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I cant believe its taken me this long to figure out the secret of the

Im sitting here typing this with the gooey gel of Crest Whitestrips stuck to
the edge of my gums. I can feel the bitter taste percolate to the roof of my
mouth like peanut butter but far less edible.
The last few days have been interesting.
Kind of a snowball effect.
Im a big believer in momentum when it comes to this self-actualization
stuff. I think its the key. On a day when I finish my work, I feel driven to hit
up the gym too. Then Im gonna go get a tan like a massive poser guido, and
grab a protein shake. Then Im gonna stick in my Crest Whitestrips and
tickle my mouth with peroxide while I do my best to offer value to you fine
fellows. Then Im gonna go meditate, then Im gonna go out and socialize or
find a lady friend to spend time with.
On a day where I dont finish my work, I might decide to take a break and
play some Halo 3 on my Xbox 360. Some 11 year-old on the other end of
the microphone may convince me that there is no hope for the future of our
species. Then Im gonna go open a tub of ice cream and eat begrudgingly
until the tub is done or the game is over. Then Im gonna go look at some
porn, jack off, and go to bed.
You see how it works? Pretty funny but in some form or another its
probably similar for most of you.
Anyways. Just wanted to make that point. So I achieved a more lasting
momentum by beginning my week-long positivity challenge (that I posted
up about last Monday). As Borat would say, great success, I win me! But in
the process I uncovered a lot about this whole game than I thought I would.
Let me share
So first I made sure I didnt allow ANY negativity in ANY of my
interactions. It was hard and required a lot of mindfulness. Sometimes Id
just realize Im having a negative conversation and say sorry, but youre
gonna make me fail my positivity challenge and walk away from the

person. Shit like that amuses me, and also accomplishes the goal. Which is
surrounding yourself with positive (aka worthwhile) people.
All the while I found myself having to force smiles and laughter. I wondered
why that was. At first I attributed it to my shitty sense of humour. Thats
probably the actual reason. But I realized its because, deep down, I hate
myself. I dont respect myself. Its just covered up by all these behaviours
carefully designed by my ego to convince me Im worthy of others. But
never bothering to look in because if I did, I would see the ego and its
lying eyes.
So heres the secret of the game.
You just have to like yourself.
Thats it. Just like yourself more than you hate yourself. And then embrace
the parts of you that you hate, and they will dissolve as if they never existed.
This was lingering on the tip of my tongue until I read Jedis recent response
to Flannerys LR, which spelled it out for me: You finally rate yourself, and
chicks see this at the core. They see straight through your looks and see the
belief at the core. This is the secret to game.
This truly is the fucking secret. The best kept secret.
Just genuinely like yourself, and everything follows.
The second I realized this, I immediately put it into effect.
All of my success over the past couple days has stemmed directly from this
single effort. To just like myself.
When you like yourself, you are implicitly shining the light on all the things
you dont like. They become loveable quirks. Expendable. They disappear,
and all that is left is that which you truly value.
Feeling good inside your body comes from this.
Right action and self-respect comes from this.
State comes from this.
On some level I realized I was just giving away my power all along. My
entire life Ive been doing it. As Tyler put it in the BP, subtly giving your

