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what are the factors that

effect the strength of an

electromagnet ?
Aroma koul


An electromagnet is a type
of magnet whose
magnetic field is
produced by the flow of
electric current. The
magnetic field disappears
when the current ceases.
Electromagnets are very
widely used as
components of other
electrical devices.

The more turns of wire in the iron nail

[electromagnet] it will pick up more pins.

magnet wire
alligator clip leads
sharp knife for stripping magnet wire,
masking tape,
box of steel pins
two identical pieces of iron for the core


Experimental Procedure

Wrap coil around the nail , leave free 5 cm or 6

cm to connect battery
use the knife come of the insulation .
Place the pins in a container
Pick up paper clips with the coil held parallel to
the container.
Pick up paper clips with the coil held
perpendicular to the battery.
Calculate the average number of pins lifted by
each nail .


Magnetic strength of
an electromagnet
depends on the
following factors :
magnetic core
number turns on coil
voltage source
applied to coil

The conclusion is that the more turns of

wire on the nail , the more magnetic field

you get .my hypotheses was correct , that
bar A [210 turns ] picked up more pins
than bar B [ 150 turns ] . What I could do
to make this experiment better is, have a
higher voltage battery and see if it could
pick up tiny ,but heavy nails.