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Chapter II

Marketing Aspect

This chapter is prepared to determine the suitability of the service for
profitable development and to define optimal services of the recommended
business. The marketing aspect will cover the following: General Business
Condition, Tabulation of Results, Target Market, Demand, Service, Promotion,
Marketing strategy, Pricing Strategy, and Promotion. Furthermore, this aspect
discusses all the creative strategies to market the business and how these
strategies will affect the market's perception of the business.


To identify the target market.

To determine the marketing strategies in introducing the service.

To describe the services.

To compute projected demand and supply of service.

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Analysis of the Market
The researchers analyzed and study the proposed business and
understand if the business is viable in the market. Also the researchers
determine the location of demand and considered the type of market.
The proponents chose the area where people always wander around,
surrounded by establishments and working people meet for the reason that it is
ideal for the proponents that their prospect customer is around, aside from
people from the internet and other areas. In general, the residents of Barangay
San Antonio and Kapasigan are the target market of the business.

Industry Background
Since the days of Cleopatra (51–12 August 30BC) to today’s multibillion-dollar
beauty industry, hair and makeup artistry has been a large factor in creating a
certain standard of beauty. Consciously or not, men and women, regardless of
age, invoke a sense of aesthetics that brings into bold relief the intersection of
beauty and commerce. Nowadays, the industry of hair and make-up artistry is
escalating. The industry continues to expand globally, with 8.5% growth by 2014.
Numerous aspiring beauticians are continuously establishing salons or render
home services.
The hair and make-up industry remains steadfast as many potential clients
wants to boost their appearances in attending occasions or important events.
The industry is innovated with the help of new technologies. The techniques used
in applying make-up are better than before and the brands for cosmetics to be
used are abundant.
The possibilities in the hair and make-up industry are endless and inevitable.
As long as there are innovations and new trends, the industry will improve. The
hair and make-up industry follows the changes that time may give.

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Marketing Research
Market Research provides important and accurate data and through
information as the building blocks of all the successful business ventures and
provides information regarding the prospective Target Market. The existing
Competition in the Market and the Profitability of the Business depends on the
gathered data.
Bonny Hair and Make-up Artistry considers all types of women particularly
ages from 17 to 39 and above, no matter what religion as long as they have high
or low income as the company’s target market they can be consider as a of the
potential customer. For the benefits of our potential customers Bonny Artistry
studies and makes effort to differentiate and understand the needs, wants and
the preferences in order to meet the satisfaction of the optimal service.
The proponents prepared three (3) sets of questionnaire, one (1) for women
of Barangay Kapasigan and San Antonio, Pasig City, one (1) for every company
in both barangay and one (1) for students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng
Pasig which are the second year, third year and graduating students of the latter.
The Sampling technique in the research instrument for the women is
systematic sampling technique. While the sampling technique used to the
students of the university is stratified and population sampling technique is used
for the companies. The proponents chose Barangay Kapasigan as the target
market for the reason that the company’s main office is located at that area, while
Barangay San Antonio for the reason that the area have lots of business
establishments which are also the target of the company.

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A. Market Analysis
Table 2.1
Population Size of Women
Target Barangays
in Pasig City
San Antonio

No. of Women

Percentage (%)



Table 2.2
Summary of Women






San Antonio






Slovin’s Formula for Barangay Kapasigan



(1+ Ne2)




n = number of samples


N= total population


e = error tolerance

n= 357

Slovin’s Formula for Barangay San Antonio

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142 1+7. The computation show’s that proponents will choose every 15 th Women at Barangay Kapasigan and San Antonio to be a respondent in order to complete the total of 736 respondents. Page | 10 .855 N= total population n e = error tolerance n= 379 Total Respondents for Women= 736 Systematic Sampling Technique N k= n k= 10.0025) n = number of samples ¿ 7.427 736 k= 15 The proponents choose to use the Systematic Sampling technique.142(.n ¿ N 2 (1+ Ne ) n ¿ 7.142 18.

