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Trivia Questions

Random Round
1. What is the botanical classification of a coconut?
a. A nut, duh!
b. A fruit and seed
c. A tree and nut
d. A fruit, nut and seed
e. A dry drupe
f. This is a really bad question. Answer is e though.
2. What continent is the Elephant Shrew native to?
a. Oceania
b. Africa
c. North America
d. Antarctica
e. Europe
f. Africa. Looks like a rodent, hops like a rabbit. Wiki.
3. Which country was the biggest producer of cheese in 2011?
a. China
b. France
c. Australia
d. United States
e. Germany
f. US, but Ireland, NZ, Aus, Netherlands are the biggest exporters.
Mozarella and Cheddar most popular. Wiki.
4. The first known stapler was made in which country?
a. India
b. Persia
c. Britain
d. France
e. Germany
f. Wiki, France, King Louis
5. What is the world record heaviest weight lifted by the tongue?
a. 20kg
b. 2.4kg
c. 12.5kg
d. 8.5kg
e. 14.3kg
6. How long is the longest beard in a living male?
a. 40cm
b. 1.8m
c. Gandalf
d. 4.5m
e. 2.4m
7. What four-letter word ending in K means "intercourse"?
a. Answer is “talk”
8. What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?
a. Answer is “legs”
9. What is the current inflation rate of Australia?

.1% 1. Alex and Tash (full names needed) (not that I know them) 6. with a breadth of options b. e. Will write later. May 27th 5. Who said this quote? a.” b. b. Audrey b. Something from the aspire books/GP journey magzines. Fizza e.25% 4% GPSN Round 1.a. All of the above. Lauren d. c. especially b. When is Red Flags Night? a. “It cannot be too often or too forcibly brought home to us that the hope of the profession is with the men who do its daily work in general practice. Red Flag Nights and Clinical Skills day for YOU! to learn from d. promoting it as a specialty of choice. Who is the oldest person in GPSN this year? a. Who is the current National Chair of GPSN? a. How many clubs does GPSN have nationally? a. Who are the first year reps? a. as in Osler’s nodes dude. d. Run Careers Nights. 2% 1. Offer the opportunity to gain a First Wave Scholarship e. 21 8. 3. Nicola Campbell 4.3% 2. Nigel c. 7. Elise 2. What does GPSN do? a. Throw the sickest parties in town c. Foster interest in General Practice. William Osler.