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For use by Stonewall Democrats of Dallas

2016 State Level Candidate Questionnaire

1. Why are you seeking the endorsement from Stonewall Democrats of Dallas?
I am an attorney and am running for State Representative for House District 107, which covers parts of East
Dallas, South Garland, and Mesquite. I am seeking and would be honored to receive an endorsement from
the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas (Stonewall) because I share Stonewalls values of LGBT equality. Our
race is one of the few swing districts in Texas and is going to be one of the most competitive. I need
Stonewalls support and help in our campaign to unseat Republican incumbent, Kenneth Sheets, the current
State Representative, who is anti-LGBT. I hope to work together with Stonewall to fight for LGBT equality
as an advocate in the Texas Legislature.

2. What are your plans to support or participate in a coordinated campaign in the general election in
Dallas County?
I am open to supporting or participating in a coordinated campaign, provided a cost/ benefit analysis
makes sense and it helps with voter turnout in our District.

3. Will you use the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas endorsement in or on:

a) your website.

b) your campaign literature and mailers


c) your social media assets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


d) your campaign advertisements


4. When elected, how will you recruit, retain, and create a friendly environment for LGBT and LGBTfriendly staff?
I would hope to work with Stonewall and other LGBT organizations to recruit, retain and create a friendly
environment for LGBT and LGBT-friendly staff.

5. Would you be willing to appoint a liaison to meet with the LGBT community on a ongoing basis? If
not, why?

6. Will you be willing to lead or support efforts to develop a LGBT Taskforce, similar to the structure
and mission the Dallas City Council developed?


7. How would you lead or support state legislation and/or constitutional amendments pertaining to:
a) LGBT Couples adopting?
I would analyze the possibility of amending the Texas Family Code which governs adoptions
and family law cases in Texas. The U.S. Supreme Courts decision in the Obergefell case
should help; however, there are other issues that need to be addressed, such as permitting
same-sex parents to be listed on the amended birth certificate. Rep. Rafael Anchia has
introduced legislation in the past regarding this issue and I would support such legislation.

b) LGBT Couples providing foster care?

I would analyze the possibility of amending the Texas Family Code and authoring statutes to
ensure that the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services employees evaluating
families for foster care do not discriminate against potential LGBT foster parents.

c) Supporting the repeal of the sodomy law that was ruled unconstitutional by the United
States Supreme Court?

I would author or join in legislation repealing the sodomy law that was struck down as
unconstitutional in Lawrence v. Texas. It only makes sense that this discriminatory law is
taken off our books.

d) Supporting safe schools for LGBT students?

I would look at the Texas Education Code and for other opportunities in other statutes to
provide LGBT students equal treatment and coverage under statutes concerning
discriminatory treatment of LGBT students, including bullying by employees and/or other

e) Supporting the repeal of the Texas Marriage/Civil Union Amendment

I would author or join in such legislation to amend the Texas constitution so that our
constitution complies with the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in the Obergefell case.

8. How would you address the recent trend of state government adding medically unnecessary
procedures to the course of treatments pertaining to women's health (e.g. the requirement to have
a witnessed sonogram prior to the legal termination of a pregnancy)?
I would fight against such attempts to erode a womans right to choose. I believe that a womans right to
choose emanates from the Fourteenth Amendments Due Process Clause which protects a womans
fundamental right to privacy.

9. What would you do to support and assist people with mental illness who must rely on the public
system for care in or out of incarceration?

I would advocate for reform of our criminal justice system and would want to work with mental health
experts, the judiciary, and other providers to evaluate options to provide treatment to people with mental
health, rather than incarcerate non-violent offenders. I would need to look at possible amendments to
sections of the Texas Penal Code and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.


10. How would you lead or support efforts to provide better funding for health care and better health
care options for all Texas residents?
I would advocate to restore the Texas Womens Health Program, improve support for Medicaid, the
Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and advocate to accept the federal funding available to Texas
to help close the coverage gap.

11. Would you support an ACA Medicaid expansion in Texas?


12. How would you lead or support the efforts to teach comprehensive sexual education in Texas?
Texas has some of the highest teen birth rates in the nation. The abstinence-only approach is not working
and teens need education regarding contraception methods and prevention of sexually transmitted

13. How would you lead or support legislation to comparable to a proposed federal Equality Act
providing employment and residence non-discrimination protections for LGBT citizens by the Texas
State Legislature?
Texas laws are skewed in favor of employers rather than employees from my experience practicing civil
and employment law. I would analyze the Texas Labor Code and employment discrimination statutes to
find places where LGBT protections need to be added.

14. What specific ideas do you have and/or what current legislation would you support to improve our
state economy and address the wealth disparity in Texas?
Investing in public education is the key to addressing the great wealth disparity in our state and improving
our economy. The State Legislature cut $5 billion from our public schools several years ago and has failed
to fully restore the cuts.
I believe that everyone benefits when we have an educated populace and it is our responsibility to make
sure that we invest in our public schools so that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status or the
zip code in which they live, receive access to a quality education that puts them on track to achieve a
college degree.

As the daughter of a father with a 6th grade education, I understand that with hard work and a good
education, families can achieve the American dream. I believe that no matter what ones background, all
Texas children should have access to a quality public education.

During the 2015 legislative session, my opponent voted for a budget in which the spending per student in
Texas, when adjusted for inflation, will actually decrease by 2017. Rather than fully investing in public
education and improving Texas abysmal rank in the bottom third in the country in spending per pupil, my
opponent voted to give away $1.5 billion in tax breaks benefitting big business. The 176,000 residents of
District 107 deserve better. Texas families deserve better. I decided fight back to protect the education that
every child needs. I believe it is crucial that we invest now in Texas children so that Texas families and our
seniors have a brighter future.

I will fight to:

Fully restore budget cuts to our childrens public schools;

Improve student to teacher class size ratios;

Recruit and retain the best and brightest people into the teaching profession;
Reduce high-stakes testing and give teachers the freedom to teach;
Invest in full-day Pre-Kindergarten; and

Ensure that textbooks accurately reflect and do not omit critical history lessons.

I believe that it is essential that we invest in early childhood education to help close achievement gaps.
According to studies, about 85 percent of a childs brain development occurs before a child turns five years
old. As such, I believes investment in full-day pre-kindergarten education will be a critical step to
improving literacy and graduation rates of Texas students.

15. How would you handle a situation in which you or an employee under you felt the need to not
fulfill all your lawful work duties due to deeply held religious beliefs?

There a balancing test that must occur when weighing ones Fourteenth Amendment rights against ones
First Amendment rights, so I would need more specifics to properly answer this question. However, if this
question is trying to determine whether I would act like the Governor and Attorney General who have
urged government employees to disregard his or her lawful work duties because of alleged deeply held
religious beliefs, then have no worries. I believe that in this situation, especially given the Supreme Courts
decision in Obergefell, ones Fourteenth Amendment rights to equal protection under the law trump ones
First Amendment rights to freedom of religion; and the scales must tip in favor of equality.

16. How would you lead or support legislation restoring public education funding in Texas that was
dramatically cut after the 2008 recession?
Same answer as my response to Question 14.

17. How would you lead or support legislation restoring previous funding for HIV prevention in Texas?
I would analyze past attempts to pass such legislation, the language of the proposed bills, and look for allies
and funding sources for HIV prevention.

I, Victoria Neave, am seeking an endorsement from the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas for the 2016 elections.

Signed___________________________________ Date__12/28/2015________________________