Thank you for always being able to help! I know I
can always count on you for answers, advice, and
most importantly support! – Justine

SFLA Regional Coordinators
Free | Staff | 2016

We have Regional Coordinators

who would love to help you! A SFLA
Regional Coordinator’s (RCs) sole job is to help your Students for Life group succeed! They
provide free one-on-one support, resources, displays, campus tours, flyers,
consultations and group trainings! Contact them today for a free consultation!


When I first started the club, I was entirely alone. I didn't know any pro-life
teachers or students at my college, and I was blocked by
aggressive pro-abortion activists at every turn. But my Regional
Coordinator believed in me, encouraged me, taught me how to
recruit students, prepared me for pro-life leadership, and never let me
back down - even when I faced opposition. – Sierra




Pacific Northwest RC | jan 2016

Rocky Mountain RD | jan 2016

Great Lakes RC | jan 2016

Lisa Atkins supports
students in OR, WA, ID,
MT, AK, and HI.

Lauren Castillo (Regional
Director) supports students
in, CO, NM, WY, IA, UT, and

Anna Held supports
students in MI, IN, and OH.


Having a Regional Coordinator was essential for the growth
of our club. She helped us generate ideas, combat
opposition on campus, navigate sensitive situations with
fellow students, and stay motivated in our efforts to promote
life on campus. I can’t imagine leading a club without the
support of someone like her! – Rachel





Capital Area RC | jan 2016

Northeast RC | jan 2016

Southwest RC | jan 2016

Michele Hendrickson
supports students in VA, MD,
DC, PA, and DE.

Keri Landeche supports
students in NY and NJ.

Katie Martin supports
students in OK and TX.

You guided us, encouraged us, and inspired us with your
addictive enthusiasm. You changed my life... I thank you
for your example. – Peter




Great Lakes RD | jan 2016

Midwest RC | jan 2016

New England RC | jan 2016

R.J. McVeigh (Regional
Director) supports students
in MI, IN, and OH.

Reagan Nielsen supports
students in NE, KS, IL, IA, and

Jane Riccardi supports
students in ME, VT, NH, CT,
MA, and RD.


Starting up a Students for Life Club is always difficult, but it
would have been next to impossible without a Regional
Coordinator. She enabled us to not only get the club up and running, but to actually start making an impact on the
campus. Being able to get speedy and effective assistance from a
coordinator is a huge blessing. – Michael





Appalachian RC | jan 2016

Northern RC | jan 2016

West Coast RC | jan 2016

Brenna Hartwell supports
students in KY, TN, and WV.

Maddie Schulte supports
students in WI and MN.

Emily Wilkinson supports
students in CA and NV.

I am thankful for Students for Life abundant resources: our RC, speakers,
postcards, signs, etc. My RC has been there since the very beginning;
supporting me and helping me with any difficulty or challenges that came
my way. He has been there to give me great advice that helped me work
with my administration and get my group started. He showed me that I was
not the only pro-life person out there and it gave me the courage to start
my group. - Carter

Not pictured:
Ryan Eyrich - Southeast Regional Coordinator
Ryan supports students in NC, SC, GA, and FL.
Jake Simon - Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Pregnant on Campus
Coordinator | jan 2016

Beth supports students who
participate in our Pregnant
on Campus Initiative.

Jake supports students in AZ, NM, CO, UT, and WY.

Is your state not listed?
That’s okay! We can still help you!
Email to find out how you can
start or grow your student group.


The Leadership Summit was amazing...I thought it was
gonna be really boring and lame and I wasn’t going to
learn anything that would ever help me with our club. I
couldn’t have been more wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed
every minute, and I’m so pumped! – Berea

Regional Leadership Summits
Spring 2016- Fall 2017

Students for Life Leadership Summits are a great opportunity to
network with pro-life students, to connect with other pro-life leaders in the region, and
to get the leadership training you need to effectively run your group. SFLA provides
highly specialized training for group leaders to address the challenges and
opportunities you face at your school. Contact your Regional Coordinator to find
information about leadership summits in your region.


Without you visiting our club, training us, and giving us
resources, I doubt we would have a pro-life club today.
Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless! – Bethany

SFLA Trainings
Free | Group Training | 2016

All SFLA trainings are offered in person or via Skype with a qualified
SFLA team member. To schedule a training today email or
contact your Regional Coordinator!