24% that correspond for 19 to 25 years old of most respondents that answered the survey questionnaires. reunions and parties. Conclusion To support the survey result under the respondent’s age who answered yes. building their image for the people to see.Chart 2. to avail hair and make-up services that there is a large possibility and that it is visible that the following: Adolescence and Young adulthood People under this age are conscious about their physical appearance. The highest percentage is 38.1 shows the age bracket of the respondent. They encounter numerous occasions in their jobs and their personal lives such as debuts. For these professionals they won’t attend these events without looking their best. and for these instances they will need hair and make-up artists to achieve the image they want to show and will therefore boost their confidence. Nowadays many young adults are beginning their career. weddings. Page | 11 . general assemblies. starting as professionals.1 Age Brackets of Respondents Chart 2.

Early Adulthood and Middle Age People under this age are starting to form a family. Most of these women are busy looking after their children which cause some of them to lose time pampering themselves. These people appoint hair and make-up artists to enhance and fix their looks in attending events such as reunions and wedding anniversaries. Old Age Growing old is a natural process. On the other hand several women with family that has work still finds time to hire hair and make-up artists to fulfill their need to look professional specially when attending corporate gatherings. Some elders have lost interest to pamper themselves. Page | 12 . and personal get-togethers. parties. but few of them are still concern on their physical appearance.

COMPANY Table 2. private companies who organize and attend special occasion and gatherings such as Christmas party. general assemblies. modeling events and other events depending on the nature of the business. The proponents used the population sampling technique since there are only 83 companies around Barangay Kapasigan and San Antonio. brand/product launching by searching the internet the proponents will identify the companies that are soon to launch their product/service and by getting the company’s information will help the proponents contact and connect with latter. of Companies Percentage (%) 35 48 83 42 58 100 Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry chose to conduct survey from the Companies located at Barangay Kapasigan and San Antonio for the reason that the areas have many establishments and business sectors that is both public and private.3 Population Size of Companies for Hair and Makeup Target Barangays In Pasig City Kapasigan San Antonio TOTAL No. Bonny will target to market. Page | 13 .

4 Population Size of Female Student COURSES SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR FOURTH YEAR TOTAL PERCENTAGE Secondary Education Elementary Education Hospitality Management Marketing Management Entrepreneurs hip Accountancy 130 95 73 298 16. Page | 14 .4 shows the list of the total of female students of second year.45 189 116 91 396 21.05 478 1808 100 BS Math TOTAL 691 639 Table 2.96 54 68 39 161 8.90 30 57 10 97 5.26 Information Technology Computer Science Engineering 41 65 74 180 9.37 Nursing 29 34 12 75 4.46 19 27 31 77 4.48 63 53 29 145 8.02 86 72 49 207 11.90 50 52 51 153 8.15 19 19 1.STUDENTS Table 2. third year and fourth year of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig. The proponents chose the second year and third year students as the target market for the reason that most of them are going to have their eighteenth birthday or debut while the fourth year students are also the company’s target market for the reason that they will be attending graduation balls and ceremonies.

The highest number of respondents is the second year students which is 35.Table 2.29%. 34.0025) n = number of samples ¿ 691 2.31% for the third year students while the least number of respondents is the fourth year students which results to 30.40 100 Table 2.0025) Page | 15 . Slovin’s Formula Female Second Year n ¿ N (1+ Ne2) n ¿ 691 1+691(.31 30.40%.29 34.5 shows the summary of students using the Slovin’s formula which results to 717 respondents.7275 N= total population n e = error tolerance n= 253 Female Third Year 639 ¿ n 1+639(.5 Summary of Students STUDENTS RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Second Year 253 Third Year 246 Fourth Year 218 TOTAL 717 35.

40 717 1.20 Total Respondents 717 736 83 1.536 100 Page | 16 .536 46.6 Summary of Respondents Women Company Employees Students Total Respondents 736 83 Percentage 47.195 n= 218 Total Respondents for Students = 717 Table 2.11 Not Willing 32 13 15 60 3.91 Willing 573 655 50 1278 83.92 5.78 Not Capable 88 44 8 140 9. The highest number of respondents is women from Barangay Kapasigan and San Antonio and 717 respondents for students while the least number of respondents is the company employees that totals to 83 individuals.5975 n= 246 Female Fourth Year 478 ¿ n 1+ 478(.n ¿ 639 2. Table 2.6 shows the total of respondents which are 1.7 Summary of Target Market Students Women Total Percentage 24 Company Employees 10 Refusal 24 58 3.536 individuals.0025) n ¿ 478 2.68 100 Table 2.

