Cost Concept

Presented by: Ashish Goyal

Roadma ‡Principles & Concepts ‡Stages in Cost Finding ‡ bsorption Costing & Marginal Costing ‡Methods of Costing ‡Techniques of Costing

Principles & Concepts ‡Direct oncept ‡Indirect oncept

Stages in ost Finding ‡Prime Cost ‡Factory Cost ‡Total Cost ‡Cost of Sales

‡Absorption osting ‡ arginal osting

1. Net Turnover 2. Production ost o ales Direct aterial, Labor, Production Overhead 3. Gross Pro it (1-2) 4. Non Production Overhead elling Overhead, Distribution Overhead, R D, Admin. Expenses 5. Net Pro it Be ore Tax (3-4)

1. Net Turnover 2. Variable ost o ales Direct aterial, Labor, Other Variable Overheads 3. ontribution (1-2) 4. Total ixed ost Production Overhead, elling R D ost, Interest 5. Net Pro it Be ore Tax (3-4)

Distribution Overhead,

Metho s of Costing ‡Job osting ‡Process osting ‡ ultiple or omposite osting ‡ arm osting

Techniques of Costing ‡Absorption osting ‡ arginal osting ‡ tandard osting ‡ tandard ± arginal osting

‡Uni orm osting

Other Techniques ‡Di erential ost ‡ ost Relevance tudy ‡ ost Bene it Analysis

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