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Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntington, a small town
near Cambridge, on 25 April 1599 to Robert Cromwell
and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Steward.
Oliver Cromwell remains one of our most famous
characters in history. From 1649 to 1653, Parliament ran
England but from Cromwell’s point of view, it was not a
system that worked effectively and England, as a nation
was suffering. As a result, Cromwell, backed by the
army, sent home MP’s and he became the effective
leader of England from 1653 to 1658.
To keep the population’s mind on religion, instead of
having feast days to celebrate the saints (as had been
common in Medieval England), one day in every month
was a fast day – you did not eat all day.
He divided up England into 11 areas; each one was
governed by a major-general who was trusted by
Cromwell. Most of these generals had been in
Cromwell’s New Model Army. The law – essentially
Cromwell’s law – was enforced by the use of soldiers.
Cromwell banned Christmas as people would have
known it then. By the C17th, Christmas had become a
holiday of celebration and enjoyment – especially after
the problems caused by the civil war. Cromwell wanted
it returned to a religious celebration where people
thought about the birth of Jesus rather than ate and
drank too much.
Cromwell was seen as a key figure during the civil war.
Under the command of Thomas Fairfaxî with Cromwell as

However Winston Churchill’s suggestion to name the British battleship HMS Oliver Cromwell when he was First Lord of the Admiralty did not gain royal approval. television and radio programmes and been broadly referenced throughout popular culture. to this day Cromwell continues to provoke a strong reaction following his significant role in a dramatic and troubled period of British history. He has prompted numerous monuments. English Heart. funnily enough! . from being the codeword to warn of an imminent German invasion of Britain in 1940 to Monty Python’s 1989 Oliver Cromwell and more recently the 2004 single by Morrissey. Despite his death over 350 years ago. films.his deputyî this NEW MODEL ARMY quickly routed the main Royalist force at the Battle of Naseby (June 14î 1645). Irish Blood.