Thank you, it was an absolute treasure to have you here
with us! I am excited to use some of what I learned today
for future pro-life conversations :) And of course for our
tabling next week! – Rosana


Effective Practices

Apologetics 101



$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free









The pro-life
movement is
counting on
students to stand
up! This training is
designed to help
run an effective
group by
teaching you how
to become an
active and visible
presence at your

Apologetics is the
art of reasoning
and dialogue. In
this training, we
teach your group
how to effectively
dialogue with
your peers about
abortion with
courage and

Learn how to be an
effective pro-life
leader, how to raise
up leaders to carry
on your mission,
and how to
leadership when
you graduate.

Learn how to be an
effective pro-life
leader, how to raise
up leaders to carry
on your mission, and
how to
leadership when you

Thank you so much for coming to talk with us! It was so
encouraging and we learned so much! I so appreciate
you sharing your passion and time with us! – Becci



Planning Your Year

Rapid Response

$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free









Fundraising for
your group can be
a challenge. This
training includes
tips and tricks to
develop fundraising
strategies that work
for your group.

Are you having
a difficult time
recruiting or
retaining members?
Learn how to grow
a movement at your

In this training,
we help you break
down the planning
process to set your
group up for
success for the
entire school year.

This training
covers what system
your group needs
have in place in
order to be able to
identify and
respond quickly to
pro-abortion events
taking place at your


Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation,
you really answered a lot and I would love to just pick
your brain for a very long time! – Maria



Apologetics 201


And More.......

$ 80.00 | Free

$80.00 | Free

$ 80.00 | Free



High School




If your group wants
to learn how to
offer hope and
alternatives to
women seeking
abortion, this
training is for you.

This training is
designed for the
student who
already has an
knowledge of
pro-life apologetics
and wants to tackle
the tough topics of
abortion in cases of
life of the mother,
rape, and bodily

This high school
specific training
teaches you how to
talk about
abstinence with
your peers and
defend your own
choices while
exposing the myths
of “safe sex”.

Our team works
hard to create the
trainings your group
needs to thrive. If
you feel the need
for club training in
any topic, please
contact your
Coordinator today!

I feel so blessed to have been able to partake in this fellowship, and I am so
thankful to Students for Life for making it happen. It has helped me get a
realistic glimpse into the movement which I hope to eventually work in and
it has given me the training, knowledge, and connections I need to really be
able to make a difference in my community. If you ever hope to help lead the
pro-life movement, or even if you simply want to improve your leadership
skills, this fellowship is for you! – Kaitlynn, Stevens Fellow

SFLA Leadership Fellowships
july 2016 - april 2017

Are you an officer in your Students for Life group? Do you aspire to continue your work in the
Pro-life Movement after High School or College? Do you want to be mentored by a national prolife leader? If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then you should consider applying for
an SFLA Leadership Fellowship!

William Wilberforce Fellowship

Thaddeus Stevens Fellowship

Free | College | july 2016 - april 2017

Free | High School | july 2016 - april 2017

Talk to your Regional Coordinator about
applying for the Wilberforce Fellowship.

Talk to your Regional Coordinator about
applying for the Stevens Fellowship.


Being part of the Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship this year has given
me an outlet to explore leadership on a new level I could not have
reached on my own. It has equipped me with the tools to become a
better leader not only in pro-life work, but also in other areas of my life
If you want to take your calling as a leader seriously and up your game
in the fight for life, I highly recommend applying to this program.
– Laura, Wilberforce Fellow

SFLA Leadership Fellowships Mission
july 2016 - april 2017

The mission of Students for Life of America’s Leadership Fellowships is to raise up the
next generation of pro-life leaders. We want to train student pro-life activists to be
leaders on campus and beyond and to network with their counterparts in the national
pro-life movement to help further develop their skills. Simply put, the SFLA Leadership
Fellowship is the training you need to continue your work in the Pro-life Movement.

What to Expect
During the school year the Wilberforce and Stevens Fellows will…
• Learn what it takes to be a leader by reading various books and participating in calls and biweekly conference calls for discussion and guest speaker lectures.
• Apply the skills they learn to their campus pro-life groups and completing a capstone fellowship project.
• Assist Students for Life of America in its mission of equipping the pro-life generation.
• Work with their Mentor (a leader of an existing national pro-life organization) who will help
network them with the national pro-life movement and assist in personal growth.