third is the price and lastly is the experience of the artist. Demand and Supply Analysis Demand Analysis Proponents come up to the business demand base on the result of the survey conducted to the targeted areas which are the Barangay San Antonio and Kapasigan. Chart 2. Page | 17 . brand of cosmetic comes second.Table 2. The respondents indicated on how many times they will hire the Bonny Artistry and how many persons will avail the service per each chosen event or occasion.2 shows the percentage of the factors that customers consider in hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist. B.7 shows that the demand of the company that are willing to avail is lessen for the reason that some of the respondents are not capable or stable to avail the service. The result shows that the top one factor that the customer considers is the quality of service.2 Factors to Consider 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Chart 2.

61 5.29 4.85 1.45 100 Table 2.34 19.Table 2.8 Summary of Demand per Package Demand 409 54 2.30 52.152.152 Debut Wedding Party Pageant Holiday Photo-shoots General Assembly Special Events Total Percentage 9.9 Demand for Debut Package DEBUT Respondent s 197 71 Annual Frequenc y 1 1 Yearly Deman d 197 142 Package A Packages B (2 heads) Packages C 30 1 30 Page | 18 .8 shows the summary of demand that totals to 4.84 6.32 0.171 180 814 221 35 268 4. Table 2.

11 Demand for Party Package Package A (5 heads) Respondent s 8 Annual Frequency 1 Yearly Demand 8 Page | 19 .10 Demand for Wedding Package WEDDING Respondent s Package A Package B TOTAL 18 36 54 Annual Frequenc y 1 1 Yearly Deman d 18 36 54 Table 2.Packages D (2 heads) TOTAL 20 1 318 40 409 Table 2.

171 Table 2.Subtotal Package A Demand (97x5) Package B (8 heads) Subtotal Package B Demand (90x8) Package C (12 heads) Subtotal Package C Demand (53x12) Package D (15 heads) Subtotal Package D Demand (22x15) Total 12 8 4 5 35 2 3 4 5 24 24 16 25 97 485 5 12 10 4 3 34 1 2 3 4 5 5 24 30 16 15 90 720 6 6 4 2 3 21 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 12 8 15 53 636 1 4 1 0 2 8 1 2 3 4 5 1 8 3 0 10 22 330 2.12 Demand for Pageant Package PR AY Ae n Page | 20 .

Gs Ep Ao Nn Td e n t s n u a l F r e q u e n c y 8 1 8 3 3 2 6 2 1 3 3 1 T1 1 O2 T6 A L Table 2.13 Demand for Holiday Package HR e s p o n d e n t s AY n n u a l F r e q u e n c y Page | 21 .

2 8 2 1 0 3 6 2 2 0 1 2 T4 7 9 1 2 2 2 3 1 4 8 5 6 8 Table 2.14 Demand for Photo-shoot Package P H O T O S H O O T S R e s p o n d e n t s 1 2 0 3 7 9 T 1 O 6 T 6 A L AY F 11 27 32 2 Page | 22 .

16 Demand for Special Events Package S P E C I R e s p o AY n n u a Page | 23 .Table 2.15 Demand for General Assembly Package GR Ee Ns Ep Ro An L d e An St Ss E M B L Y 1 9 8 T 2 O7 T A L AY n n u a l F r e q u e n c y 1 1 2 1 3 Table 2.

A n l L d F e r E n e V t q E s u N e T n S c y G1 11 r 5 a 6 d u a t i o n G8 18 r 4 a d u a t i o n B a l l R 1 11 e 8 u n i o n F 5 15 a s h Page | 24 .

i o n E v e n t s W3 1 3 e d d i n g E n t o u r a g e A 2 12 d v e r t i s e m e n t T 2 2 O6 T 8 A L Page | 25 .

16 shows the demand for each package. wedding.171 180 814 221 35 1. using the formula (respondents x frequency = yearly demand).The table 2.9 up to table 2.17 Summary of Demand PACKAGES DEMAND Debut     A B C D 198 141 30 40 409   A B 18 36 54     A B C D 485 720 636 330 2. and party have different packages and each packages contains the number of individuals that would benefit to the package. Table 2. Also the occasions like debut.250 Subtotal Wedding Subtotal Party Subtotal Pageant Holiday Photo shoot General Assembly Subtotal Special Events Graduation Graduation Ball 156 84 Page | 26 .

