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Chapter I

Business Profile
A. Name of the Company
The company is named “Bonny”, a French word which means beautiful and
attractive. The proponents think of a company name that is related to the kind of
service they can provide to the market and that is to enhance the beauty of one’s
look, and to be able to make them feel attractive in a good sense that will uplift
the customer’s confidence in facing each day.

B. Nature of the Business
Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry is a business service that offers a
professional work that further improves every customer’s beauty. According to
(Searchcio) Business Service is a general term that describes work that supports
a business but does not produce a tangible commodity. The artists’ technique is
to render affordable service and to satisfy the client’s demand.

C. Mission and Vision Statement of the Company
Striving to elevate the level of hair and make-up in the business industry
and enhancing the beauty in oneself to uplift the quality of confidence in one’s
Aspiring to be known as the best and leading company in the hair and
makeup industry and satisfy a vast range of individuals in the country in providing
high end makeover services.

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To present the best service that our company offers in order to meet and   fulfill the demand of the target market. To provide new services related to the business in order to increase    greater vast of target markets. To expand the business nationwide. To establish a business studio for hair and makeup.D. E. and establish a  steady. Company Objectives Short term  To introduce the hair and make-up service in the market. profitable and strong organization in the location. To expertise the service in order to conduct workshop for beginner and   also to customers who wants to learn the proper way of applying makeup.color and rebond hair and other related beautification services. To gain profit. Company Logo Page | 2 . To increase the varity and quantity of supplies. To put up a shop or botique of hairstyling material and cosmetic supplies. To expand the varity of services that the proponents can provide such us learning how to spa. Long term  To provide the needs and wants of the target market in a wide range area  that are in line with the nature of business.

White background – a white color only show the purification and clean  makeover to the clients because proponents believes that less is more. Hand – A hand of the Makeup Artist showing the passion in doing  traditional makeup Mascara brush – It represents that the company will only use high end cosmetic materials and safe equipments to avoid skin irritations and customer disatisfaction. Inner circular shape – shows the continious flow and infinite cycle of the  business in offering quality makeovers. Capital Contribution Table 1.Figure 1. F.1  Girl – represents the client of the company who trusts the proponents in  dolling her up.1 Initial Capital Contribution Proponents Contribution Percentage Page | 3 . Frame – serves as the mirror in order for the clients to see the outcome of  the service that Bonny provides.

Page | 4 . An office where proponents will accept calls.1 shows that each proponent will contribute Php 7. (General Manager) Ms. Kapasigan. Ma. emails and manage bookings.000 100% Table 1. Company Location The company chose to put an office located at #77 Blumentrit Street Brgy. (Purchasing Personnel) Total (Php) (%) 7. Therefore.500. Kathrine D.500 25% 7. (Financial Personnel) Ms. Form of Business Organization Bonny hair and Makeup Artisty is composed of four (4) Proponents. H. Garcia. In a general partnership. Legson. (Marketing Personnel) Ms. Rivera. Mirasol J. “General Partnership” is the form of our business organization.500 25% 7. Bonny hair and Makeup Artistry is a General Partneship business because it is operated by two or more individuals who share management and profits. Santos. Regina M. Pasig City Metro Manila.500 25% 30.00 for the initial capital of the business.Ms. April Lynn L. G.500 25% 7. the partners manage the company and also assume the responsibility for the partnership's debts and other obligations.

Hair and MakeUp nowadays transforming from a person’s want into need. Description of service Bonny hair and makeup artisty is a service that provides high end quality makeup and hairstyle look to personalities that satisfies the client’s wish look by enhancing the beauty that is within them. Graduation. to look good on a special days is just one booking away. Bonny company creates a facebook page. Bonny will use only branded and pigmented cosmetics in order to avoid complications. irritations and client’s unsatistaction. Page | 5 . On every occasion like Wedding. Debut. An online portfolio where the proponents will upload the recent masterpieces or makeups and looks made by the proponents to recent clients.I. instagram account that wil serve as proponent’s online portfolio. Parties and other special events that happen once in a customer’s life. everyone wanted and need to look presentable. Now.