Opening the Hand Chakras



Opening the hand chakras is an important beginning step to practicing energy healing. Some energy healing techniques are made with the intention of increasing the amount of energy you are able to generate and manipulate. Others are for controlling universal healing energy to accomplish a specific purpose. The energy healing technique you will learn today is how to open the hand chakras, so that you can transmit more energy through them. Feel free to use the technique either exactly as it is described here or modify it to suit your own style. As long as you do an energy healing technique for the highest and greatest good of all, you can't go wrong.

This is a very simple technique that will allow you to open or activate the chakra energy centers located in the center of the palms. It is useful for doing energy healing work of all types, whether it is Reiki healing, massage, or any other energy healing method. Putting positive energy into anything improves your results. 1) Begin by holding your hands, left over right, palms open, at solar plexus height. Hold them so that the fingers of your left hand point to your right, and the fingers of your right hand point to your left. It will look a little bit like you are holding a small ball between your hands. 2) Focus your intention on opening the hand chakras. 3) Start opening and closing both hands, as quickly as is comfortable, anywhere from 12-24 times. This is like making a loose fist, one hand over the other, very quickly, over and over. 4) Reverse the hand positions so that your right hand is now over the left. The fingers of both hand will still be facing the same direction, left fingers pointing right, right fingers pointing left. 5) Repeat step 3, opening and closing both hands quickly 12-24 times. 6) Hold hands at chest height, prayer position, and rub your palms together as though trying to warm them. Do this for about 6 seconds. 7) Say or think, "Open" and clap your hands together 3 times. 8) Hold your hands at chest height and allow yourself to feel the energy between the palms of your hands. Focus on the sensations in your hands. There may be a tingling, warming sensation. This is a combination of the circulation being stimulated and energy being channeled.


The more a person practices this technique, the easier it will become to activate and open the hand chakras and the easier it will be to feel the energy. I use it every time I am going to:

Make reiki healing crystals with this step by step guide. In order to make Reiki Crystals, a person should already be attuned to the level of Reiki Master and have access to all of the Reiki healing symbols. By following the step-by-step instructions below, you'll be creating your own Crystal Reiki Masters to help you out with your personal energy healing, or healing of others. Since I became attuned to Reiki, I've been attuning crystals, trees, even areas of land to it's energy. You can too. The process is very simple. Come with me now, as we get started...


Flourite Crystal with a carved Cho-Ku-Rei Reiki Symbol 1) Choose a crystal that you want to program. I enjoy healing with clear quartz and amethyst. A wand shape or a double terminated point is preferred. Use your intuition and choose a crystal that really feels right for the purpose. 2) Choose a location that is quiet and comfortable. It is important to be able to focus a loving intent when programming crystals. 3) Cleanse the crystal. Instructions on how to cleanse a crystal can be found on this site or use a method that feels right for you. 4) Invite in your Reiki guides to help in the process. 5) Open the aura of the healing crystal by holding your hands, palms together as in prayer position, over the crystal. Separate your hands while turning your palms upward as if holding a book and place your hands down to the left and right of the crystal.



6) Using the first two fingers of your primary hand, draw the Reiki Master Symbol, Dai ko myo, over the crystal. Do not concern yourself about the size of the symbol, it does not have to "fit" on the crystal chosen. Simply draw the symbol over it and your Reiki guides will take care of the details. 7) Pick the crystal up and gently blow on it while visualizing the Reiki Master Symbol going into the crystal. Visualize the symbol glowing on the surface of the crystal and then sinking into it. 8) Place the crystal back down. 9) Draw the other Reiki symbols; Cho Ku Rei, Say He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sha Nen, over the crystal.

10) Pick the Reiki crystal up and gently blow on it while visualizing, one by one, the Reiki symbols glowing on the surface of the crystal and then sinking into it. 11) Channel Reiki healing energy into the crystal for 3-5 minutes. Follow your intuition. If you are guided to channel Reiki healing energy for a longer period of time, do so. 12) Place the crystal back down. 13) Cross your arms over your heart chakra and say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" either out loud or to yourself. This is to express your gratitude to Spirit, your Reiki guides, and the crystal for facilitating healing in the world. 14) The crystal is now programmed as a Reiki Healing Crystal.

Crystals have good memories and the charge on your Reiki Healing Crystals are permanent until reprogrammed. If at any time you choose to change the program on the crystal, simply cleanse it and reprogram it for the new purpose. Some of the things you can do with Reiki Healing Crystals are included in the list below.





The Reiki Protection Energy Healing Technique is used to seal or ward a doorway, window, or other portal against unwanted entrance. It works equally effectively on incarnates (things that are manifest, like ninjas and evil clowns) and disincarnates (things that are not manifest, like demons and other malevolent spirits). It is very simple, very quick, and the more often you do it, the stronger the ward becomes. It can be done repeatedly to the same portal but even once is very powerful. Don't discredit your ability to set up a single ward that can last for many years. Trust your intuition on where and how often to use it. You will need to be at least a Reiki level 1 to do this technique. Advanced levels will result in a more powerful, long lasting ward. You will also need to know how to draw a Cho-ku-rei reiki symbol.


1) Stand in front of the door you wish to ward. If it can be shut, shut it. If it cannot be shut at the time or if it is an open portal, such as an archway, the reiki protection technique is still effective but repeated usage of the technique may be beneficial. 2) Gather your energy and focus your intent on warding off anyone or anything that does not represent your highest and greatest good. It can be helpful to state out loud, "I hereby ward this portal against anything that does not represent my highest and greatest good". 3) Begin channeling Reiki energy through both hands. 4) Point both fingertips at the top center of the portal, just above the opening.



