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⊗ the assignment

WRIT 16 33
Human Rights /
Humans Write
John Tiedemann

In this essay, you’ll conduct an ethnographic study of an urban space and
the activity that goes on there. Your essay will have two sections:

a descriptive section, in which you paint a vivid picture of what you saw
and heard in the field, focusing upon those details that bring out the
themes you’ll go on to interpret in the next section.
an interpretive section, in which you’ll draw upon concepts from Lewis
Mumford’s “What Is a City?” and Sharon Zukin’s “What City? Whose City?”
to make an argument about the space/activity you’ve described.

I encourage you to choose an off-campus urban space, one that’s not
populated mostly by DU students. If you choose to analyze a space on
campus or one frequented by DU students, you’ll need to conduct at least
four interviews with participants. If you’re studying a truly off-campus space,
we’ll figure out together what to do about interviews.
⊗ audience
Imagine you’ll deliver your essay at a symposium put on by the DU Urban
Studies program and attended by both faculty and Denver natives.
⊗ due dates
Thursday, Feb.16: Post your proposal to Google Drive.
Name it “WRIT 1633 – your name – Essay 3 proposal.”
Thursday, Feb. 25: Post a draft of your descriptive section to Google Drive.
Name it “WRIT 1633 – your name – Essay 3.”
Tuesday, March 1: Draft of interpretive section due. (Same doc, same name.)
Friday, March 15: Final draft due by noon.

Essay 3: Writing