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E a r n a w or l d r enow ne d a c hi eve me nt for IS Audi t, Control & Se c uri ty profe ss ionals .

E a r n a CIS A de si gnati on !


Our intensive classroom training program exclusively focus on job practice domains that are tested
by ISACA. We enable the participants to acquire, thoroughly and properly, the skills and knowledge
expected of a world-class information systems audit, control and security professional. We help the
participants understand the methodology, testing approach, techniques and strategy to successfully
complete the exam and achieve the CISA designation.

ISACA is an independent, non-profit, global professional association incorporated by individuals as EDP Auditors Association in 1969. Today, ISACA has more than 140,000 professionals
spread across 180 countries supported by over 200 chapters established worldwide. ISACA is
the single international source for information technology controls.
Certified Information Systems Auditor
(CISA) certification is recognized globally
since 1978 and has been earned by
more than 106,000 professionals since inception. The CISA program has been a
globally accepted standard of achievement among information systems (IS) audit, control and security professionals.

With the CISA designation comes many

professional and personal benefits, including:

Global recognition for professional


Enhanced knowledge and skills

Career advancement

The CISA certification is designed for those who audit, control, monitor and assess an enterprises information technology and business systems.
Normally offered twice a year, CISA exam is offered three (3) times a year during the months
of June, September & December for the first time in 2013. The CISA exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions given during a four-hour session, that cover the five (5) job practice
domains created from the most recent CISA job practice analysis (
cisajobpractice). The job practice analysis was developed and validated using prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts and industry practitioners.
The CISA exam registration closes ~2 months prior to exam date. Candidates need to register
directly with ISACA.
June 2016 exam

10 February 2016
8 April 2016

ollectively, we have
trained thousands of
people in IS audit,
information security,
business continuity
management and
certifications like CISA,
CISSP etc.

Early Registration Deadline

Final Registration Deadline

Our Course
Our intensive CISA review classroom course exclusively
focuses on the job practice domains that are tested by
ISACA for the exam. The class room training are administered by experienced and highly qualified professionals to
ensure the participants successfully understand the
methodology & testing approach of the examination;
gain an understanding of the format, strategy and techniques of the CISA exam; acquire thorough knowledge of
the domains that are tested in the exam; and practice the
sample questions with detailed discussions on the answers.


Application Controls
Auditing Application Controls
Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition
and Development
Case studies, Sample Questions & Answers

Introduction to CISA
CISA certification procedures
Maintaining CISA Certification

The Process of Auditing Information Systems

Introduction to CISA Certification

Management of the IS Audit Function

ISACA IT Audit and Assurance Standards and
Risk Analysis
Internal Controls
Performing an IS Audit
Control Self Assessment
Evolving IS Audit -Integrated and continuous
Case studies, Sample Questions & Answers

Job Practice Domains tested in the CISA

1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems
2. Governance and Management of IT
3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development
and Implementation
4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance
5. Protection of Information Assets

Governance and Management of IT

Corporate Governance
IT Governance
Information Systems Strategy
Maturity & Process Improvement Models
IT Investment and Allocation Practices
Policies and Procedures
Risk Management
Information Systems Management Practices
IS Organizational Structure and Responsibili-

Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation
Business Continuity Planning
Auditing Business Continuity
Case studies, Sample Questions & Answers
Information Systems Acquisition, Development
and Implementation
Benefits Realization
Project Management Structure
Project Management Practices
Business Applications Development
Business Application System
Development Methods
Infrastructure Development / Acquisition
Information Systems Maintenance Practices
System Development Tools and Productivity
Process Improvement Practices

Information Systems Operations, Maintenance

and Support
Information Systems Operations
Information Systems Hardware
IS Architecture and Software
IS Network Infrastructure
Auditing Infrastructure and Operations
Disaster Recovery Planning
Case studies, Sample Questions & Answers

Protection of Information Assets

Importance of Information Security Management

Logical Access
Network Infrastructure Security
Auditing Information Security Management
Auditing Network Infrastructure Security
Environmental Exposures and Controls
Physical Access Exposures and Controls
Mobile Computing
Case studies, Sample Questions & Answers

Approach to CISA exam

Exam methodology & approach

Exam techniques
Mock test

Instructor Profile


A dedicated professional with 20+years of
technical and managerial experience in Fortune
500 Banking Company. Kalpagam holds a
Masters degree in Computer Science from US
and qualified for CISA, CISSP, ABCP, CeH and ISO
27001. She has experience in major IT delivery
compliance and remediation programs such as
enterprise risk analysis, systems management.
Her career highlights are system audit of critical
banking applications and enhancing security.
Kalpagam designed and delivered training on
Information Security and audit, IT Risk
management, business continuity management
etc. at IDRBT. And also a CISA training coordinator
for Hyderabad chapter of ISACA.

An experienced central banker & ITG

consultant, Giridhar has 18+ years of remarkable
experience in FSS domain. He worked on large IT
projects of the Reserve Bank of India, Institute for
Development & Research In Banking Technology
and IBM in the areas of banking applications design
& management, payment systems, BCP & DRP,
consulting and executive training. As an industry
consultant for IBM, Giridhar helped the global
clients achieving their IT goals. In the areas of IT
Risk & Governance, he worked closely with the top
management of banks in India towards better ITG
& risk management. An MBA in IS, Giridhar also
holds CRISC, CGEIT, CISA & CAIIB certifications.

Registration Process
Register Online:
By email:
Any queries please call our support team:
Contact person: Mr. Jaya Chandar
Mobile No: +60-18329 8979

Course Details
Fees per participant: MYR
June 2016 examDates will be finalized later.
Fees include tuition, lunch, coffee during breaks and all
course materials. An invoice will be forwarded to you upon
receipt of enrolment. Fee excludes examination/ membership fees payable to ISACA.

If you would like to speak to the instructor, call: Candidates are expected to purchase CISA Review Manual
directly from the ISACA. We provide course notes/
Kalpagam +91-94910 39410
+91-99493 28882
Post the completed Enrolment Form to:

TERMS: The course is of limited class size. To ensure admission, fees must be paid in advance.
CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations of the course fee will be
accepted up to 10 working days before the course. After
that time no refunds can be given but substitutions can be
sent at any time.

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