5) Move your fingertips away from each other, simultaneously drawing the first line of the Cho-ku-rei symbol, left finger right to left, right finger left to right.

6) Move your fingertips down the left and right sides of the portal, simultaneously drawing the second line of Cho-ku-rei. Finish at the bottom of the portal. 7) Move your fingertips in opposing spirals, left finger moving clockwise, right finger moving counter-clockwise, simultaneously drawing the spiral portion of Cho-ku-rei. 8) Open your palms toward the portal and channel energy while once again thinking or stating, "I hereby ward this portal against anything that does not represent my highest and greatest good". 9) Repeat as necessary. Once a week is recommended.I use the reiki protection technique on all the doors and windows in my home. I have found it to be an extremely effective technique. Mantras for sound healing. Ancient mantras and chants have been used for thousands of years by many cultures. In some cases mantras have been in use by certain cultures for more than six thousand years. The Hindu and Buddhist traditions have an extensive history of mantras. We've included four of the most popular mantras in this section although there are countless more. Basically a mantra is a word or series of words used in spoken meditation.

We'll start with the classic Om, also sometimes spelled Ohm or Aum. (Pronunciation: rhymes with comb.) Om, according to the Hindu belief system, is the sound that created the world. As such it is a creation sound. Life comes from it's utterance. Om is used as a healing tool, a centering and balancing tool, and as a space clearing tool.


It is a powerful and straightforward, easy-to-learn, sound healing tool. One of the best. We chant/tone Om on a daily basis, and it has become more powerful with practice. Om is easy. Simply allow the word to sound out long, allow it to rise from deep within you. Here is an example of how Om is chanted. Ooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm. Allow emphasis on the beginning and the end. Let it last as long as it wants to. It will immediately raise your vibration and the vibration of the space you're in.

Another simple mantra is Hu. (Pronunciation: Rhymes with you.) The Sufi belief system holds Hu as the sound of god, the sound of divinity. Another modern belief system, Eckankar, also uses the Hu mantra extensively. (A side note: One of the authors has been present during some amazing Hu chants where more than a thousand participants were gathered. The power and pure vibration of a Hu chant of this magnitude is amazing, leaving a person feeling transformed and uplifted. If possible, experience it yourself.) Hu is chanted in a similar fashion to Om. Here is an example. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Allow the sound to come from deep within. Let it last as long as it wants to. Like the Om, it will immediately raise your vibration and the vibration of the space you're in.

A slightly more complex mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. It is a Hindu mantra that translates roughly to: I honor the jewel within the lotus bloom. It is a metaphor representative of


honoring the divinity within yourself. You are the lotus bloom. The jewel within is the divinity and enlightened compassion of Buddhahood. Ram Dass speaks extensively of this mantra in many of his books. The chant is especially useful during times of conflict or fear when a person needs immediate grounding and balancing. The mantra is pronounced like this: (Om monny podmay hoom) Repeat a series of the mantra for as long as you wish, five minutes is a good minimum time period. You will feel calm and renewed afterwards.

The last mantra method we're going to touch on is free-form toning. Many people find it intensely therapeutic to find a private space and allow themselves to tone whatever comes out of their mouth. It can sound like words or syllables or humming or grunting or singing or anything that feels right to you at that moment. Free form toning can help release very stagnant energy from within the body. It can be beautiful and melodic or coarse and rough depending on what spirit sends to you that day. Allow it to be free, playful, and devoid of condemnation or restraints. Free form toning will balance your body and help to move old energies, emotions, pains, fears, and memories from your body. Free form toning can also be used to manifest new positive things into your life. Try it today. It is wonderful.



The Seven Chakras
Chakra # 1st 2nd Chakra Chakra Chakra Root Sacral Chakra Name Chakra Sanskrit Muldhar Svadhishtha Name a Chakra na Chakra Base of Spine Red C 3rd Chakra Solar Chakra Manipura Chakra 4th Chakra Heart Chakra Anahata Chakra 5th Chakra 6th Chakra 7th Chakra Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra Throat Blue G Third Eye Crown Chakra Chakra Ajna Sahasrara Chakra Chakra Center of Forehead Top of Above Head Eybrows Indigo Violet A B Divine Connectio n Cynicism

Location Color Musical Note

Below the Below Center of Navel the Chest Chest Orange D Sexuality Yellow E SelfEsteem Green F SelfLove

Balanced Attribute Stability s

Communicati Intuition on Shy Withdrawn Throat Lungs Sinuses Thyroid Sodalite Lack of Direction

Imbalanc Scattere ed Sexual Low Self Depressi d Attribute Dysfunction Esteem on Energies s Location of Physical Issues Legs Feet Heart Reproductiv Intestines Circulato e Organs Stomach ry System Tigers Eye Yellow Calcite Neroli Oil Malachit e Rose Quartz

Eyes Ears Azurite Lapis Lazuli


Obsidia Crystal n Jet Garnet Therapy Hematit Ruby e Essential Patchoul Ylang Oil i Oil Ylang Oil Therapy

Amethyst Ametrine

Chamomi Peppermint Sandalwoo Frankincen le Oil Oil d Oil se Oil Meditation Looking to the Heavens Cloud Watching Star Gazing

Sunshine Gardeni Sunbathi SelfDreaming Sexual Singing ng ng and Time of Expression Chanting Nature Hiking Practicin and Possibilites and Toning and Therapy and g Pamperin Releasing Creative Meaningful Earth Healthy g Preconceiv Expression Discussions Sitting Boundari Yourself ed Notions es


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