Also it shows that by adding all the subtotal of the packages results to 4. and other events like graduation. Page | 27 .Reunion Fashion Events Wedding Entourage Advertisement Subtotal TOTAL 18 5 3 2 268 4.152 Table 2. of Competitors 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 Index Davids Hello Dolly Atlas Epitome Heaven’s Beaufort HMUA Hannah Pedron HMUA Aisa HMUA Allyssa HMUA Ashley HMUA Marcos Mark 115 152 125 95 100 105 125 129 136 161 140 130 130 115 140 132 110 155 131 103 103 113 135 128 180 200 153 156 158 158 182 163 197 214 171 150 154 154 196 166 Market share (%) 4. Table 2. It also displays the rival’s supply history and market shares.65 4.15 4. wedding.72 4. No.06 132 133 134 94 142 150 156 129 133 133 143 113 193 150 180 121 158 193 197 125 3.81 4.74 5.03 8 9 10 11 TOTAL: Table 2. parties.18 shows the competitors of the Bonny Company in the market which are the salons and professional and freelance hair and makeup artist.18 Background History of Competitor’s Supply No.152 demands.12 3. general assemblies and more. pageants.71 3.61 3.17 shows the summary of the demand where the respondents have chosen to avail the service such as debut.01 1439 1661 1500 1994 2075 50.71 4.74 3.

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16% Page | 29 .1 Pie Graph Figure 2.16% Formula: Company Market Share = Availble market share competitor+ 1 = 49.97 11+1 Company Market Share = 4.Hello Dolly 4% Index 5% Atlas 4% Davids 5% Available Market Share 46% Bonny 4% HMUA Marcos Mark 3% Epitome 4% Heaven’s 4% Beaufort 5% HMUA Hannah Pedron 4% HMUA Ashley HMUA Aisa 5% 4% HMUA Allyssa 5% Index Davids Hello Dolly Atlas Epitome Heaven’s Beaufort HMUA Hannah Pedron HMUA Aisa HMUA Allyssa HMUA Ashley HMUA Marcos Mark Bonny Available Market Share Figure 2. The pie graph shows that Bonny Hair and Make-up Artistry have a Market share of 4.1 shows the Competitor’s Market Share.

There are 49.97 49.277 Gap 2.97 11+1 Page | 30 .176 2.19 shows the gap analysis of the company for five years.97 available market shares for in the industry. which increases with 30% of 7.97 49.83% which is the industry growth rate.250 4.152 for the year 2015.97 49.280 Percentage 49.97 49.152 4. The data shows that the company has a demand of 4.124 2.19 Gap Analysis Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Demand 4.Table 2.350 4.075 2.126 2.077 2.174 2.225 2.227 2. The demand and Supply increases 2. Formula to get the monthly GAP of the company: GAP = Gap competitor+1 GAP = 2.077 11 +1 GAP = 173 / 12 (monthly) GAP = 15 Formula to get the monthly market share of the company: GAP = Gap percentage competitor +1 GAP = 49.557 Supply 2.35% every year.452 4.97 Table 2.

77 3.075 Increase/dec rease every Year 222 -161 494 81 Percentage (%) (-.37 -10.661 1.20 shows the increase and decrease of demand of the competitor and also their growth rate.90 31.73 24.16% Table 2.GAP = 4.2 Line Graph Page | 31 . Forecasted Growth Rate of Competitor 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 2011 -100 2012 2013 2014 2015 -200 Figure 2.500 1.994 2.20 Growth Rate of Competitor Year Actual Demand 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1.31 Table 2.439 1.+) 13.