power away in ways no one ever really even wanted you to. I was doing
this all along and it was incredibly subtle. I would always give up the
dominant position to the other person. Within the first glance, and if not, the
first words, and if not, the first minute. The only exceptions were the people
my mind told me I could dominate. Obviously a very ego based mindset.
Now Im not saying you should TRY to dominate people. But Ive found
that when you dont give your power away by being chodey, or doing things
you subconsciously know will get you blown out, or assuming the other
person has the dominant reality, then you will automatically dominate them.
Ultimately you want to come to a point where youre equal to everyone, and
thats the way you see things, but in the mean time, when you TRUST
YOURSELF, and go with what you know is right, people will naturally give
up THEIR reality to YOU.
Like, Im an actor, and I applied this concept to my scenes today. I felt I did
horribly, and thought back on all my mediocre performances and tried to
figure out what separated them from the phenomenal, nimbus-tastic
performances. It was this: in my mediocre performances, I was pinging for
reactions from the audience to validate that I was acting well, and I was
pinging from my fellow actors for the way they reacted to me to see how
freely I could make the scene my own. In my nimbownage scenes, I always
trusted in myself, expressed myself creatively in the way I thought was best
for the scene with no second thoughts to how it would be received, and
instead of pinging, just felt vibes as best I could. This is also the key in game
to prevent yourself from becoming a sheltered, strong-headed hermit,
simply FEEL THE VIBE around you instead of MENTALLY PINGING.
Now, here comes the good shit.
Oh baby.
Okay, you know how you try to take on a new social identity and it kind of
flounders and you slip in and out of it and you beat yourself up for not being
Well Im trying to think of a way to express this in words. Its really
difficult to even remotely convey what I mean.

All I can say is that I can suddenly really relate to Android in his I see
infinite and it scares me thread.
Its like, when you connect to reality itself, you realize THERE ARE NO
You can do ANYTHING.
I dont wanna get into another Neo in the Matrix rant so lets just apply this
socially speaking.
Basically, Ive been in the moment nonstop for like two days now. About
90% of the time. It is fucking unreal.
Surreal. But at the same time, so real.
K checkit.
Its like this.
When you realize that the moment is the only thing that ever exists, youre
like nice you can shut up now, hippy. But thinking of it in this way
totally changed my perspective: the moment is the only thing that you can
ever CONTROL. When you want to be awesome, and you want to live fully,
and experience everything to the greatest extent, and you want to be who
you want to be the only way you can do this is by BEING IN THE
MOMENT COMPLETELY, ALL THE TIME. If you only do this socially
and not by yourself, youll feel like a lie. You have to live in this way. Thats
how you get in touch with your higher self.
Some part of me was always scared to enter the moment fully because I felt
Id lose my personality or some bullshit like that.
But the reason Ecky calls it the POWER of NOW is because when youre
always in the moment you are coming into your power. Your true power.
Its hard to explain. You have to experience it for yourself.
A big part of this is not half assing anything. Taking everything to the hilt,
living it to the fullest. If youre doing something calm, fine, do it calmly, but
do it with the utmost attention and presence. If youre singing and dancing,
dont think twice about who might be watching. Rock the fuck out!

Something Ecky said that just clicked for me now after practicing this is that
when youre present, everything you do is QUALITY. This is just so
awesome. Unraveling the toilet paper. Opening a textbook. Walking up the
Acting. Working. Fucking.
As long as you do it with total presence, YOU will notice the massive
increase in quality, and so will others.
The second major benefit Ive noticed from being present all the time is the
ABSENCE OF NEEDINESS. If youre in the moment, youre happy or
comfortable or peaceful in the moment. You dont need anything
validation, approval, sex, certainty, anything. Before I was trying to be nonneedy and this works sometimes but becomes pretty apparent as a state of
doing and not being sooner or later.
I cant place enough emphasis on self-trust here. Remember this all stems
from liking yourself. When you like yourself, you trust yourself, and you
respect yourself enough to ensure everything you do is done with quality, as
a byproduct of being totally present.
But when you trust yourself oh, holy shit. You instantly access whatever
imprint you need. Its fucking awesome. Thats the only way I can describe
it to you. Everything comes out with conviction, self-assured. Not even
slightly pinging or requesting approval. People do this so subtly its absurd.
Conscious competence first. Work on it.
I cant even tell you how much my game has improved from trusting myself
completely. My words come out just the right way, Im completely
confident, I have no superfluous or approval seeking mannerisms. You are
completely centered in your reality. Haha, when I used to hear that guy is
centered I was like yeah, so what youre saying is that hes a boring piece
of shit. No, totally wrong. This is the essence of masculine polarity. This is
how you become naturally screening.
I mean, if you want empirical proof, Im getting checked out by everyone,
constantly. People are reacting to me, hardcore, all the time. Im completely
certain of what I say and do because I trust myself, so I tend to dominate

people absolutely. When I say Im completely certain, I mean you can be

certain of being uncertain. Like if you say Im not sure you say it in a
way that conveys youre sure youre not sure. This is a state of being, not
doing. Its about being the person you always knew you were capable of
being without regard to your ego that was just making rationalizations as to
why you shouldnt.
All right, I wanted to touch on the concept of identity, because my views on
it have changed lately but this is already one long mofo of a short story.
Well leave it at that. Maybe later.
Peace, love and soul, brothas