We really needed support and guidance as my school was
first starting our club and throughout the year with trainings
and other events. Having someone to help us answer all
of our questions and concerns as well really helps our club
keep going throughout the year. We are so thankful to have
this resource and support! – Katherine

Guidebooks & Books
Free | Print Resources | 2016

Ready to start a group? Our guidebooks and books were written just for
you! The Guidebooks contain detailed instructions on starting and running a pro-life
group. Each guidebook includes examples of a group constitution, meeting agendas,
event guides, etc. We know our guidebooks will both encourage you and help you to
create a vision for what you can accomplish at your school and in your community.


Thank you so much for all of your faith, encouragement
and support... Without you, I do not believe the club would
be having as successful and productive a year as we are.
So thank you! These semester closing ideas are
wonderful. I love all of them. – Paige


College Guidebook

Home School Guidebook

$ 15.00 | Free

$ 15.00 | Free



Your “step by step”
guide to starting and
running a college
pro-life group.

Your “step by
step” guide to
starting and
running a
home school
pro-life group.



High School Guidebook

Youth Minister Guidebook

$ 15.00 | Free

$ 15.00 | Free




Your “step by
step” guide to
starting and
running a
high school
pro-life group.




Your “step by
step” guide to
helping youth start
and run a pro-life group in your

*Please note: If you order an activism kit (featured on page 24), a guidebook will be included.

We will be focused this semester not just on education
and raising awareness about the issue, but how to be
BOLD about it... it’s time we stand up bolder than we
have ever been in changing a culture that remains
silent on the issue. – Lisa

Advanced Strategy Guidebook
$ 20.00 | Free

Take your group to the next level with our
Advanced Strategy Guidebook. Filled with
tips on fundraising, handling difficult media,
and forming a movement on campus this
little guidebook packs a punch. You won’t
want to miss the timeline of the pro-life
movement or the tips for holding a counter
protest either. Make sure to order your
group’s Advanced Strategy Guidebook


We learn from each other and from the example set
by leaders in SFLA and other pro-life organizations.
– Stephanie

$10.00 | Free
Every day in America, pro-life students are ending abortion. Yet, their stories, which
are real and messy, won’t make the news headlines. However, they must be told.
It is their stories, their courage and dedication, that scare the abortion industry
daily because they know this generation is pro-life. Their stories will inspire and
encourage you to as you join with us to abolish
abortion in our lifetime!

Students for Life
$ 7.00 | Free

With an introduction by Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of
America, this book is specifically geared for use by young advocates in the
pro-life cause. The authors help you educate other young people about the
physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual effects that abortion has on
women. Students for Life, is a ‘manual’ that addresses tough questions in a
format that is concise and straightforward.


I was made for greatness, thank you for helping me
realize that. – Bailey

SFLA Info Cards
Free | Print Resources | 2016

Info Cards are a great way to get pro-life information

into other students’
hands. If you are a part of an active student pro-life group you can order any amount you need for an
event, literature distribution, or tabling. Order topic cards online at, or ask your Regional Coordinator and get your info cards for FREE.


Please keep in mind that this isn’t just ‘that club you did
in college’ but a movement. We are giving a voice to
the voiceless, and defending innocent life! We have the
opportunity to change the future, so that more
people can live. – Amanda




Life of the Mother

What about Rape?

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

What about the Life of the Mother?

Answering the difficult questions surrounding
abortion in the case of rape.

Fetal Abnormalities

Fetal Pain

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

Understanding prenatal diagnosis. What’s best
for mother and child?

Ask your peers if they think abortion should be
legal after the child can feel pain.

Thanks so much for helping us and hanging out
with us! It was the highlight of my week! And
thanks for all the info too. – Rosy

What Does PP Have Planned for You?

Planned Parenthood Project

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

Learn how Planned Parenthood creates a customer.

Statistics from Planned Parenthood’s own
annual report.

Women Betrayed

Post Abortive

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

Learn about the latest undercover investigation into
Planned Parenthood and see how many other resources
are out there for women and children.

Provide healing resources for those who have
already had an abortion.


