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30. Bangladesh

The local currency has lost half its value in the
last twenty months. The word 'crisis' is on
everyone's lips. May this cause a spiritual
hunger and seeking after God. The economic
mess of the 1990’s was also a time of great
harvest. (WEC)

Salma lives with her son Abdul in the remote
Padma village near Patharghata Bangladesh.
Her circular homestead garden is raised to
avoid flooding, with a compost pile in the centre
to make sure nothing is wasted. The vegetables
she grows feed her family all year round helping
to fight malnutrition which is so common in
cyclone prone coastal villages. Praise God for
projects that help communities in climate
vulnerable communities to remain resilient in
the face of extreme weather and rising floods,
and for people like Salma who work hard to
feed their families despite the difficulties. (MAF)

28. Nepal
Mansari was gathering food for her animals
when a rock, loosened from the cliff during the
Nepal earthquake, knocked her unconscious –
causing her to fall some 1,150 feet to the
bottom of the cliff. The 23-year-old’s family
thought she was dead, but when they saw she
was still breathing, they took her to the local
health post where she was taken by helicopter
to hospital in Kathmandu. Although Mansari
sustained extensive injures including a badly
broken hand, she survived and made a
miraculous recovery. Give thanks that Mansari
was able to get the help she needed without
which she wouldn’t be alive today. Pray for
safety for Nepali mountain people who walk
treacherous mountain paths – made even more
unstable since two earthquakes struck the
country in 2015. (MAF)

January – February 2016

31. India
Recently the government said it wants to
introduce ‘Anti Conversion Laws’ in India. ‘Anticonversion’ laws are aimed at preventing Indian
citizens converting from Hinduism to another
religion. Although ‘anti-conversion’ measures
already exist in 6 of India's 29 states, this would
be the first time a national or federal law would
seek to restrict an individual Indian's religious
liberty, which, theoretically, has protection
under the Indian Constitution. Please pray.

29. Sri Lanka
Pray please for our Sri Lankan partners as they
train new workers to reach out to some of Asia’s
least-reached people groups. We thank the
Lord for a new training centre that has been
acquired recently. Pray for every class and
conversation that takes place both to encourage
and guide and to challenge existing mission
workers returning for training and new workers
preparing themselves for ministry years ahead.
Pray for Sri Lanka’s young Christians as
opportunities for teaching and training on world
missions open up. Pray for more workers for the
open doors in Asia. (AsiaLink)

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
When we pray for the world, we tend to
concentrate on praying for God to do stuff; to
bless the nations, to equip mission workers, to
bring healing etc. However, when Jesus taught
his disciples to pray; he told them to start by
honouring the God to whom they were praying.
If we are not careful, honouring and
worshipping God can become a formality,
something we do before getting on to the
serious business of working through our list of
prayer requests. However, worship is absolutely
central to mission.
At the end of Matthew’s Gospel, when Jesus
gave the ‘Great Commission‘ to his disciples,
the first thing they did was worship. Mission
must always start from a heart that overflows
with love and gratitude to God, otherwise we
have nothing to offer to a needy world. If we
can’t be bothered to tell God how wonderful he
is, it is unlikely that we will be motivated to tell
the rest of the world.
There is a particular temptation in mission to get
wrapped up in people’s stories; whether it is the
heart-rending stories of refugees or the exciting
tales of missionaries crossing cultures and
presenting the gospel in creative ways in new
situations. The stories pull us in and absorb us.
However, we need to remember that ultimately,
mission is all about God. The stories are
important and the people more so, but the
centre of mission work is the God we serve, not

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missionaries or the people we are trying to
So if you want to pray for the world, here are
some starting suggestions:

 Start with worship yourself. Don’t forget to
acknowledge whom you are praying to and
your dependence on your heavenly Father.

 Take some time to consider how God is
being glorified in the different situations you
are praying for. Don’t just think about the
‘needs’ or the things that have to be done,
but prayerfully seek to see God at work in the

 Pray that any missionaries you pray for will
have a life that is typified by gratitude and
worship for God. Even if you don’t have time
to work through all of the other things in your
prayer list, don’t miss out on this one.