Creating Your Rhythm & Unspoken Attraction:

RSDnation PoP
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(One of my favorite posts from RSDnation)

Written by: Prince of Persia
Top of the evening to all you fine fellows.
You know, they say once you hit a plateau you cant go back down the mountain,
barring Guy Pearcian amnesia or a bad crack habit.
Now I dont know if thats true, but I sure feel like it.
I feel like my life has flashed before my eyes and a new world is in front of me. A new
reality, as the self actualization lingo goes.
Let me begin the festivities by tooting my own horn.

Thanks to Nathan who provided a recent bump of my magnum opus, I cant believe
its taken me this long to figure out the secret of the game, I re-read my own
musings which represent a brief point in time where I glimpsed the state of being I
am currently basking in back then a moment, but now, with any degree of luck, a
permanent plateau.
Herein, expect no gambits, outer game tactics or Harry Potter incantations. For if
theres one thing Ive learned lately, its that the principles are a thousand times more
effective than any words you can read and splutter forth in subtle striving for fleeting
By the way, I recommend the new Coldplay album. Its less chode than the old ones,
far more optimistic and downright majestic.
But this is not Rolling Stone and I am not Peter Travers.
Recently I noticed that my up jaunts were lasting longer and the lows were shorter,
but when it was low, it was really low. Over the last few days I was feeling super
depressed and scattered, and nothing I did dragged me out of it. Of course, as you
all know me, I blitzed my earwaves with Eckhart on tape. Lets get to the future!
Slowly regenerating my senses, my RAS plucked out one important thing: ALLOW
Embrace everyone, everyone, every situation, and especially yourself
compounding quite effectively with the reminder of my glory days, I was back on
Now the only way I can put this into words is that there is power in stillness and
Centered is silent. Internal is stillness.
Noise is scattered. Unessential movement is self-raping.
Meet Joe Black on DVD today. Precisely 3 hours of methodical filmmaking.
I watched as Brad Pitt, oft-proclaimed God of body language, moved skillfully and
purposefully (if at all) even as he played DEATH. Claire Forlanis gorgeous rich girl

character approaches his rigid yet succinct portrayal and utters in thorough
submission So tell me, Joe how come a man as attractive, intelligent, wellspoken diffident in the most seductive way, and yet powerful is all alone in this
You could look in her eyes and tell she was ready to be fucked on the spot.
In conventional terms this can be boiled down to the strong but silent archetype.
But the river runs deeper, my friends. Brad Pitt may have great body language, and
that may get him laid but why does he move so fluidly? What is the cause and
He has status, he has money, he has women so he DOES NOT HAVE TO THINK
to get laid. Therefore, as his arena is the social arena, and he is not thinking, he
moves with total grace and strength.
You can do the same.
And you know what? It all comes down to quality. The same thing I touched on in my
secret of the game article is actually the cause of the effect. When you are present,
you are not thinking. You are just focusing on what you are doing and doing it with
complete passion, joy and concentration. If you are not doing anything, you are
being. In that case, you be fully. Allow your love and presence to pour outwards.
Consistency is the mother of congruence.
Your mind is putting up barriers to prevent you from tapping into your deepest power.
If you tapped into your deepest power, you would easily be able to take whatever you
want and make whatever you envision. Your mind does not feel entitled for these
things yet.
How do you make it feel entitled? Good question, and one that I avoided for a long
time, because I didnt even feel entitled to ask why I didnt feel entitled.
Because you are not creating standards for yourself and living up to them.
That is the root cause of a lack of entitlement.
When you take pride and joy in everything you do, you create a pattern where
EVERYTHING you do is total quality one of your standards and it becomes