then in year 2014 it increases by 24.2 shows the increase and decrease of the sales/revenue of the hair and make-up industry starting in year 2011 to year 2015.83 x 30% Growth Rate= 2. The table falls on the category that there is a need for hair and makeup service in the industry and would be interpreted as favorable in the company.77%. The Proponents used the 30% Growth Rate for forecasting. As shown in the line graph that in year 2012 the industry growth rate increase by 13. The proponents used the curvilinear method for the reason that the graph shows a curvilinear effect as the decreasing of demand in year 2013 which is -161 and the increase in year 2014 which is 494.73%. The data gathered by the company can be used in determining the markets response and as well as to anticipate the risk in entering the chosen industry. and in year 2013 the growth rate decrease by -10. The quotient is multiplied by 30%. Formula to get the company’s growth rate: Growth Rate= 31.31 5-1 Growth Rate= 7. The data will also be used to forecast the demand and to provide possible information that will serve as warning devices or a “go signal” for the company. Page | 32 .Figure 2.35% The Proponents sum up all the percentage in the data and divided into four (4).37%. while having a decrease in the demand for the service is normal to have in the business industry. and lastly in year 2015 it decrease by 9. The graph emphasizes that the need for hair and makeup service is fast growing.90%.

It is also a benefit for the study for the reason that the analysis covers general gaps in what the rivals offer. and it permits the researcher to assess the rival's strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace and implement effective strategies to improve the competitive advantage.C. they are classified between direct and indirect competitors. Direct Competitor for Hair and Make-up Service Page | 33 . It is very important not only to carry out an analysis of current competitors but also to identify and foresee new developments. Competitor Analysis Competitor Analysis is a research to check the feasibility of the project and to establish development potential. including analyzing hair and make-up stylist capacities and the market changes. Major Direct and Indirect Competitors There are numerous competitors in the market. While businesses offering divergent or substitute product or service in connection to the service that the researchers offer are viewed as Indirect Competitors. It is fundamental to carry out a competitor analysis in the market in order to know and identify the rivals or the competitors at the planned location. Direct competitors are the businesses that promote the similar or substitute service of our own service that the researchers offer in the same geographic territory. The main objective is therefore to create long-lasting competitive advantages.

21 shows the rate of a Professional Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist.000 Table 2. The price of the service varies on the occasion and kind of HMUA service to provide.22 Salons Hair and Makeup Artist’s Price Name of Salon Index Home/Office Service Salon Service (Php) (Php) 1700+ transportation fee 850 Page | 34 .500  Traditional Hair and Makeup 2. Table 2.21 Professional Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist’s Price Home/Office Service Rates (Php)  Bridal Conventional Hair and Makeup 5.000  Prenup/Pre debut Photo shoot 2.500 Hair and Makeup  Conventional Debut Hair and Makeup 3.The major competitors of the business are the freelance Hair and Makeup Artists around the Metro Manila and especially in the Pasig area of Kapasigan and San Antonio who are on call to provide home/office makeover service. The transportation fee will always be carried by the client. Table 2.

23 Standard Service Cost per Client Supplies No. Cost of Service Analysis Table 2.57 Shadow and Blush Palette 25 600 24 Liquid Eyeliner 10 150 15 Lipstick 10 110 11 Mascara 30 250 8.5 Adhesive Glue 10 99 9.David’s 2.500+ transportation fee 950 Hello Dolly 1.5 Foundation 25 350 14 Loose Powder 60 375 6.9 Spraynet 30 300 10 Page | 35 .33 Toner 15 140 9. Each of the competitors gives additional transportation fee for home/office service depends on the customer location.33 Primer 6 90 1.33 One Box of False Eyelashes 10 85 8.25 Eyebrow Gel 35 300 8. of application Unit Cost (Php) Cost per application (Php) Moisturizer 12 160 13. D.22 shows the price list of the company’s direct competitors.500+ transportation fee 800 Table 2.

71. it also shows that each service to a client will cost for Php 216. The formula used in getting the cost per application is cost per unit ÷ number of application. The number of application is measured on how many times that a cosmetic can be consumed.25 10 15 69.33 1. The unit cost stands for the price of supplies.23 shows the total service cost per application of supplies to a client.24 Service cost for the Groom Supplies Toner Moisturizer Primer Foundation Loose Powder Spraynet Setting Spray TOTAL Cost per application of Supply (Php) 9. There are only few supplies to be use since the groom’s natural look must only need to be emphasized.33 13.889 216.Moose 25 300 12 Setting Spray 20 300 15 Alcohol 5 200 40 Sponge 8 80 10 3.5 14 6.41 Table 2. Page | 36 .24 shows the computation of the service cost for the groom hair and makeup.71 Total Table 2. Table 2.

