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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Published by: Dipock Mondal on Apr 06, 2010
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A Report On Supply chain of Anjan’s

Submitted To: Instructor: Jannatul Mawa Nupur Course Title: Network Relationship and Supply Chain

Course Code: MKT4205

Submitted By: Dipock Mondal

Submission Date: 29/03/2010

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Northern University Bangladesh
Latter Of Transmission
March 29, 2010 To Ms.Jannatul Mawa Nupur Lecturer of Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management (BBA4205) Northern University, Bangladesh Sub: Letter

of Transmittal

Madam I am very much glad to present the “Report” as a requirement for the course Supply Chain Management (BBA4205). I have given my sincere effort to complete the “Report” and i want to declare that this “Report” is wholly & attentively prepared by me. I did like always available to answer any question if needed regarding this “Report”. So, I will be highly obliged if you kindly accept my “Report” and help with your opinions and suggestions for its further progress and enrichment in the future. With best regards,

Dipock Mondal

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I would like to give my first thanks to our instructor Ms.Jannatul Mawa Nupur, lecturer of NUB. My special thanks to Mr. Rashedul Hoque (Manager) of ANJANS prepared this work with my best effort and I think this work will be very helpful in our future working life. I want to give thanks to our NUB library and NUB computer lab with all staffs to help us to prepare this work. I think it will help us to be a good supply chain agent. At last I am willing to give thanks to Mr. Md. Shaheen Ahmed (Director) of ANJANS who gave me best support to prepare this report. I also gratefully acknowledge the inspiration, encouragement and valuable suggestion received from the well wishers during the preparation of this report.

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Executive Summary
The 15th Feb, of 1994 ANJAN’S first starts fashion design journey by its at Siddeshwari branch. At the beginning Anjan’s widely introduce achieved for its fashion designs and loveliness accessories. The second branch of the Anjan’s opened at Dhanmondi near Sobhanbagh in 1998. In the November of 2001 Anjan’s established more two of the branches at Banani and the rifle’s square (Dhanmondi). These prime causes Anjan’s clicked in the generals as well as fashionable customers. Besides male, female and babies garments Anjan’s making also home textiles and handicrafts that marketing run only on Anjan’s showrooms. In the line on Bangladesh fashion design Anjan’s wing reached over the mass peoples. At first Anjan’s had only two workers but now Anjan’s has 70 over officers and workers and along with still engaged almost one thousand labours which are more rural female labour numbers. So, Anjan’s contribution is not only in the making fashion line rather has also arranged work arena among the poor village women. Mainly, Anjan’s fashion designs, quality and official works paper tasks controlled from at the Siddeswari branch office. There are design section, quality section, factory and administration. The hard and hurry work attention of the design section and quality section spread out today's the Anjan’s stands. With all this sounds announcing Anjan’s proprietor Mr. Shaheen Ahmmed hard and hurry work and sincerity. The Anjan’s achieved far-reaching praised being participation for those tracks and proved the class one designing home. Anjan’s also participated that arranged by the weekly and fortnight magazines are the Saptahik2000, Eid fashion competition,The fortnight Annaydin Eid Fashion Competition.The fortnight Annaydin Eid Fashion competition. The weekly Bichitra Eid Fashion Competition in the 1998, 1999 and 2000, 2001, 2002. Anjan’s got the first prize and crest in the particular categories like Salwar Kameez,Sharee, Shirt ,pajama Panjabi & babies fashion design.. Bangladesh fashion media and magazines are giving more priority about the Anjan’s productions. Anjan's Selected "Champion of the year 2002" for developing Bangladeshi fashion & design by renouned Bangladesh Weekly magazine "Saptahik 2000".

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Chapter Chapter – 1 Contents Page no. 1-2 1 1 1 2 3-8 4 4 4 4 5 6,7,8 9-16 10 11,12 13,14 15,16 17-18 19-20

Executive Summery
Introduction 1.1 Origin of the report 1.2 Scope and objective of the report 1.3 Methodology 1.4 Limitation of the study Chapter – 2 Profile of the organization 2.1 Background 2.2 Company mission 2.3 Anjan’s philosophy 2.4 How we have 2.5 Head office and Branches 2.6 Products Chapter – 3 Supply Chain performance 3.1 Supply Chain performance 3.2 Procurement cycle 3.3 Manufacturing cycle 3.4 Customer order cycle Chapter – 4 Recommendation and Conclusion Appendix part

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As we are student of BBA, Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management subject is a part of our study. From this subject we can learn how to business not only in our infant country but also in the foreign country and how to use this in our practical life.

1.1 Origin of the report
This topic has been choosing by consulting with our course teacher, Ms. Jannatul Mawa Nupur, Lecturer, Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management Northern University Bangladesh. This report originates to fulfill the requirement of studying Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management which is a course of BBA Program of Northern University Bangladesh. The topic of the report is “Supply Chain Performance of Anjan’s Ltd.”

1.2 Scope and Objectives of the report
The objective of the report is to develop our knowledge about Supply Chain as well as to elaborate our thinking. Through this report, we will able to make our self at any situation when we got the any sort of assignment or task or making any report regarding Supply Chain. It also help us for fulfillment our knowledge. The main objective of the report is to Gather knowledge and information how an organization perform their task and what are the efficient and effective procedures for supply chain market environment.