engrained into your self-concept and your sense of entitlement. Then everything
begins to shift into the new world, the new reality.
Because when everything is quality, everything you do becomes what one could call
a reference experience.
If youre trying to pick up that chick and youre about to close, your mind cycles
through in the blink of an eye and says nope, you didnt pick up your dry cleaning,
you pussed out on that last approach, you got into an argument with your mom, you
didnt push out that last rep at the gym, sorry bro, youre a chode then that little bit of
self doubt manifests in your subcommunications and when you go in for the kiss she
turns her cheek.
Now on the other hand, if you didnt make excuses about not having time, needing
warm ups on your approaches, rationalizing that your mom should be more
understanding, or hadnt been afraid to pull a muscle, and instead just WENT for it
because the utmost quality is your STANDARD and you expect nothing less, that
chick would see the signals loud and clear and she would plant her tongue so far
down your throat youd think she was trying to wrap a leash around your neck.
So in a funny kind of way, in confining yourself, you free yourself. When you tame
your body language and force yourself into smoothness and fluidity instead of selfconscious shuffling or goofy clown overcompensation, you actually feel more entitled
and free. When you demand you meet your own itinerary, you hit any shit that arises
with the same intensity as your plans. Kudos to Jeffy for helping me elucidate the
thought I remember him saying in the Jeffy Show self-discipline allows you to
actually be more free although I wouldnt be surprised if it was a military adage
first (Manwhore?)
Slowing down allows you to narrow in on the thoughts that serve you, and nix out all
the rest. It is sexworthiness in a can. It is beyond sexworthyness, if I may be so
arrogant. You become so potent that your expression is continually meaningful, and
you need not think of anything to say because inattentive idiocy is passable. This
sounds ridiculous in a way, but basically when you respect yourself and love yourself
SO MUCH that it just BEAMS EVERYWHERE it really doesnt matter how people
react to you.
You have to ask yourself if youre scattered and riding off second hand beliefs and
models of the world or if youre really looking at whats in front of you and taking it
head on. Because I felt pretty strong. But this way is a million times stronger. And

you can branch out in any direction you choose. Sometimes you can feel
humourless, for example, but since you have the FOUNDATION you can build the
vibe off that BASE. Also, I used to be scared of foreplay. I thought I wouldnt be good
at it and I just wanted to get straight to fucking where I could hit that shit hard and
mask my own absurdly neurotic nature. But when you REALLY SLOW DOWN, you
WANT to explore a womans body, kiss passionately, take her how you want her.
I used to be scared of social illusions. I would see the tanned guidos with artfully
sculpted metro-man helmets or the tattooed biker dude and think shit, that guy is
gonna eat me alive if I so much as look at him. But ironically, when you slow the fuck
down, act and speak from an authentic place, and truly express yourself, you are
intrinsically higher value and everyone will show you respect.
When you dont give your power away, you keep your power. Then you are powerful,
and you can use that power however you choose.
Use it for good. Use it to give. That is the most fulfilling thing you will experience in
this world.
By the way, in my last post I wrote about TOTAL INTERNAL VALIDATION and how
thats key to sustaining state. How is it done, in practical terms, one might wonder
this is the closest I can come to describing it. You have to express yourself
OUTWARDLY all the time, so you know your own worth whether others acknowledge
it or not. This is the elusive obvious because when people think internal validation
they think it has to be a completely INTERNAL process, but in the outpouring of your
expression, you recognize your value and then are indifferent to whether others
recognize. But you must give it all the time. Then as you take up this practice on a
24/7 basis, its only a matter of time before your social landscape catches up to your
internal state.
And that, my friend, only happens for most people as often as a lunar eclipse.
But you can make it happen as long as the tides are turning.
Which, despite the fact I am not an oceanographer, is probably all the time.
Glory times, indeed.

An abundance of love,