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Where do I sign up for the mining? How

do I mine?
You go to Exchange. Mining Menu. And on
the lower left side you can sign up tokens for
mining. You can choose the amount of
tokens that you wish to mine. Or you can
mine with all tokens.
Do I need any special software to mine?
No, you just sign up on the mining
dashboard on the exchange in your back
How many OneCoins have been mined?
Please check the ticker on our website!
When will the mining difficulty increase?
It depends on the amount of coins mined.
Please check the back office for more

How many Coins can be mined per day?

Per hour we can mine approximately 60,000 coins
in all pools. This means 24 x 60,000= 1,440,000
OneCoins per day maximum.
What does the Blockchain show?
How many OneCoins have been mined per block.
And if any transactions happened.
What will happen to the Tokens escrowed for
It depends on which package you are. All
packages that are not Tycoon and have already
split ONCE will go into mining on a certain date.
This will be announced by the company, so you
have time to upgrade your account if you wish to
do so. All Tycoon packages that have split once
will NOT go into mining, but the company will wait
until they have split for a second time.


How often does an account split?
Every account can split up to 3 times.
You buy a starter package. It splits once. You
upgrade to Tycoon. It will split two more
You buy a Tycoon package. Account splits 2x
You buy a starter package. It splits once. You
upgrade to Trader. It will split again once.
You upgrade to Tycoon the account will
split only once more, as every account can
split up to maximum three times.
Should I wait for a split before I mine?
Please stay tuned here. An exciting
announcement will be made on Thursday!

How long do I have to wait until my coins are

People are signed up and assigned to mining pools on
a principle first come, first serve. Whenever a place is
free you join a pool. If you sign up for mining, you can
be 100% sure that your coins will be mined. Current
waiting time is 2-4 days. But might change in future.
Why does it take so long for the block to be
In the beginning, it will take longer period for the mining
When will I have coins in my account?
The mined coins are distributed once a day to the
customer accounts. This happens around 08:00 GMT.
When does OneCoin trading start?
Currently there are not many coins mined. We will wait
for appr. 3 months from first day of mining, until some
more coins are mined and trading can happen. We
expect trading to start beginning of May.


How many Tokens do I need to mine ONE OneCoin
5 Tokens. Unless you sign up for service Automatically
Mining. Then you can mine at 4 Tokens per coin.
Can you somewhere see if you have joined the
Yes, in your backoffice (Exchange Mining) it is saying
you are mining. Soon you will be able to see with how
many tokens and which pools you belong to.
How can I mine for 4 Tokens per coin?
Tick the box Automatically mining. This gives you a
preferential rate for mining.
Is there a reason why NOT to choose the
AUTOMATICALLY mining option?
No, actually this is the best option. You can mine NOW
in the early days and you mine 20% cheaper than
other miners. And you still will get the split on all you
tokens, if you are entitled to one.

What does Automatically Mining

Mine automatically gives you a
preferential rate for mining. Normally
mining for OneCoin is 5 Tokens per coin.
If you subscribe to the service
Automatically Mining, you can mine the
coin cheaper. If you tick the box
Automatically Mining you are
subscribed for this service for three
You can also subscribe ALL existing
tokens for 4 Tokens/Coin while you tick
the box.


How will I receive a split on my tokens if I
join the mining?
Our system records ALL tokens (from package
and bonus/mandatory/exchange purchases)
and will SPLIT all this tokens if you mine with
them now. Should you have now 200.000
tokens (120.000 from your package, and
80.000 from your mandatory buy) and you
mine with all of them you will receive in the
next split 200.000 tokens! There is no
disadvantage for you if you mine today.
Why do you give preferential rates for
mining with all tokens?
The more OneCoins we mine, the earlier we
can start the trading of the coins and the faster
the value of the coin will increase. We have a
financial model, valuing the tokens and
allowing us to do this promotion.

Why cant I see the algorithm of OneCoin?

Why is not open source (yet)?
If we would publish the Algorithm of OneCoin
TODAY everyone also outside the Network
will be able to mine the coins. This would be
unfair for the network and people who paid for
packages. Everyone outside the BV system
could join the mining. The algorithm will be
open source once all coins are mined.
I am not an IT person. I do not understand
the blockchain. How do I know it is real and
not some numbers?
We will have in the next 4-6 weeks an auditor
who will (with IT experts) audit the blockchain
monthly. No other cryptocurrency does this. So
the members can know, that the blockchain is
real and there are no coins mined outside and
no transactions outside.


Why do we measure the difficulty in Tokens
and not in Hashes?
We show the mining difficulty in Tokens not in
Hashes. As we all know Tokens is an internal
currency in the OneCoin world, which gives the
opportunity to split and to treat members the
same way. E.g. if a member has 100 tokens in
the mining he will mine exactly the same as a
person who also gives 100 tokens in the mining.
Of course we have mathematical models,
assigning to tokens monetary value. The
algorithm does not calculate in Tokens but in
hashes and we translate this in costs and the
costs in tokens. The value of the tokens is
calculated based on market value, number of
splits and the promotions on the market (10%
extra tokens or mining at preferential rate).

What is the algorithm of OneCoin?

OneCoin is not an ALTCOIN this means we
do NOT use the Bitcoin algorithm with small
changes. We decided to use a custom made
solution, which has elements of scrypt and x11.
When will the next difficulty come?
The next difficulty will come after 43.2 million
mined coins. Then the mining difficulty will be
5.25/4.25 Tokens.
What is OneCoins Market Capitalization?
The market capitalization is calculated: Number
of mined coins x market price. The current
market price is 0.50 EUR.
How many Tokens min/max can I commit
into mining?
As many you wish!


I submitted 6 Tokens how many Coins will I
Onecoin has up to 8 digits after the decimal. You
will receive 1.25 OneCoins.
Should I mine now or wait?
The only reason for you to wait would have been
to wait for your tokens to split. Now that you will
get the splits (Promotion until end of May). You
can mine now. It is more beneficial for you to mine
the coin at an early stage and to participate in
the value creation of the coin.
If you have 12 Tokens today you can mine in the
preferential mining 3 OneCoins. This can lead to a
value of 7.50 EUR15 EUR in one year. If you sell
the tokensyou can make up to 2,642.75 EUR
(value of Tokens will also grow with time, but not
as much as of the Coin).
Our estimate is that in 4 weeks the coin will go up
in value as the difficulty will grow.

Will we have any wallet to wallet transfer

in OneCoin?
When you receive OneCoins in your back
office this is a wallet to wallet transfer. As
we have not completed KYC procedures in
the network we plan to use the exchange
for transactions. So you transfer the coins
to the wallet of the exchange. And it
transfers to the other user. When OneCoin
goes open source, of course direct wallet to
wallet transfers are possible.
Why does our blockchain look different
than bitcoin?
Bitcoin currently does many, many
transactions. Our network mines and the
transactions made are the distributions to
the wallets. One day our blockchain will be
as busy as bitcoin.


I submitted to mining and did not push mine
automatically. Now I mined for 5 Tokens, but
wanted to mine for four? What do I do?
Of course in the beginning mistakes like this can
happen. You can notify But
only until the 05.02.2015, we will make a change
for you. All requests afterwards we cannot handle!
How long does the blockchain need? 10
Normally the blockchain needs approximately 10
minutes. As long as not 100% of the possible
pools are subscribed (1,440,000 Coins per day)
we will let the blockchain run a bit slower. Every
block currently mines and if people have not
subscribed for all coins, we cannot mine 1,440,000
Coins per day.