…it's not about me anymore, it's about saving babies
and protecting mothers! – Kate

What if it’s

my Fault?
We Need Legal Abortion

Not My Fault

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

Dispel the myths surrounding access to abortion.

Our High School version of the “What about
Rape?” info card.
It may not be too late.
Have you taken your first dose of the
ABORTION PILL (RU-486)? Do you regret your
decision and wish you could reverse it?
It might not be too late for an effective process
nurses are waiting to help you.

“I took the abortion pill,
and now I regret it.


Call the 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline


For additional help, see: &


“Safe Sex”

Abortion Pill Reversal

$ 7.50 | Free | info card

$ 7.50 | Free | drop card

This card will help you debunk the myths
surrounding “safe sex”.

The abortion pill is reversible. Let those who
regret taking it know where they can go for help!

Having the regional coordinator come to our campus for
training and help with events has been extremely
valuable for my club. It has made us feel more connected
to the greater cause, and we always know that there is
someone we can go to for help. – Steven


Pregnant? You’re not alone.

$ 7.50 | Free

$ 7.50 | Free

info card

drop card

Does overpopulation
justify abortion?
Information and
statistics will help
answer this

Use these drop
cards to help send
pregnant students
abortion to our

resources website.

Human Development

Before You Take Plan B

$ 7.50 | Free

$ 7.50 | Free

info card

drop card

Our new human development info card
on human
in-utero from the
beginning to birth and

Business sized
drop cards to
educate your
peers on Plan B.


Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into training
me as a pro-life leader. – Aleah


We stand for all human life, from conception to natural
death. We will end abortion in our lifetime through
activism, education, and helping women in need.
We do educational outreach on campus via information
tables and campus displays to teach our school about the
reality of abortion and how it hurts women and

We volunteer with local resources for pregnant and
single parents to support them in choosing life.
We participate in local and national protests for the lives
of the pre-born and attend the annual National March
for Life.

We have prayer/silent protest at the closest abortion







Personalizable Recruitment Cards
$ 7.50 | Free | info card

Ready to go for your recruitment event? Order these postcards to use for
your group recruitment. There’s even a place for your group to put your
personal club information. How cool is that?

I got the activism kit last week! Thank you so much.
I went through everything and it got me so excited to
start this club. – Kristen

Activism Kit
$ 35.00 | Free
club starter kit

If you are looking to start a new College,
Home School, or High School Students
for Life group, contact your Regional
Coordinator today, or email to get your
free Activism Kit! It includes all the
resources you need to start your new group

Our Activism Kit Includes:
• Abortion Facts and Statistics
• SFLA Group Guidebook
• Fetal Development Information
• Adoption Information
• How to Defend Your Pro-Life Views in 5
Minutes or Less by Scott Klusendorf
• Watch Your Rhetoric Guide
• Corresponding Guidebook
• Sample Meeting Agendas
• Event Ideas
• Student Rights at Public Schools
• Fundraising 101
• SFLA Topic Cards
• FREE copy of Students for Life by Scott
Klusendorf and Scott Ensor
• 10 Tips on How to be a Successful
Pro-life Leader
• Other Free Resources!


The Day of Silence was a wonderful success. I am very
thankful for all who participated! We handed out over 150
flyers to people on campus, and got 8 peoples information for
the club. We had a handful of people thank us for standing up
for life and tell us what a good thing we were doing! – Amber

$ 20.00 | Free

For each monthly Event-in-a-Box, we release a
blog with information about the topic we are
focusing on. We include why doing the event
is important, information on what is in the
box, and how to use the box effectively.
Excerpt from our August-Time to Recruit
Event-in-a-Box: What’s in the Box?

