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1. Any injury at workno matter how smallmust be reported immediately

a. True
b. False
c. May not be true for some cases
d. Depend upon Personal Decision of the injured
2. During evacuation in emergency situation, person should
a. Walk normally
b. run
c. Walk fast
d. run as fast as possible
3. While using the extinguisher for extinguishing fire, fire extinguisher should be aimed
a. top of the flame
b. middle of the flame
c. base of the flames
d. anywhere on the flame
4. during excavation work, the things to be checked before giving permission for work
(work permit)
a. Check for any live services
b. Barriers and Barricading visible in both day & night
c. Associated hazard of work
d. Emergency evacuation
e. All the above
5. One day, the siren sounds & you come to know that it is just a mock drill. You will
a. Perform your actions in a routine manner
b. Take it seriously and perform your actions with complete responsibility
c. Consider this just as a time pass & formality
d. Remain aloof
6. Which of these documents should always be carried while driving?
a.Driving license, RC book, and insurance policy
b.Driving license, RC book and residence proof
c.Driving license, photograph and residence proof
d. Driving license, fathers identity card and insurance policy
7.Class A fire involving
a. Wood, cloth, rubber, plastic etc
b.Flammable or combustible liquid
c.Flammable gases

d.Fire involving live electrical equipment

8.Most suitable fire extinguisher at site is

a. ABC
b. BC
c. Mechanical Foam
d. CO2
9.If you are injured on the job, the first thing you should do is:
a.Go home
b.Get first aid treatment.
10.Which of these are high risk job requiring work permit?
a.Working at height of 5 mts.
c.Working in confined space.
d.All the above

1. List out possible health effects of noise.
2. Describe two construction activities and their hazards & control measures.
3. Explain the term SAFETY & HAZARD.
4. Out line five factors which are to be consider for safe lifting of load by mechanical
5. Explain the meaning of ABC of First aid.
6. List four specific types of injury that may be cause by the incorrect manual handling
of load.
7. Explain TRIANGLE OF FIRE and classification of fire.
8. Give the universal accepted reason of incident.
9. Explain about TOOL BOX MEETING.
10. Explain PERMIT to WORK SYSTEM, Types and their utilization at ABB project