Table 2.25 Service cost for Second Look Makeover Supplies Loose Powder Shadow and Blush Liquid Eyeliner Lipstick Setting Spray Spraynet TOTAL Cost per application of Supply (Php) 6. Page | 37 .25 Table 2.25 shows the computation of the service cost for the second look makeover.25 24 15 11 15 10 81. The costing of the second look makeover varies only to the number and cost of cosmetics and supplies need for retouch and second look.

71 514.300 216.42 866.96 1.71 1.25 297.Service Rates and Packages Table 2. Page | 38 .25 216. The proponents created four different packages for the client to choose.59 Table 2.4 216.71 2.202.26 shows the packages and rates for the debut package of the Bonny Company.71 433.71 216.58 216.67 485.71 PRICE (Php) 800 1.26 Debut Rates PACKAGES A B C D INCLUSIONS              Hair and High Definition Makeup for Debutant Free Consultation before the Event Free False Eyelashes Package A Cost Mark-up Hair and High Definition Makeup Debutant Free Consultation and False Eyelashes Hair and Conventional Makeup for the Mother of Debutant Package B Cost Mark-Up Hair and High Definition Makeup Debutant Free Consultation and False Eyelashes Second look makeover in between wardrobe Package C Cost Mark-up Hair and High Definition Makeup Debutant Free Consultation and False Eyelashes Second look makeover in between wardrobe Hair and Conventional Makeup for the Mother of Debutant Package D Cost Mark-up SERVICE COST (Php) 216.71 583.500 81.000 81.29 216.

71 4.083.05 2.548.23 935.71 PRICE (Php) 3.27 Wedding Rates PACKAGES A INCLUSIONS      B      Hair and High Definition Makeup for Bride Free Consultation before the Wedding Day Free False Eyelashes Free simple makeup for the Groom (if same hotel) Hair and Conventional Makeup for (3) heads Package A Cost Mark-up Hair and High Definition Makeup for Bride before the Wedding Ceremony Free Consultation and False Eyelashes Second look makeover for the Reception Free simple makeup for the Groom (if same hotel) SERVICE COST (Php) 216.28 Mark-up 2.41 649.23) that is needed in the service to get the service cost for the groom and the second look makeover.Table 2.451.000 69. Page | 39 .25 69.95 216.000 81.064.35 Hair and Conventional Makeup for (5) heads Package B Cost 1.27 shows that the company will have a big mark up on each package and the proponents add all the cost per application of supplies (base on Table 2.72 Table 2.41 1.

65 3. Page | 40 .600.35 Table 2.55 1.45 216.71 PRICE PER HEAD (Php) 3.250.28 shows the packages and rates for the party package of the Bonny Company. reunion.Table 2. This package is also applicable to other occasions such as general assemblies.733.499.083.400 1.71 6.000 1.00 2.68 2.32 216.48 216.399.266.52 3.71 4. social balls or gatherings and other events that are composed of at least five (5) individuals to be makeover.28 Party Rates PACKAGES A B C INCLUSIONS       D   Hair and Conventional Makeup for (5) heads Free False eyelashes Party A Cost Mark-up Hair and Conventional Makeup for (8) heads Free False eyelashes Party B Cost Mark-up Hair and Conventional Makeup for (12) heads Free False eyelashes Party C Cost Mark-up Hair and Conventional Makeup for (15) heads and above Free False eyelashes Party D Cost Mark-up SERVICE COST PER HEAD (Php) 216.916.750 3.71 6.

Service Revenue Forecast Table 2.75 2.41 0.30 1.29 shows the percentage of the each package in the total demand.152 11. The data shows that the highest percentage in the demand is the Party Packages.77 3.E.95 4.14 1 0 0 0   A B 18 36 .60 2.80 .19 .13 .06 .34 15.94 .34 19.32 .45 100 1.72 .43 .11 0.40 .84 6. The total of 15 quantities/head is the monthly gap of the Company.31 7.96 0.97 15 2 3 2 1 1 3 1 0 1 15 Wedding Party Pageant Holiday Photo shoot General Assembly Special Events Total Table 2. Page | 41 .94 .29 Summary of Packages Packages Demand Percentage Percentage in the in the GAP demand(%) (%) Quantity/ Heads Debut     A B C D 198 141 30 40 4.68 17.61 5.14 0 0     A B C D 485 720 636 330 180 814 221 35 268 4.66 2.72 0.

