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The Chiyoda Almana Integrated Management System has been designed

implemented and continually improved so as to meet entirely the requirements and
principles of the international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, specification
OHSAS 18001:2007 in order to ensure that the services provided are in conformity
with specified requirements and the activities are not polluting and do not endanger
the personnel health and safety.
A periodic analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) was decided in order to
increase the performance of the processes/ activities within the organization. The
scope of this document is to constantly monitor the projects and overall organization
performance in order provide top management with the opportunity to intervene and
ensure that quality, safety and efficiency levels are constantly improved and to
determine the ways to meet customers’ requirements. This analysis results in data
necessary to determine the responsibilities and actions that must be undertaken in
order to avoid the occurence/ re-occurence of deviations.
All deviations (CAR/ PAR, NCR, concession request), including claims, are highlighted
(in registers) and responsible persons analyze the causes leading to the deviations and
establish the remedial actions, respecting the relevant procedures. It is preferable that
all deviations to be found and treated in due time.
Chiyoda Almana has established, implemented and maintained procedure to
determine the methodology to be used in the planning and executing of internal audits
of the Integrated Management System within the organization and the audits at the
subcontractors and vendors (external audits). The procedure describes the manner in
which the documents are to be processed post audit (internal and external audit), as
Chiyoda Almana has established, implemented and maintained an effective system to
address and take corrective action related to customer feedback. For the last year,
the general feedback of our customers was the Chiyoda Almana performance was
satisfactory and exceeding the project expectation.
In June 2014, Chiyoda Almana successfully passed the recertification assessment from
SGS for the implementation, compliance and continually improvement of the
Integrated Management System and the certificates are extended for another 3 years
(until 2017).