Do you want a free and easy event for
your group to do each month? We’ve
got you covered! Each month, your
group can visit and
order a free High School or College


• Student sign-up sheet
• “I am the pro-life generation” stickers
• SFLA Topic cards addressing abortion
in the cases of rape and incest, fetal
abnormalities, overpopulation, health of
the mother, and personhood
• Group Advertisement Flyer template
• Plan Your Year Guide
• Sample Meeting Agenda

I think the most important thing I have learned from
leading this club is that we need to keep the conversation
going continuously, because the media is generally
discussing the pro-life side in a negative
or false view. – Amanda

Flyers & Flyering Campaigns

Flyers are a great way to educate your school about group
events and share pro-life messages! They also can be used
for a Flyering Campaign which can be a great first event for
your group! Do you need a ready made flyer to advertise a
movie or a club meeting? Find flyers to download and print
right from our website at
Check out just a few of our fabulous Flyering Campaigns:

• Adoption
• Fetal Development
• Expose Planned Parenthood
• Resources for after abortion help and healing
• Pro-Life in Your Career


This is what we want – people to have conversation about
our club and what we stand for! Even people who adamantly
oppose our club are having to think about issues we are
presenting... Even if they walk away disagreeing with our
stance, they now have something to think about: why does
Students for Life consider this such a big deal? – Louisa

These tri-fold brochures are packed with hard-hitting statistics and
empirical data from peer reviewed journal articles, case studies, and
research papers. Each brochure addresses the link between
abortion and a serious health issue. They were created through a joint
cooperation with Med Students for Life and the American Association
of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG). Request these
brochures from your RC for tabling events or order at our online store.*

Abortion & BreastCancer

$ 7.50 | Free

$ 7.50 | Free

$ 7.50 | Free





Ending a pregnancy
before 32 weeks,
either by 2nd trimester
miscarriage, preterm

One of the strongest
risk factors for preterm
birth is previous
induced abortion.

Abortion in young
women may be
associated with
increased risk of

This brochure
includes information
on the increased risk
of suicide in women

mental health

who choose abortion
rather than birth.

$ 7.50 | Free

birth, or induced
abortion increases a
woman’s risk of
breast cancer.


Abortion & Preterm Birth Abortion &MentalHealth Abortion & Suicide

*Disclaimer: These brochures may include information that is not appropriate for high school students.

Thank you to everyone that could help with the
Planned Parenthood Project display today. It went
SO WELL and we had so many good conversations
with both pro-life and pro-choice people. – Steven

SFLA Campus Displays
Free | Table Top and Banner Displays | 2016

Ready to take your impact to the next level? Display tours
bring awareness to the pro-life movement on your campus. Students for Life offers
multiple displays each year that are guaranteed to get your campus talking about the
issue of abortion and pro-life views. If you would like to book a table top or banner
display for your student group contact your Regional Coordinator or contact to find out which displays are available.


Your presence at our campus greatly improved the
confidence of our club; you didn’t just tell us what
we should do to help us become more effective,
but you showed us, you did it with us. – Dixie

When do Human Rights Begin?

Fetal Pain

$ 1,000 | Free | Banner or Table Top Display

$ 300 | Free | Table Top Display

Dialogue on human development and human rights. Educate on fetal pain and abortion after 20 weeks.

We Care Planned Parenthood Project


$ 1,000 | Free | Banner Display

$ 1,000 | Free | Banner Display

Raise awareness about sexual assault and answer
the difficult questions surrounding abortion
in the case of rape.

Expose Planned Parenthood on your campus
using statistics from Planned Parenthood’s own
annual report.

Today CSFL did something undeniably controversial. We stepped out into the
public square with a message that we understood would stir up a strong
emotional response from those who do not see eye to eye with the Pro Life
message. Many asked us a simple and good question, “Why are you here?” Why
stir up emotion over the abortion debate on a Catholic campus that doesn’t
support Planned Parenthood? The answer is simple: because abortion is legal
and swept under the rug too often as a topic of legitimate debate, even at
Creighton University. This project changed that atmosphere. It brought abortion, if
even for only one day, to the forefront of people’s minds and hearts. – Mike

I mpor tant Note About Campus Displays
We und e r s tan d t h at it can be dif f ic u l t to br ing s o m ething co ntrover s ial
onto your camp us. However, it is inc redibl y im po r tant! We want yo u to
e m bra ce th e co nt roversy wit h bo ldnes s and l ove. O u r c am pu s dis pl ays
a re not me ant to make p eo ple an gr y o r c au s e dis s entio n. They are m eant
to confront st udent s wit h t h e real it y o f the abo r tio n indu s tr y and the
e ffe c t that it h as o n men , wo men , and the prebo r n. We tak e tim e to train
your group in h ow to ef fec t ively util ize the dis pl ay to c reate pro du c tive
a nd li fe s avin g dialo gue.
I f you r group is un sure if t h ey are ready fo r a dis pl ay, o r is feel ing
ne r vou s ab o ut t h e p o tent ial o utco m e o f a dis pl ay pl eas e co ntac t yo u r
R e gi ona l Co o rdin ato r. Yo ur R egio nal Co o rdinato r c an s hare co u ntl es s
s tor i e s of h ow t h e disp lays h ave p o s itivel y im pac ted and s aved l ives.


