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nd dilemmas. | or ethical concerns for ethical CONES (20 Marks) Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and highlight the ms (200 Words) ars and had or as @ project een appointed ). He has an vant. He has a workin ently, he has Project (MRVP) Mr, Kaushal is a distinguishec exposure of various departmen additional “including finance. Rec manager of some under construction Multi River Val charge also i.e. of monitoring rehabili In course of performing-hts-cutes” He also notices some m Pee ens about ‘Though he is not directly involved in the budgetary allocation, he raises his cones’ nan. He venue is being used se becomes aware that public land distribution ander rehabilitation actices in the is surprised to know that misappropriation of fu Dr. Krishnan was already aware of these facts. After sometime he is summoned to talk to the Director General of th his senior and chief secretary of the state. He prepared a short paper that identified the issues in the project and his understanding about the budgetary allocation Due to political sermitive nature he was told that matter related to Finances are no! jurisdiction, he should keep himself out if it. As far as malpra distribution is concerned he was given assurance of appropriate action. Such advice was based on the fact that government was not in because it is already under heavy pressure of opposition party in th education departiment. It faces the danger of loosing on, 16 confidenc thereby fall of the govt. After much soul searching and introspection Mr. Kaushal decided to obey his seniors the matter. After some time he sought transfer which he immediately got. _ nis project, his immediate major t within his s in the land ¢ position to handle such issue wake of recent scam in motion in the hous re UE) eo Avs Woo" WeaipserMMM dildyrwate ds behathas j ; vss ethitadé pole te Noha C dlfuohin, MWosmwe y parcviog 16 5 1 f ys tia th HL antathe, "ast APL TOE « Aft ts. udiridual £0 LAF OAK bor / dats, Colle chinsra ond Pity oles oa TE rans, Ailes $72 coud Wat nod) Acs, Ott Cubitt Groth of pire vi yu < his io ook hina cud Hotinn. NMelbinrol sterrtal— yr Han ory bier Ape. le bing 4 an barvt_ we follouss Has Hprrsc elt of tr hy Ob Alot one Alte _ thar ee 7 ashe Aaestll ad “eth COD bor ee 20) aiall Dine ae Sedo ee L ee Seer a ra 2. ® i] FA °| } 5 mn fot data Ae EC leue ey