 Pray for God’s glory. Sometimes situations
don’t get fixed in human terms, but this
doesn’t mean that God isn’t at work.

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22. Philippines
CMS mission partners Eric and Sandra Read
are based on the island of Mindanao in
Sandra’s native Philippines. Their vision is to
work with local churches to reach out practically
to local communities and help break down
barriers between different people groups. One
of their means of doing this is through starting
an organic farm. The Reads write: “Engaging in
business also brings us into contact with a lot of
people in ways and places that would be much
harder as a ‘missionary’.” The farm currently
produces guavas and citronella. Please pray for
a good harvest – physically and metaphorically
– through this farm ministry. (CMS)
23. Japan
Choices for leisure abound for Japan’s youth
but career choices and employment
opportunities are often limited and temporary.
Japanese media often describe young people
as apathetic and fearful for the future, yet happy
and carefree in the now. Pray that the Christian
community in Japan would view young people
as God sees them: broken but loved, each one
a precious individual made in his image. Youth
is a phase when outlooks on life are formed and
friendships made during this time are for
Japanese very often ‘for life’. Pray that
Japanese Christian young people will be
committed to serving and impacting their peers
with God’s grace, and that this will bear longterm fruit for God’s kingdom. (Japan Christian
24. Papua New Guinea
Pray for drought-struck communities in Papua
New Guinea, many of which are yet to receive
the assistance they need. Papua New Guinea
produces almost all of its own food with an
estimated 85% of the population engaged in
agricultural production - many of these living in
remote and isolated villages served by MAF.

PNG is affected periodically by droughts as part
of the El Nino weather phenomenon, with the
last significant event happening in 1998. Recent
assessments suggest that up to 2 million people
have been affected this year. Pray for an
accurate assessment of the needs of drought
effected communities, for the logistics of getting
food to the communities that need it most, and
that the region will receive more rain so crops
can start growing once more. Pray particularly
for communities at risk of starvation and
disease. (MAF)
25. East Asia
Nia of Crosslinks works among believing groups
of students, encouraging them in their Christian
faith. Pray for her and her team as they seek to
develop the follow up of an older group of
university lecturers who have become
interested or professed faith while overseas.
More generally, please pray for boldness for
believers in universities, which can be a harsh
environment where believing is costly to worldly
success. (Crosslinks)
26. Taiwan
Many churches in Taiwan are beginning to be
involved in social projects to reach out to the
poor and marginalised in society. The
government is making funds available to
Christians willing to run such projects. The
Good Shepherd Church in Dalee, Taichung has
worked with OMF and the local government to
run classes and outings for disabled people.
Thank God and pray for more opportunities like
this. (OMF)

17. Ecuador

20. Costa Rica

1. Egypt

Over 20 years ago a group of missionary
doctors started a 3-year GP training programme
in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. Shortly
afterwards, they opened the first GP clinic in the
country with the goal of providing quality Christcentred healthcare at an affordable price. Since
then, thousands of patients have received
God’s message of hope through interacting with
these clinics, but due to new government
regulations and a desire to keep costs low for
the poorest patients, many of these clinics are
struggling financially. Pray for the clinics to be
sustainable and to continue to serve needy
people in the name of Jesus. (Reach Beyond)

Just before World Student Day in October, a
student group held a National Evangelization
Week. While they wanted to proclaim the name
of Jesus during this time, they had realised that
most students simply don’t want to hear what
they have to say. This year, student leaders
decided to make a big change: instead of
speaking, they would listen! They decided to do
something we called ‘Unburden’. They chose a
location outside and put chairs in pairs. In one
chair sat a blindfolded ECU student leader.
Several students who attend Bible studies
invited passers-by to sit opposite a blindfolded
leader and talk. Those who were blindfolded
were told to respond only when and if the other
person asked. Although most people said they
had nothing to say, those who sat down
discovered they had a lot to say! We thank God
for what he is doing in the university and for
using us as his missionaries there. Please pray
that we will continue to listen and by God’s
grace know how to respond. (IFES)