1.3 Methodology
“Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management” plays a good role for the students of Bachelor of Business Administration, for the well fare of practical knowledge about Supply chain. I’m the students of BBA need to have a vast experience about the Supply chain concern continuing around me and to make a good communication in between text knowledge and practical experience. The subject of There are two types of method are followsI) Primary Method ii) Secondary Method • Primary Method: To prepare this report, the information has been collected by directly interviewing employees of a company. • Secondary Method: To prepare this report the information also has been collected by

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# Searching Internet. # Search out the company Web-Site through Internet # Personal Interview of the employers of the company

1.4 Limitations of the study
During the time of preparing this report I have been faced many problem. These are follows: • The period fixed for preparing the report was hard to meet. As a result, sufficient concentration could not be given which was needed for much better study. • • • • • • To prepare this report I have faced a lot of problems such as:

Maintain confidentiality Unavailability of lab Electricity problem, Unavailability of related books, Lack of time etc. However, we are the student of mid level of B.B.A, so we have shortage of knowledge to make this report. But we try our best to make the report properly.

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Chapter -02 Profile of the organization

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2.1 Background
Anjans is a chain of retail outlets located in the major cities of Bangladesh. Anjan’s at first started by the Anjan’s proprietor Mr. Shaheen Ahmmed of his own concepts and designs. Each stylish designers has different hot design touches and extra ordinary round exceptional. All designers are working as a group with the director and their out put come after discussion each other. Anjan’s chief Mr. Md. Shaheen Ahmmed is a elected member of this organization named Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufacturing and Exporter Association (Banglacraft). He works for the development of Bangladesh handicrafts through the banglacraft.Anjan’s production ground in the district Jamalpur and Manikgong. The poor village women got themselves benefited and share of Bangladesh fashion development working with the shadow ofAnjan’s.

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2.2 COMPANY mission
Anjan's mission is to help sustain rural craftsmanship and find a wider market for their products nationally and internationally. The team of Anjan’s is working in an environment of mutual respect, collective effort and personal growth while dedicating and driving for continuous improvement to excellence. Anjan’s strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction through quality products and services, thereby establishing a sound and sustainable commercial enterprise.

A customer is the most important visitor in our premises. He is not dependent on us- we are dependent on him. He is not an outsider in our business- he is part of t. We are not doing him a favor by serving him- he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. A company must view the customer as a financial asset that needs to be managed and maximized like any other asset and yet their value is not even found in the company book.

We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in the way, we treat each other and by the example we set for one another. In all an interactions with customers, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.

2.5 Head office & Branches

Khan Villa, 34\B Malibagh Chowdhurypara, Dhaka Phone: 8357754, 9362019 Email: info@anjans.com

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 Branches of Anjan’s • Anjan’s at Sobhanbagh: House No # 1/A Road No # 13 Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Phone9115559 • Anjan’s at Banani: House No # C-138 Road No # 4 Kemal Atartuk Avenue Banani , Dhaka. Phone-8860650 • Anjan’s at Mirpur: Plot # C-9 Block # Ka & Kha Section-6 (Main Road Mirpur, Dhaka. Phone-8053688) • Anjan’s at Siddeshwari: Shop No#23 Ayesha Shoping Complex Siddeshwari, Dhaka. Phone-8357382 • Anjan’s at Rifle Square : Shop No#215 2nd Floor Rifle Square Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Phone-9669103 • Anjan’s at Bashundhara City: Shop No#D-108 Level #02 Bashundhara City Panthapathi, Dhaka. Phone-8127164 • Anjan’s at Chittagong: 1000/A CDA Avenue East Nasirabad, Chittagong. Phone0152342794 • Anjan’s at Uttara: R.A.K Tower (2nd Floor) Jashim Uddin Road. Phone-8933867 • Anjan’s at Baily Road: 1/C New Baily Road (1st floor) Dhaka. Phone-9357422

2.6 Products


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      

Traditional Executive Shirts Maanja Fotua Short Kurta T-shirts Stoles/Shawls


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       

Traditional Western Nightwear Shari Salwar Kameez Shawls/Scarves Fatua Ladies Weeding Dress

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• Home Textiles

      

Bed Table Living Kitchen Kids Rugs Fabrics

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Chapter -03 Supply Chain Performance

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3.1 Supply Chain Performance
A typical Supply chain may involve a variety of stages. These supply chain stages include • Customers • Retailers • Distributors • Manufactures • Component/Raw material Supplier Each stage needs not to be present in a supply chain. The appropriate design of the supply chain will depend on both customer’s need and the roles of the stages involved. But Anjan’s has the following supply chain stages.

Packet Company’s Outsourcer

Timber Company

Paper Manufacturer

Packaging Company








Chemical Producer

Accessories/ Fabrics Company
Fabrics Company’s Outsourcer

Figure: Anjan’s Supply Chain Stages
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3.2 Procurement Cycle
Purchasing also known as procurement, is the process by which Companies acquire raw materials, components, products, services and other resources from supplier to execute their operation. Anjan’s do it by the following step.

