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The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

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Published by: TheRisingAngel on Apr 06, 2010
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The Kite Runner to chapter 4. Chapter 1 We get to know that Amir lives in San Francisco.

He has done something he isn’t proud of and this is implied in the phone call from Rahim Khan. Unatoned sins: sins you haven’t tried to fix/made up for. Chapter 2 What do we get to know about the childhood of the two friends and their differen t living conditions in this chapter? Hassan is living in the South part of Amir’s garden. It’s more like a mud hut. O n the other hand Amir lives in a big prosperous house. Hassan is a Hazari and th e son of Ali. Amir is a Pashtun and the son of Baba. Hassan is always defending Amir and Amir never stands up to his own rights. Has san loves to sing and he is very kind to Amir. Hassan always takes the blame eve n though Amir talked him into it. For example ‘’sometimes up in the trees, I talked Hassan into firing walnuts wit h his slingshot at the neighbor’s one eyed German shepherd’’ 2 In spite of class differences, what did the two boys have in common? The same age, ‘’fed from the same breasts (a wet-nurse) ’’ they like to play, cl imb in trees. They felt connected because they grew up without mothers. 3 Describe their relationship to their fathers. Amir has a bad relationship with his father. Amir’s mother died in childbirth, B aba said in the book ‘’I wouldn’t believe he was my son if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.’’ Baba and Amir has different interests; Amir likes to read and write (the intelle ctual type) while Baba is more physically strong, he likes sports. ‘’His legs ar e like tree trunks’’ It’s cold, tense, Hassan and his father have a very loving relationship together. They are strongl y tied together. What do we learn about the two major ethnic groups in Afghanistan? We get to know about the Hazari (Shia, discriminated, poor) and the Pashtun (Su nni, the over class) Their looks are different, the Hazari have a more Asian, Chinese Mongolian look. 5 Describe Hassan’s looks and personality. He is described as having a China doll face and green eyes, flat nose and a clef t lip. Throughout the story Hassan is the brave one, he who acts, and he is also very kind and obedient. His chin is like a chunk of meat added.

Chapter 3 What is your impression of Baba? – His physical appearance, his lifestyle, his c haracter and his relationship to his son? He started business, carpeting, a successful man. He is tall and a powerful man, he is referred to as Mr. Hurricane; a legend about him wrestling a bear. When h e enters a room, he draws all the attention, like sunflowers would turn to the s un; he got a very strong personality. His lifestyle: social; a lot of time with his friends. He drinks alcohol so he d oesn’t follow the Islam rules; living a very Western style. Remember his conversation about stealing; if you lie, you steal the truth, if y ou kill someone, you steal his life. Every sin is a theft. How does Amir try to live up to his father’s expectations? They are on a football match, and he pretends that he is interested, but he is n ot interested at all. In addition he decides to win the kite competition, only f or his father’s sake. What kind of boy is he? Chapter 4 In spite of the close relationship between Amit and Hassan, Amir never really co nsiders Hassan as his friend. What do you think of Amir’s treatment of Hassan? Deeply rooted division between the ethnic groups was, even though they had a goo d time together, he was the best friend you could have, his servant first, never a friend, only a servant. Intellectual.

Chapter 5 Amir faces his first major moral challenge. How does he cope with the frightenin g encounter with Assef and his friends? How does Hassan act? Amir doesn’t act, and that is the huge conflict throughout the book. Hassan on t he other hand is very brave by threatening Assef with a slingshot, and he places himself in front of Amir, like a protector. Briefly describe Assef. Assef is a blond, blue eyes bully who lives in a posh compound in Kabul. He has a reputation for savagery because he enjoys bullying other boys. He is born to a German mother and Afghan father. He thinks himself as a pure Afghan, even thoug h he is like an ‘outsider’ It is indicated that he is not fully sane, his eyes, the insanity. We get the im pression that he could do anything; no limits to his cruelty. Chapters 6, 7 and 8. Describe the kite- fighting tournaments in Kabul. What was the task of the kiterunner. The last kite flying was the winner, there were no rules, you need to cut the ot her kites flying to win. Their hands were hurt by the thread while controlling t he kite.

Very happy events, atmosphere is warm despite the warm weather. Colorful descrip tions of the kitesThe task of the kite – runner is the catch the kites cut. Lines covered in broken glass, because in order to cut the other kites you need the sharpness of the glass added. Why is winning the tournament so important to Amir? He wants to impress Baba. Why does Amir take pleasure in treating Hassan badly. Hassan is good at so many things and it makes him feel better when he treats him badly, because he shows that he is the superior, and that he is more educated. And he is also jealous of Hassan because Baba treats them as equals. In additio n Amir wants to test Hassan, to check if there is a weak point somewhere? He is good in everything… ‘For you a thousand times over’ - Shows Hassan’s commitment and loyalty to Amir. How is the rape scene described? The actual rape is not described, just to the point when it starts. Memories and dreams interrupt the description of the actual rape. How do you int erpret Amir’s thoughts? How does his betrayal of his friend change Amir’s life? How does Amir cope with his feelings of guilt?

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