Pray for the Coptic Christian community as they
face daily harassment and intimidation, that
God would watch over them and use their
present suffering to strengthen their faith. Pray
that Christian communities whose churches
were destroyed would find safe places to
worship, and for kidnapped Copts to be
returned safely to their homes. (Christian
Solidarity Worldwide)

18. Argentina (1)
From CMS mission partners Andrew and Maria
Leake, working in creation care: “In parallel with
supporting churches and other secular
organisations responding to environmental
issues, we are moving ahead with establishing
the diocesan centre for creation care in La
Caldera. We have completed a survey of the
property borders and a structural assessment of
the old adobe buildings. They are looking good,
but will need some anti-seismic
reinforcements.” Please pray for this centre to
be established and for the Leakes as they work
to safeguard creation in the Chaco. (CMS)
19. Colombia
Praise God for the announcement that a peace
agreement between the FARC rebels and the
Colombian government will be signed - a long
awaited answer to prayer. Pray that the final
date for a peace deal will go ahead, and that
the FARC will follow through with their promise
to put down their weapons. Thank God for the
courageous Christians in Colombia and pray
that Christ may dwell in their hearts, and be a
source of strength and hope in the face of
persecution. (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)

21. Argentina (2)
Inspired by the hunger for God’s Word of kids in
a local children’s home, two new OM Argentina
team members recently began a Bible study
with them, using materials produced by OM.
These booklets, called Historias para Pintar,
have drawings of Bible stories for the children to
colour, along with a question to answer for each
story, which helps the children think about the
story and how it applies to their life. Please pray
as these materials share God’s Word with the
children at the children’s home. Pray that God
will plant seeds of faith. (OM)

2. Lebanon
Steph works among women migrant workers.
She has been distributing audio players through
the concierges (who know exactly what’s going
on behind closed doors) and it’s been going
amazingly well. Recently she gave out twenty in
two hours! Pray that the Madames will not
prevent the maids from listening and that the
MP3 players with Scripture and gospel music
would be life-changing. (MECO)
3. Turkey
Located just 30 kilometres from the Syrian
border, the Protestant Church in Mardin, southeastern Turkey, recently rang to the praises of a
packed congregation some 55 years after
persecution and migration forced its
closure. The varied worship during the church
dedication was a symbol of cooperation
between churches of varied ethnic
backgrounds. There was exuberant Evangelical
praise, unaccompanied Syriac hymns, and
worship in Kurdish accompanied by baglama
guitar. Praise God for this rebirth, for the
incredible witness of such hope and unity where
churches have been bombed by so-called
Islamic State (IS). Pray for growth and for
ongoing service to the Mardin community.

4. Iran
During the summer months 35,000 New
Testaments were distributed to Iranian tourists
in one city alone. Hassan was travelling outside
Iran, when somebody gave him a Persian New
Testament and he took it gladly. In his own city,
which is very religious, he had had no idea how
to get hold of a New Testament. Now he has
one, and he is reading it back in Iran. At the end
of the New Testament is a prayer of repentance
for those who want to ask Jesus Christ into their
lives. Many pray that prayer, and then tell their
families in Iran about the Saviour. Pray for huge
ongoing impact from these evangelism efforts.
Pray for more Iranian Christians to bravely
distribute Persian New Testaments and for
them to be widely read. (Elam Ministries)
5. Iraqi Kurdistan
With a target to finish translation and revision of
new scriptures, pray that the work outstanding
on the Sorani Old Testament will be completed.
Ask for helpful feedback from testing of the
current edition of the New Testament. Together
may they enable the printing of a complete
Sorani Bible in 2016. (MECO)

6. Teaching English

9. France

11. Rwanda

15. Malawi

Peter, who is 80, runs four English conversation
clubs on Skype with 50 young learners, many
from countries closed to the gospel. As they
discuss together the content of specialised
English audio programmes which have low-key
Christian content, Brian is gently raising
questions in their minds about the Christian
faith. There are currently over 600 people on
the waiting list to join similar Skype clubs. Pray
for new volunteers to be found to run English
conversation clubs on Skype, to build Kingdom
relationships with young people as they seek
help with their English speaking skills. (Reach