Anjans orders raw material (Buttons, Lace, Tassels & Cords, Badges & Patches, Beads, Rhinestones, Garment Labels & Tags, Ribbons, Webbing, Zippers, Interlinings & Linings, Buckles, Zipper Sliders, Hooks & Loops, Sequins ,Shoulder Pads ) from suppliers (DK LTD, Al-Muslim Group Etc. ) through ordering that replenish the components inventories.

The DK Company as a supplier of Anjans takes the Purchase orders from Bank through pay order for sending the raw materials.

Fabrics Company and Garments sends their raw materials according Anjan’s order by their own vehicle. Within a sort lead time (3 day) try to send raw material. By Bank Anjan’s paid their amount with commercial invoice.

Through vehicle when the raw materials reach, in short time Anjans stores the raw materials in their own warehouse in Malibagh. Then the raw materials are ready for Manufacturing. They always keep in careful all raw materials from any kinds of damages.

Figure: Procurement Cycle of Anjan’s

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Anjan’s (Manufacturer)

Order based on Manufacture’s need (E.g. raw material) to Suppliers.

Transport the Raw Materials from suppliers to Malibagh by receiving at Manufacturer.

Supplier Collect the Raw Materials from various countries as well as infant industry.

Packaging the raw material and ready for sending to manufacturer through their own vehicle or Courier. service.

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3.3 Manufacturing Cycle
The Manufacturing cycle typically occurs at the distributors/manufacturer or retailer/manufacturer interfaces and includes all processes involved in replenishing retailer/distributor inventory.

According to the retailers order (When, How much, what types of product) Anjan’s Ltd. Manufacture always try to fulfill their demand in due time. Manufactured is triggered by the retailers orders.

Within a short lead time Anjan’s own manufacturer send retailers demand as a pull process in many showroom.

During the manufacturer phase of the process, the manufacturer produces the production schedule. During the shipping phase the order is shipped to Anjan’s retailers by their own responsibilities.

Finally the product is received at the retailer’s warehouse of Anjan’s from Malibagh, Dhaka to several showroom and inventory records are updated.

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Figure: Manufacturing Cycle of Anjan’s

Retailers (outlets) of the Anjan’s

Order arrival from the Retailers or customers of Anjan’s.

Receive the products (e.g. shirt. Fatua, etc) to the retailers ware house or Show Room.

Take the short lead time to supply the retailers order.

Setting quality product (e.g. a shirt) to fulfill Demand for retailers.

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3.4 Customer Order Cycle
In this cycle customers directly involve in receiving and filling their orders. The customer initiates this cycle at a retailers site and primary involves filling customer demand. The customers enter into the show room of Anjan’s such as location at Rifle Square to buy a shirt. The retail store is more attractive for Customers to examine a shirt, Salwar kameez, Panjabi, Fatua etc. The price of such product is reasonable and maintains Quality.

Then the Customer order entry (e.g. for a Fatua) refers to customers informing the retailer what product they want to buy and the retailers allocating products to the customer. Such as customer choose a Fatua for buy and give order to purchase.

Then the customer order is filled and sent to the customer. In general customer order fulfillment takes place from retailer inventory. In Anjan’s customer himself Choose their desired product from retail inventory and order to packet.

Finally Customer receives the order and takes ownership of their desired products (e.g. a Fatua). Records of this receipt may be updated and payment completed by customer.

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Figure: Customer order Cycle of Anjan’s

Anjans showroom (E.g. Rifle Square)

Customer of Anjan’s entry the Show Room or Outlet

Customer receive their desired products and takes ownership

Customer Give order to purchase their specific product (e.g. a shirt)

Representative of Anjan’s Showroom fulfill customer’s demand.

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Chapter -04 Recommendation & Conclusion

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Anjan’s Ltd. should increase its outlets. Anjan’s Ltd. should increase their warehouse in Bangladesh. Anjan’s Ltd. should be increase the value of their Supply management department. Anjan’s Ltd. should be introduce in the vary local market (Village) Anjan’s Ltd. management can provide remuneration for employee’s individual job performance and skill and level of responsibilities.  Anjan’s Ltd. should develop their infrastructure.  Anjan’s Ltd. would have to require introduce expert research and development unit to maintain operation control in Bangladesh.     

Over all systems of supply Chain of ANJAN’S is very good without some considerable factors. ANJAN’S is one of best fashion house in the world and its unbelievable Success come for its strong marketing process which includes the marketing survey, communications with the retailers and the customers and take positive action it arise any kind of problems, and many more. It can say that company will be successful when it faces the market or the consumers. The leading fashion name in the country is Anjan’s Ltd. stays true to its roots to this day and aligns all processes to a firm conviction - to deliver fashionable yet of utmost quality to customers. The unique styles are created based on years of experience and keeping up with global trends.

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♣ Bibliography

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• Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management /// Second (2nd) Edition

• Network Relationship & Supply Chain Management ///Third (3rd) Edition ##


• www.google.com • www.Anjans.Com • www.Bangladesh Yellow page.Com

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