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A Development Bank is a polygonal development finance institution devoted to improving the social and monetary development of its
associate nations. Its main emphasis is the welfare of the people. For example the Asian Development Bank's overarching goal is to
decrease poverty in Asia and the Pacific. It helps improve the value of people's lives by providing loans and scientific support for a broad
variety of development activities.c

A development bank's policies or programs center on the following priorities:

a) Economic Growth

b) Human Development

c) Good Governance

d) Environmental Protection

e) Private sector development

f) Regional Cooperation

The main functions of a Development Bank„

a) Increase loans and equity investments to its developing associate countries (DMCs) for their monetary and social

b) Provides technical help for the planning and implementation of development projects and programs and for advisory

c) Promotes and facilitates speculation of public and private capital for growth and development.

d) Responds to requests for assistance in coordinating growth policies and plans of its increasing member countries.