In reaction to the recent terror attacks, the
people of France do their best to move on with
a sense of normality. However, there remains a
distinct sense of fear amongst French
communities. As people worry, they look for
someone to blame, so there is concern that the
Muslim community will be pointed at and
labelled extreme Islamists. Pray for workers in
French communities to use this opportunity to
communicate the gospel. Pray that spirits will
not be paralysed with fear, but that they will be
set free. Pray for wisdom for authorities as they
have to make tough decisions regarding
refugees and safety for citizens. (BMS World

CMS Timothy mission partner Manasseh
Tuyizere is the youth coordinator for Kigali
diocese. He is settling back into ministry after
spending a year at All Nations Christian College
in the UK. He and his team have a regular
ministry in schools and colleges, empowering
young people to be leaders in their
communities. Pray for him as he also takes up a
new role as mission and training coordinator.
Pray also for his marriage to Catrin; they met at
All Nations. (CMS)

Children for Christ Ministries (CFCM) is a
Malawian organisation committed to making
Jesus known to their country’s children. They
are currently focussing on training Sunday
school teachers and Bible club leaders. Many
churches have Sunday schools in name only –
children’s work often has a low priority. CFCM
runs training seminars across Malawi, working
through topics including personal discipleship,
the need to evangelise children, how to teach a
Bible story or a memory verse and setting up a
Bible club. CFCM want to train more trainers, so
that the work can multiply and spread
throughout the country. Please pray for their
ministry: that more and more children will be
properly taught in a fun and imaginative way
and brought to faith in Jesus while they are
young. (Zambesi Mission)

7. Betel
From where it started in Spain, this WEC
ministry to those struggling with substance
abuse has spread all around the world. After
one heroin addict came looking for help 30
years ago, the grace of God has taken this
ministry into some 100 cities in 25 countries
across the globe. Tens of thousands have been
helped, churches have been planted and 2,400
men women and children are currently being
cared for in the many residential care homes.
Pray that the Gospel will continue to transform
lives to the glory of God. (WEC)
8. Cyprus
Pray for the Oasis Refugee Centre as they
reach out to displaced people and they need to
find more dedicated volunteers to keep the work
going. Also pray for the volunteer ladies who
meet each to share in a course called Shine.
The project needs to relocate and the team is
still searching for appropriate premises.

10. Czech Republic
Thank God for the fruitful work he is doing
amongst the international students in Czech
Republic. Crosslinks workers are now busy with
final preparations for the International Student
Ministry Weekend away in March. Please pray
for Mark, the speaker, for helpers coming to
cook, for open hearts ready to change, and for
a mutually enjoyable and encouraging time.

12. Indian Ocean Islands
AIM is currently looking to send a team of
aviation professionals and their families to work
in the Indian Ocean Islands. Please pray for
people to join this team who abide in Christ, and
who will work with integrity in the aviation
industry for the benefit of the country. The team
will live in community with the Islanders, seeking
to share their faith and see churches planted.
13. Senegal
Each year calendars are produced with
Scripture verses in the Wolof language. The
calendars for 2016 are now being distributed.
The theme this time is ‘seeking God’. Pray that
many people seeing the calendars will indeed
be provoked into seeking God. (WEC)
14. Tanzania
The Zigua people of KomSanga village in
northeastern Tanzania have never heard the
gospel. Please pray that even before
missionaries go to live among them and share
the good news that God would be softening their
hearts to his message of love and redemption.

16. Sudan
The Leprosy Mission’s work in South Sudan
aims to improve communities' basic hygiene,
sanitation and health, support the livelihoods of
vulnerable groups, and improve access to
education. They also advocate on behalf of
people affected by leprosy, assisting them to
work together to have a voice in matters
affecting them. Pray that this will help to
transform the lives of people affected and those
in disadvantaged communities. In particular,
pray for the work in Luri Rokwe leprosy
community in Juba which is improving water
and sanitation facilities and raising awareness
about disability rights. Pray that this work, in a
poor slum area of Juba, will help to bring the
community together and rebuild lives. Pray also
that children affected by leprosy and disabled
children will be included in education. (The
Leprosy Mission)