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Honors Junior English Course Syllabus

Austin High School

Decatur, Alabama
Teacher: Mrs. Alana Haughaboo
Room Number: E7
Textbooks: Prentice Hall Literature
Textbook Replacement Cost: $95.00
Make-up Work/Tests/Quizzes:
Any morning at 8 am.
After school by appointment only.

Phone Number: (256) 552-3060 ext. 415

Text: @hjuniors4 to 81010 to subscribe to reminders for
this class

Classroom Supplies:
Pens (blue, black, and red)
Pencil and eraser
Yellow Highlighter (optional, but
Parallel reading book (novels, etc.)
Three-ring binder with dividers and plenty of
loose-leaf paper

Flash drive
250 note cards (3 X 5 or larger) for vocabulary
zipper pouch to hold pens/pencils/note cards
activated school email address that you check

Classroom Rules
In addition to the school and system rules found in your student handbook and code of conduct:

1. Treat each other, adults, and the classroom with respect.
2. Be prepared for class.
3. Phones away.
4. Stay on task.

Important Classroom Procedures

Beginning of class
1. Students place their backpacks at their assigned
2. Students are in their seats when (or before) the
bell rings.
3. Look at the board to see the bellringer activity
for the day and get started on it.
4. The teacher takes attendance while the students
work on the assignment.
5. The teacher reviews or discusses the bellringer
with students and connects it to the daily
learning objective

If you need my attention

1. Raise your hand
2. Wait to be called on
Cell Phones
1. Keep your cell phone zipped in a backpack
pocket or purse.
2. Cell phones must be completely silent no
vibration or sound.

At your desk
1. Keep the aisles clear
2. Everything (including purses) off the lap
3. Backpacks under chair
Where to find assignments and due dates
1. Teacher webpage
2. Google calendar
3. Planner notes you make each day in class
Using the restroom



Wait for a break in classroom activity

Present the teacher with your bathroom pass
The teacher will hole punch the pass
The student will sign out on the PASS and
go to the restroom down the hall
If the restroom is being cleaned, you must
ask for permission to go to another one
dont just go.
When you return, write the time in on the
PASS and return to your classroom activity.
Students have 6 bathroom passes per
semester and they may be used at your
If they remain unused, they can be turned in
for points added to a major test during that
grading period (2 points per pass).

Last 5 minutes of class

1. Clean up and or rearrange desks back to
their starting positions
2. Revisit daily objective and unit objectives
3. Review any changes to the calendar make
notes about homework or events
4. Pack your backpack AFTER doing the other
3 things listed above.
5. Remain in your seat until the bell rings.
Having a class discussion
1. Follow the prompt given by the teacher
explaining what the topic is and how it will
be discussed
2. Watch the person speaking by turning to
face him or her
3. Wait until the person finishes before raising
your hand
4. Wait until the mediator (student or teacher)
acknowledges you before speaking

When I need you to be quiet and look to the

front of the classroom
1. I will say Juniors
2. Stop what you are doing
3. Face the front of the classroom
4. Wait for instructions
When an adult/administrator/student aide comes
to see me
1. Quietly continue working (if you are in
groups or working independently)
2. If we are having a classroom discussion, just
sit quietly and wait for me to return.
3. Do not talk to the person at the door unless I
call you up to the front of the room.
When you come to make up a test
1. Make sure I know you are coming (sign-up
or send me an email).
2. Be on time.
3. If you arrive and my door is closed, knock
and wait.
4. If I am not in my room, wait for me until I
come back.
If you are absent
1. Look at the Google calendar for the
2. Email the teacher for specific instructions
and/or handouts related to the assignment
3. All assignments due on the first day of
absence are due upon return to class.
4. Missed assignments are due within 2 days of
your return. Please see to them promptly.
5. Unexcused absences will not be afforded the
opportunity to make anything up or turn in
late work.
6. Late work should have a LATE note with
the date missed and reason stapled to the top
of it and should be put in my hands (not on
my desk).
When an assignment is due
1. Place it in the box at the beginning of the
2. It should be stapled and ready to hand in.
3. The proper heading and format should be on
the assignment.
4. The teacher will go through and check these
as you work on your bellringer. Zeros will
be entered immediately.

If you need to go to the nurse


Tell me whats wrong

I will write a pass
You will sign out
You must return with a signed pass from the
nurse and put it in the sign in box

What to do when your pencil breaks

1. If it is during class, just take out another one
to use until a break in activity
2. During a transition, use the pencil sharpener
3. If it is during a test, just raise your pencil in
the air and the teacher will bring you a
sharpened one.
If you need to see the guidance counselor
1. Go during an elective class or on your own
2. If you must go during class, please wait until
a time when we are not in the middle of an
activity or test/quiz that you will have to
make up.
3. You must have a note from the counselor
saying it is ok.
4. If you are having a crisis and need to see the
counselor immediately, tell me privately and
I will give you a pass
5. Sign out and sign back in with a pass from
the counselor.

If you need help/clarification of an assignment

At home
1. Look over the written instructions again
2. Be resourceful
a. Ask a classmate for help
b. Look it up online
3. Email me and list the other things you
tried on your own to figure it out with
your question.

If you finish a classroom assignment early

1. Check the calendar for any upcoming
assignments for this class
2. Work on homework
3. Read a book or magazine
4. Study flashcards for vocabulary
5. Organize your binder/folder/backpack
6. Offer to help the teacher with a classroom
project (hand out papers, clean the board,

If you need help/clarification of an assignment

During class
1. Read the instructions over again
2. Raise your hand and ask a question
about it
Reward for following classroom rules and procedures
Following classroom rules will result in an enjoyable, interesting, and challenging class in which you feel comfortable and
Consequences for breaking classroom rules
1. Warning
2. Student-Teacher Conference
3. Contact parent/guardian
4. Write-up

Grading Information
You will assume the responsibility of tracking your own grades. Please make arrangements to record your grades and
keep graded assignments in case of any discrepancies. Encourage your parents to sign up for iNOW, so they can check
your grades online.
1st 9 weeks
2nd 9 weeks
Semester Exam
Semester Grade


Make-up Work
Only students with an official excused absence will be allowed to make-up any work. (Late=after I have collected the
papers for the day) See the attendance policy in the student code of conduct (pages 8 & 9) for specifics. You must makeup the missed test/quiz/homework within the time allotted or it will be entered as a zero in the grade book. You must be
responsible for arranging to make up your work in a timely manner.
Do your reading at home. Do not bring any spark notes or other online summaries to class because I do not want to see
them or hear you talk about them. Most of the time, you would be better served by reading part of the assignment than by
reading someone elses summary of the reading assignment. Study and keep up with your assignments!
Do not forget your manners. Successful people make others feel comfortable in their presence. Saying please, thank
you, and yes maam is always appreciated.
Be organized. Come up with a night time routine to get everything ready for the next day before you go to bed. You will
have everything ready to go when you are running out the door in the morning.
Take pride in your work. All assignments should be complete and neat.
Go to the bathroom between classes so you will not have to use your bathroom pass. It can be redeemed for extra points if
you do not use it.
Come to school every day and be on time! Schedule all medical and dental appointments after school. Right now, high
school is your full time job and missing days will hurt your grades.
Changes to this syllabus may be necessary over the course of the semester. If changes occur, I will notify students in my
class and make changes to the syllabus posted on my website.
I have read this syllabus and I agree to follow classroom rules and procedures.

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Student Signature
I have read this syllabus and I understand the policies of Mrs. Haughaboos class.

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