Chibi Chan Preschool

Chibi Chan Preschool

WLE internship Sheryl Soo

Chibi Chan Classes
• Three classrooms: -Caterpillars (age 2-3) -Butterflies (age 3-4) -Astronauts (age 4-5)

Chibi Chan Students
• The students learn how to:
– Read – Write – Experiment with the materials provided

• The children are being prepared for the upcoming grade (K).

Outdoor/Indoor Play
• Teachers interact with students by:
– Playing games – Reading books – Solving Puzzles

• Students learn how to communicate and play with other. • THEY ALSO LEARN HOW TO SHARE

Student Work
• Projects are based on the theme of the week. (i.e. Heart Cookies-V-day)

• The projects enhance their learning about the theme

Chibi Chan Teachers
• Great role models for the kids (They do their best to compromise with the kids’ needs as well as teach them what’s right or wrong)

Mentor - Claudia Siem
• • • • Full-time teacher Guided me the first few weeks Great role model I learned how to communicate with the kids better from her.

Final Project
• Project - Children’s Day • Explores children’s imaginations, creativity, drawing, and writing skills • Process • Time limit

Student Learning
• My WLE project was that the children needed to draw and write what they wish for on a fish or doll paper. • In this project they improve on their writing, drawing, and vocabulary.

Circle Time & Mother’s Day Project

QuickTimeª and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Have I learned?
– Better interaction with children their age – Better role model – Communication Skills

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