35 6.000 4.71 216.71 216.733.600.71 216.30 Summary of Forecasted Revenue per Packages Debut Packages  A  B  C  D Wedding Packages  A  B Party Packages  A  B  C  D Pageant Holiday Photo shoot General Assembly Special Events Total Quantity/ Heads Package Price Service Cost (Php) Service Revenue per package (Php) 1 0 0 0 800 0 0 0 216.55 1.68 2.750 600 600 600 600 600 1.29 41.Table 2.52 3.400 6.916 while the annual projected sale of the business is Php 502.36 383.916 15 Table 2.000 6.217.992 Formula: Service Revenue per Package = Price × Quantity Page | 42 .29 1.71 0 0 0 800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 2 1 1 3 1 0 1 3.30 shows the monthly projected revenue from all the packages is Php 41.200 12.71 10.800 600 0 383.000 13.71 216.000 6.499.083.750 216.

in different areas that would need the service that the Bonny offers. For starters like Bonny Company collaborating with other companies and freelancers related to the business is an advantage to expose the company to a new audience that the other party can bring.F. to the corporate companies who organize gatherings and to the white collar workers who attends special events. and companies that conducts and organizes special or occasional events that would need beauticians and are also credible of referring Bonny to their very own clients. The customer’s experience has a great impact on the perceived value of the service.  Always be in reach The company will distribute calling cards to the industry influencers they collaborated with. and by this the Bonny Company will be just one call away. It can be a medium to promote the service to a potential customer to be convinced and avail the service that the Bonny Company provides. to the companies they tied-up. catering services. Page | 43 . Marketing Mix Marketing Strategy Marketing a service can be more challenging than marketing a product.  Partner with Allies Marketing partnerships have numerous benefits to push a marketing campaign. These businesses in line are mostly event organizers.

Page | 44 .  Networking Networking with other makeup artists. Help Customers Solve a Problem Some of the ways that company can help a customer since we are into branded. photographers. famous and media sensation arises from time to time. the customer will keep in touch with the Company. giving tips and helping them solve a problem as long as it can be answered by the proponent’s knowledge about hairstyling and makeovers. and the service can be availed conveniently and the company will be able to acquire new clients. models and other artists. Collaboration between the company and an influencer wherein the proponents can let the influencer experience the quality of the service in order for the influencer to share the experience to her followers and peers for them to be aware that the “Bonny” Hair and Makeup Artistry exists in the market. opens the door for the Bonny Company to receive their overflow customers. The company will search for influential personalities that are not far from them who can contribute in promoting the business. the trust and friendly relationship will build up between the client and Bonny Company. high end. so whenever the customer will need a hair and make-up artist. and vice versa.  Collaborate With Influencers In this generation. So therefore. they will think of the Bonny Company on the top of list. When there are situations that the Company is fully booked on a day that an inquiring customer need. By this. pigmented cosmetics and high quality equipment. the proponents can share tips on how to choose the best items to use alone and also to refer some of the company’s trusted boutiques. Aside from that. building relationships in this industry will be a key. proponents will refer co-makeup Artist which are freelance rather than declining them.

The Bonny Artistry can simply ask local bridal shops. fashion.  Don't Forget About Existing Customers The proponents know that it is important to obtain new customers in order for the business to grow. Company must not forget about the customers that the Bonny already have. In exchange. parties and other occasions in line with the industry of modeling and fashion. Bridal Work Teaming up with local bridal businesses can be highly profitable for the Company. bakeries and wedding planners to pass out our business’ information if they have a bride that is yet to hire a hair and make-up artist. so to make the bond stronger the Bonny Company will treat them like a VIP by giving the loyal customers benefits so in return the customers will not think about switching to other company. 4P’S Product/Service The Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry offer high quality makeup and basic hairstyling for aspiring Women using only high end cosmetics. Page | 45 . Makeup Artistry is the art of applying makeup for theatrical. However. events. accessories shops. proponents can hand out the shop’s information to Bonny’s clients as well to reach a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Bonny Artistry uses this kind of pricing strategy to introduce a competitive price but quality service in the market.Pricing Strategy The offers different company service packages depending on the occasion and type of makeup service that will be provided. The proponents based the pricing on competitor’s price in the market. Page | 47 . Promotional Strategy Promotional schedule of Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry will be done every day of the year and especially every after makeup gig to make the target be aware that the company is existing in the market. The company will be engage in public through the social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. The Company’s pricing strategy is penetration which is a competitive pricing that settles for a lower price compare to direct competitors.