Students for Life of America has taught me so
much and pushed me to always live to bring about
a culture of life at my high school, in my
community, and in my city. – Gabe

Online Resources
Free | SFLA Website | 2016

Are you Plugged in? Our website is the one stop shop for students who
are both starting and growing their Students for Life groups. If you’re looking for
resources, pro-life news, pro-life conferences, pro-life speakers, event ideas, display
tours and much more, look no further. Check out and then
click on the category that describes you best: college, high school, young adult,
medical student, or law student.


When our club got stuck or didn’t know which direction
to take, or even if we were just feeling overwhelmed, you
were always just a phone call away. – Madelyn

Group Fundraising Web Page
$ 49.99 | Free
Online Resource

Students for Life has created fundraising web pages just for your
student group. These fundraising web pages are great for any
group fundraising. It is 501c3 tax exempt, which means donations
are tax free, and SFLA does not take any cut of the money that
you raise! Contact your Regional Coordinator to get your student
group online fundraising webpage setup!

Students for Life Apparel
Online Resource

Spread the message with Students for Life apparel.
• T-shirts
• Onesies
• Drawstring Bags
• Stickers
• Bracelets
• Signs


Learning how to better plan my year, coordinate members
of my group, and how to be a better apologist and activist
has helped me in all aspects of my pro-life activism. – Sam

SFLA Videos
Online Resource

Watch our videos for tips on group management,
activism, and group strategy. Videos are a great way to
start off a group meeting or to help your Executive Board
grow as leaders. Videos can be found at:

Students for Life Resources
Online Resource

To order resources for your student group go to To get these resources for
FREE make sure to contact your Regional Coordinator today!!!
• Activism Kits
• Drop Cards
• Info Cards
• Event-in-a-Box
• Guidebooks


This app has made all the difference in my pro-life
work. I’m like a human pro-life dictionary! – Scarlet

Social Media

Abolish Abortion App



Online Resource

Online Resource

Over 60% of millennials get their news
online. The majority spend more than 7
hours a day on their personal
accounts. Are you sharing the pro-life
message online? We have seen changed
hearts and saved lives! Share pro-life
images with your friends and family on
social media.

Ever needed a good pro-life argument at
your fingertips? Or what about awesome
fetal development facts and photos, like
ASAP? Or the closest pregnancy resource
The official Abolish Abortion app has
everything you need to be an effective
pro-life activist right at the touch of your
iPhone, iPod or iPad. Avalable at and in the
iTunes App Store!


The other day I ran into the lady from last year’s
baby save, and she has the sweetest little one now!!!
Makes it all so worth it. – Sierra

Pregnant on Campus Initiative
Free | Initiative | 2016

Bring hope and resources to your campus!


The Pregnant on
Campus Initiative (PonC) encourages student groups to advocate for pregnant and parenting
students. Student groups who join the PonC program promote, provide, and expand
resources on campus, as well as offering support to local pregnancy resource centers and
other supportive organizations. Even the smallest signs of hope can make the difference for
a woman choosing life over abortion. Ask you Regional Coordinator how you can become an
official Pregnant on Campus group. For more information visit

My pregnancy was filled with some of the hardest times
of my life, but it’s had the best outcome. – Claire

Pregnant on Campus Guidebook
$ 15.00 | Free

Everything you need to help your student group implement
the Pregnant on Campus Initiative and successfully begin
providing resources on your campus.

Pregnant on Campus Marketing Guide
Pregnant on Campus
Marketing Guide

An initiative brought to you by

$ 15.00 | Free
Marketing Guide

What do you need to market the Pregnant on Campus
Initiative on your campus? This guidebook will walk you
through the ins and outs of making sure the resources are
well known and easily accessible to every pregnant and
parenting student.


