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Test 3
Standard Format

Read the following instructions carefully:

Do not turn over the test paper until you are told to do so

The correct way to indicate your answer is either by:

writing the answer in the space provided

circling the correct option e.g.Ⓒ it is set in Australia

underlining the chosen word e.g. (lion, tiger, panther)

If you need to change an answer, rub out the incorrect answer and fill in the correct

You may write notes on the rough paper provided if you find it helpful

You have 50 minutes to complete the test

After finishing, take a ten minute break then proceed with the Creative Writing

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12. 10. C and D. Where is my hat? 2 . 4. Underline all the pronouns. 2. 9. It has been a long time (since/hence) I met my brother. In these sentences. circle the letter ‘N’. 3. 5. I did all the cleaning by myself. Bring that book. If there aren’t any mistakes. Any food eaten in (access/excess) will cause indigestion. This endeavour is going to take (many/much) time. 11. 8. 7. She has (fewer/less) books than I do. Circle the letter corresponding to the section that has the mistake. It is their only hope.Choose the best word to complete the sentence. B. 6. there may be a spelling mistake or incorrect use of a word in one of the sections marked A. 14. Please underline your choice. The train stood (stationery/stationary) for a long time. 1. 13.

He handed in his assignment late.What part of speech is the word underlined in these sentences? Please fill in the space provided with the correct letter. Roof _____________ 23. Bus _____________ Match the idioms/phrases from the box to their meanings below (use the letters A to E) A: Carry out B: A far cry D: A round peg in a square hole 26. _______ 16. _______ _______ Write the plural form of the following words: 20. Giraffe _____________ 24. _______ 18. A: Noun B: Verb C: Adjective D: Adverb E: Pronoun 15. I forbid you to play with my mobile phone. A misfit ___ C: A rainy day E: A windfall 3 . There is a ban on selling tobacco to children in this country. _______ 19. Country _____________ 21. Execute ___ 30. A long way off ___ 29. Species _____________ 22. Anyone but you could fix that leak. Unexpected fortune ___ 27. Goose _____________ 25. The earlybirds ate most of the worms. 17. A bad period ___ 28.

angry _____________ 35. hop _____________ 39. wheel _____________ barrow scotch Write the comparative and superlative forms of these adjectives. high _____________ 40. funny ______________ ______________ 42. real _____________ 32. many ______________ ______________ 44. brilliant ______________ ______________ 4 . childish ______________ ______________ 43. criticise _____________ 34.Write the abstract nouns corresponding to these words: 31. dry ______________ ______________ 45. For example. if the given word was ‘happy’ then the comparative is ‘happier’ and the superlative is ‘happiest’. accurate _____________ 33. Comparative Superlative 41. obey _____________ Use words from the boxto form compound words with the words below : light stander 37. by _____________ 38. generous _____________ 36.

Behind the buildings are large enclosed gardens so every house has two doors. the fresh water being driven back upstream by its force and for some miles beyond that the water is brackish. Outside the wall on three sides of the city there is also a dry ditch which is both deep and broad and planted with impenetrable thorns – on the fourth side. they could be prevented from stopping the flow or poisoning the water on which the city depends. the river ebbs and flows every six hours with a strong current – for thirty miles the tide is so strong that the river contains nothing but salt water. differing only where the local geography compels them to differ. the buildings are fine and so uniform that the whole side of a street could be taken for a single building. The doors have two 5 . It is situated on rising ground and is almost square in outline. the river Anider takes the place of the ditch. The citizens have fortified the springs from which this small river arises so that.Read this passage and answer the questions below: Adapted from Utopia by Sir Thomas More Anyone who knows one of their towns knows them all as they are all the same. The streets within are twenty feet broad. at Amaurot the river water is fresh and when the tide ebbs. to join the Anider a short distance beyond the city walls. the river is half a mile across – it rises some eighty miles above the city in a small spring but is fed by other streams and grows larger and larger until it reaches the ocean about sixty miles below Amaurot. Amaurot. For the first seventy miles or so from the ocean. The bridge lies at the further end of the town from the sea so ships can travel up the river without hindrance and tie up at quays all along the riverside. I will therefore describe the one I know best. Along the streets. runs prettily through the town from springs situated in the high ground behind. not of timber but of fine stone with many stately arches. The water from these springs is carried in great earthen pipes to the lower streets of the city and provides them with drinking water. from which point the town extends for slightly more than two miles along the riverbank. though not so large. There is a bridge over the river at Amaurot which is made. the town in which I lived for five years. one opening to the street and one to the gardens behind. However. At Amaurot. The city is encircled by a thick high wall in which there are many towers and forts. if enemies were to besiege the city. There is likewise a second river at Amaurot which. Other parts of the city get their drinking water from rainwater which is stored in great cisterns. with one edge running down the side of a hill for two miles to the bank of the river Anider. well sheltered from the winds and very convenient for carriages. the fresh water continues all the way to the sea. the principal city and seat of the Supreme Council.