also with the before and after makeover of the client.4 shows the Facebook fan page of Bonny Company will stand as the online portfolio of the Artists.Figure 2. Every successful makeup gig.3 Selling a service is unlike selling a product which is tangible. the company can be contact and in reach all the time. Figure 2.4 Figure 2. The social media also serves as one of the communication channel between the proponents and potential customer who will inquire. Page | 48 . By this. the audience will be able to browse and get clues about the quality of service that the Company provides. for the reason that almost everyone is into technology and for that. proponents will be posted or uploaded with the details of the recent activity of the company. it will be easier and faster transaction. However by distributing the calling cards to potential clients.

Pasig City. Page | 49 .5 A tarpaulin will be posted in front of the Company’s office located at Blumentrit Kapasigan.Figure 2. The function of this tarpaulin is to capture the eyes of the individuals in the neighborhood and the business establishments by the images and contents of the tarpaulin.

5 shows the direct distribution channel of the Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry. Page | 50 . The service will be provided by the Bonny Company direct to the Client or customer.Distribution Channel Client Figure 2.6 Direct Distribution Channel Figure 2.

SWOT Analysis Table 2. The use of these high quality materials is Page | 51 .G.31 SWOT Analysis Strengths  High End and Pigmented supplies of Cosmetics  Stable Price on Direct Supplies and Equipment  Service innovation Opportunities Weaknesses  Limited manpower  Company image is not established Threats  Increase of sales volume  Competitions  Expansion of the business  Economic and social conditions  Popularity of beautifying  News on media Strengths  High End and Pigmented supplies of Cosmetics Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry will expose the use of only high end supplies especially in cosmetics.

one of the strongest edges of the company from the direct competitors existing in the target area. for that the proponents will not expect fluctuation of materials in the market. Weaknesses  Limited manpower Due to limited employees in the business. only few target market knew that the company exist.  Company image is not established The business is not yet known to the market. Also by using the customer’s preferred style and new fashion trends. Today’s generation many fashion styles and innovation of hair and makeup styling arises in social media by those the proponents could easily adapt it. the proponents will come up with the best and unique services that could compete with the competitors of the business.  Service innovation The proponents will never stop learning and discovering new ideas in order to provide best quality services. the proponents may not accommodate all the clients if they are already booked on the schedule of the service that is needed. Opportunities  Increase of sales volume Page | 52 . develop and create much better hair and makeup styling for the service.  Stable Price on Direct Supplies and Equipment The supplies and equipment that are being utilized to perform the services have stable value in the market.

there is a tendency that the operation of the business and its market stability and profitability could be affected by the social and economic conditions. Many beautifying products are being sold and develop for these women to use. Threats  Competitions The business has numerous competitors in the market.For when the Bonny Hair and Makeup Artistry is introduce to the market the number of clients will increase as the sales of the service increases. and the short and long range objectives are achieve there is a possibility that in the future the business will expand. Therefor the business must be aware and have much greater market strategies in order to compete and overcome the competitors. which could affect directly or indirectly to the business.  Popularity of beautifying Today’s generation.  Economic and social conditions Being a beginner in the field. While on social medias like Facebook and Instagram many famous individuals up to a simple student loves to upload a selfie or a video of them using beautifying products and for that it is a great opportunity for the Bonny Company to see that the service offered will be adorned and enjoyed by the target market. Therefor the business must be aware to the Page | 53 .  Expansion of the business As the business begin and so on. women are mostly obsessed about being beautiful on their physical appearance.

For instances like fake and smuggled cosmetics are being track down and caught by the government is one. Page | 54 .  News on media Different topics and news are occurring on televisions and social media nowadays. News about cosmetics and equipment can highly affect the business.situation and changes of the economy and society to survive and make the business successful. also news about how these cosmetics could be harmful to the health could affect the business as well for the reason that the customers will be affected by the news and might be scared to try the services in related to the news or reports in the media.