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Civil Procedure Checklist organize issues according to the time line of a law suit

Is the case in the proper court?

o Jurisdiction
o Venue
What is the choice of law?
o Erie
Pre-trial issues?
o Pleadings Proper?
What P serves
What D must respond
o Joinder?
Class actions
Discovery issues?
o Type of discovery
o Scope of discovery
o Enforcement of discovery rules (sanctions)
Disposition without trial?
o Dismissals
Who will decide the matter?
o Judge v. Jury
o If there is a jury, can the jury be disregarded?
Judgment as matter of law
Renewed JML
Can the decision be appealed?
o Final judgment Rule
Future cases?
o Res Judicata (Claim)
o Collateral Estoppel (Issue)

Note: This checklist was prepared by Washburn Bar Services and is merely intended as a supplement to helping students gain practical
comprehension of the bar subject that it reflects. There may be more issues or more depth of issues that will need to be covered by students in a
usual bar study. It is not intended to replace materials for a comprehensive bar program, such as BarBri or Kaplan.