They use great quantities of glass in their windows but they also use a thin linen cloth which keeps out the wind but is so oiled that it is completely transparent. It flows down a different hill from Amaurot d. The pollution from the neighbouring town d. It is a very polluted river 6 . Indeed. They cultivate their gardens with great care with many vines. There is no property amongst the citizens of Amaurot – their houses are chosen by lot every ten years. and flowers in them. The founder of the town must have thought the gardens were the most important part of the city.leaves which open freely and close of their own accord so any man may enter into any house whatsoever. herbs. The roofs are flat and plastered with a material which. It joins the Anider eventually c. it being too much for one man to bring all things to perfection. with rubble between the facings of the walls. They say. From these it appears that the first houses were simple cottages made of any sort of timber with mud walls and thatched with straw. 46. What makes the water in the river brackish? a. The tide flowing into it c. The fish living in it b. but he left the details to those who came after. The colour of the plants growing in it 47. fruits. the whole scheme of the town was designed at first by Utopus. there is nothing belonging to the whole town that is both more useful and more pleasant than their gardens. Nowadays the houses are three stories tall and faced with stone. It rises from a glacier on a faraway mountain b.760 years. and all is so well ordered and so finely kept that I never saw gardens anywhere that were both so fruitful and so beautiful as theirs. render or brick. though it costs very little is yet able to resist both fire and the worst of the winter weather. The energy they put into their gardens is kept up not simply by the pleasure they find in the endeavour but also by the rivalry between the residents of different streets who delight in friendly competition. The records of the town and State have been carefully preserved and extend back some 1. What is true about the second river described in the passage? a.

Romus d. Napolean h. The plastering was not weather or fire proof d. Cotton and jute c. They were plastered to resist both fire and weather conditions b. Each building was built of a different material c. Linen and glass d. Who designed the town of Amaurot? a. Through earthern pipes b. All the buildings looked alike d. How was rain water conserved in Amaurot? a. Utopia b. What materials were used for making windows? a. The roofs were made out of glass 7 . Each building was unique in style and construction b. In large cisterns f. In big pits c.e. Cotton and nylon i. The plastering was water resistant. but not fire resistant c. What can you tell about the buildings in the streets of Amaurot? a. Utopus c. All the buildings were built by different architects g. What was special about the roofs in the town? a. Linen and metal b. In rectangular tanks d.

Adverb m. How can you describe the gardens in the town? a. Structurally. Was there a concept of propertyownership in the town? a. Several police officers were always on duty in the town o. The town had an army of soldiers guarding around it c. They were characterised by order and neatness c. What is evident from the records of the town? a. They were infested with rodents d. the town had strong walls. ditches and rivers guarding it d. Strengthened d. Compelled c. The town had never been marked by robust buildings d. Noun d. Adjective b. The town had undergone a great architectural transformation b. All buildings were always constructed of wood 8 . What is the meaning of the word ‘fortified’? a. Yes b. The town was very vulnerable to a siege b. What part of speech isthe word ‘likewise’ in There is likewise a second river at Amaurot which …? a. They had weeds all over the place k. Finalised n. Pronoun c. The town had not changed in its architecture c. They were ill-kept and badly maintained b. No l. What can you infer about the security of the town? a.j. Weakened b.

p. The description of a town END OF TEST NOW TURN OVER FOR THE CREATIVE WRITING SECTION 9 . Because they considered it sacred c. Because they had to protect it from their enemies d. For fear of a drought b. The description of life’s ups and downs c. The description of a man b. Theauthor’s biography d. What is the crux of the above passage? a. Why did the town inhabitants protect the river’s fountain head? a. It made better waterways q.

remember that having a good plan will help your story progress while you write it. who? • Would you try to climb one of the mountains? What do you imagine that would be like? • Where might you be going? • Where have you travelled from to get to the place in the picture? What was the journey like? • Do you have to carry any special equipment? Is your adventure scary or dangerous at all? What might happen?Try and write between one and two sides of A4 paper in the allotted half hour. Aim to spend about 5 minutes planning and 25 minutes writing. You may find it helpful to think about ideas such as the following: • What country might you be in? • Are you travelling alone or with other people? If so. Write a story in the first person. Good luck! 10 .Creative Writing Section (30 Minutes) In this task you have been given a photographon which you must base a piece of creative writing. imagining that you are the person in the picture.

(5 Minutes) 11 .Now spend time making a plan in the space provided below.