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Scene 1:
Once there was a man who loves to read books. He won’t stop until he grew his beard and his
hair white. Until one day…
Don Quixote: I want to become a knight! Ha! I should call myself Don Quixote!
And so Don Quixote made himself an armor and a sword.
Don Quixote: I think there is something missing? I need a horse!
He was walking around and he saw a farmer…
Don Quixote: Good day sir! Can I buy a horse from you?
Farmer: Yes, but do you have enough money?
DQ: This is all I got.
Farmer: Well this horse is just right for you.
DQ: Thank you very much sir. I bought a horse! I bought a horse! From now on, I will call you
Way back home, he saw his friend Sancho..
DQ: Hey Sancho look! I am now a knight. Would you like to be my servant?
Sancho: Ohh I see, of course I would like to.
DQ: Then come on! This will be fun!
While they we’re travelling…
DQ: Sancho, do you see those giants there? They have four arms. Oh no we must be in trouble.
Sancho: But master, those are not giants, they are windmills.
DQ: No they are not. Rocinante charge!

Scene 2:
Sancho: Hey master are you alright? I told you those are not giants! They are just windmills!
DQ: NO! We should beat them. Ouch! I’m almost done here.

Maybe he’s welcoming us. They saw a farmer and don Quixote thought that he was welcoming him Farmer: There’s the mad knight! DQ: Look sancho. They are demons! Come let us beat them again. DQ: Quick sancho! Now there is an army here. . I’ll see you again. I think that farmer is waiting for us. they are mocking you. Rocinante stop! *he landed on the windmill but stood up quickly and continued what he was doing* Sancho: We should just get back home master DQ: Maybe you’re right. Sancho: They are not welcoming you master.After that fight. Don Quixote saw something strange again. I’ve had enough today.