS: THS will work to prioritize a safe school culture by
promoting cultural diversity and civility, providing resources for personal and
collective growth, and empowering stakeholders to be a part of the solution.
Beliefs Rating: Accomplished
A written statement of Tarboro Highs beliefs is in place and is used
regularly by the school to lead school improvement. Each licensed staff
member at Tarboro High belongs to one of five committees:
Community, Continuous Improvement, Relationships, Rigorous
Curriculum and Instruction and Safe Schools. Each committee wrote
their goals for the year in the School Improvement Plan, and the meet
the fourth Wednesday of the month to make progress towards their
Part Three: Most Important Next Steps
1) Become a PLC rather than making teachers attend PLC meetings
to nurture and grow the collaborative culture in our vision
2) Revise the Mission Statement to reflect back to what we need to
do at Tarboro High
3) Involve the Student Government Association in writing and
promoting the schools mission and vision
4) Have every classroom create their own mission statement that is
in line with the schools but personal to the students in the
5) Choose an annual theme to support our vision that is embedded
throughout the day-to-day curriculum throughout the school