It was never my plan to be parenting and going to school. I
was terrified when expecting my first child, but it has been
completely worth it. I would not change anything... I love
attending college and I love being a mother. – Amberosity

Pregnant and Parenting Resource Survey
and Guide
Resources Survey and Guide

This survey is a resource designed by Students for Life of America
and Feminists for Life. By completing this survey, you will be able to
effectively identify and promote the local and national resources for
pregnant and parenting students. Your answers are then turned into
a Pregnant and Parenting Resource Guide for your campus so that
you have a complete guide for pregnancy resources.

Pregnant on Campus Website
Resources Website

We will add a unique resources page to our PonC
website for your campus! If you have completed a
Resource Guide for Pregnant and Parenting
Students (or you have a similar resource), please
email our PonC Coordinator, Beth Rahal, at


Our passion is now controlled, strategic, professional,
and more effective than ever before… We are the
Pro-Life Future. – John

Pro-Life Future
Post - College | Initiative | 2016

Being in the Pro-Life Generation doesn’t stop at graduation.
Pro-Life Future is a national, grassroots initiative of Students for Life of America, which
brings together like-minded pro-life young adults and provides them with a place to meet
for fellowship and action. Since 2006, SFLA has trained more than 20,000 young pro-life
leaders, effectively changing the face of the pro-life movement, and Pro-Life Future will
be an exciting avenue for those same leaders to stay involved in the movement, meet
other pro-lifers and engage in activism after graduation.


Currently there is a generational gap in the movement that must
be filled. College students are engaged more than ever before.
Middle aged and retirees are continuing to be very active in the
movement. Now, through the creation of Pro-Life Future,
Generation Y will also have a home within the movement and a
group of peers to band together with. Together, we will
achieve an end to abortion! – Sara

Pro-Life Future Mission
• To provide a community, a place that
pro-lifers outside of college can meet
regularly in their city for fellowship
and action.
• To build relationships and recruit more
people to grow the pro-life movement.
• To use the experiences and passion
from college and turn it into real action
ending abortion right where they
are – in their cities.

Contact if you are interested in finding or starting
a pro-life future chapter in your community.

I am pro-life because I stopped and heard about your
organization and I wanna say thank you guys for the
education. I am proud to speak up for those innocent
that have no voice. – Joseph

Rock For Life

Engaging….Through Music

Rock for Life is promoting human rights for
all people, born and preborn, by engaging
the culture through music and education.
Rock for Life’s message is the personhood
message that each and every human being
is a person from his or her biological

• Presenting educational booths at festivals.

To Learn More Visit:

• Equipping bands with pro-life resources for tour.

• Hosting Rock for Life concerts.
• Producing pro-life compilation CD’s.
• Equipping hundreds of bands in presenting the
personhood message.

Engaging….Through Education
• Providing literature to students and youth groups.
• Speaking at concerts and youth rallies.
• Maintaining RFL chapters around the country.

Engaging….Through Activism

• Encouraging and participating in peaceful, legal
street level activism.


My SFLA Regional Coordinator dropped everything to come
and support our club when we were in our darkest hour and
facing discrimination. If it were not for her, Wilson Students
for Life would not have ever been started, much less would
it have flourished to the place we are now. – Bryce

Legal Support

As the pro-life student movement has
grown, discrimination by public school
administrations has become more
frequent. Students trying to start a club
or host events as an active club are
constantly being censored by their
principals, teachers, and other school
officials. Bottom Line: If you attend a
public school, your administration
cannot censor you or place different
requirements on you in any way.
If you think you are experiencing
discrimination at your public or private
school, please contact Students for Life
of America immediately at:


The conference gave me plenty of ideas and
encouragement to take back to my group. - Sean

National Conferences
Whether you are planning to travel to Washington, D.C. for the
March for Life or San Francisco for the Walk for Life, there is a SFLA National Conference for
you. The SFLA National Conference is the largest pro-life conference in the entire world.
The Students for Life East and West Coast Conferences are a one-day event that provides education,
training, and opportunities with pro-life activists from across America and national leaders who all
know just how vital this pro-life generation is to abolishing abortion in our lifetime.
Get energized in your battle to protect the pre-born and their mothers and learn how to be more
effective at saving lives on your campus or in your community. Find out more at



Student s for Life of America student s

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