Each Star lord is allotted fixed no of Solar years.

Total solar years ie 120 years is distributed among 9 stars as under. KETU 7YEARS, VENUS 20 YEARS,SUN---6 YEARS, MOON---10 YEARS MARS---7 YEARS,RAHU---18 YEARS, JUPITER---16 YEARS SATURN 19 YEARS, MERCURY 17 YEARS The period may also be called as total DASA period of each planet.

Dasa of a native starts right from his birth. It is calculated based on Moon pos ition at the time of birth The exact longitude of Moon and the constellation in which it is deposited is noted along with the star lord or Constellation lord. For example In a native chart Moon is posted in Taurus sign @17.d 34min. we can say it is in moon star Rohini. [ 0-10 deg belong to sun star krithika .in Taurus ] and it has already traveled 7d.34m Each star longitude is 13d.20m or 800 minutes. Here moon has traversed 454 minut es and balance moon dasa will be 346 minutes in the star Rohini If one has to calculate balance das at birth it will be 346/800 x10 = 4.325 years or 4 yea rs.3m.27d. [ minutes traversed in the star dived by total minutes for the star multiplayer by dasa period of the star in question] 4.325 4 years .325*12 = 3.900 .900 * 30 = 27.000

3 months 27 days

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