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Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
Answers for Section 1:
a. The very first keywords used to find the articles relating to the selected topic
were emerging technology. This however produced many articles relating to
technology in emerging countries, hence the searcher decided to use a Boolean
operator search as followed: emerging AND technology. This narrowed down the
search results focusing on emerging technology.

b. The database used for the initial search was the CCBC Library database which is a
database comprised of many different data bases, powered by EBSCO Host. One of
the selected articles originated on the CINAHL Complete database, the other from
the MasterFILE Premier database.

c. The databases were actually not the primary focus of the initial search; the
selected topic was. This, in turn, returned a variety of topic related results. From
that selection, two scholarly journal articles were selected, per the section 1
instructions. Upon answering question 1.b. it was discovered that the selected
articles originated on two different databases that feed the CCBC Library database.

d. Citation for Article 1, APA citation style/format used:

Pengo, M. F., Steier, J. (2015) Emerging technology: electrical stimulation in
obstructive sleep apnoea.

Journal of Thoracic Disease, 7 (8), 1286-1297. doi:


e. Citation for Article 2, APA citation style/format used:


Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
Spitsberg, I., Verti, M. J., Brahmandam, S., & Coulston, G. W. (2015). Capitalization
on emerging

technologies. Research- Technology Management, 58(4), 17-27.


f. Screen Print for scholarly article #1:

Screen Print for scholarly article #2

Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler

Answers for Section 2:

a. The selected article "College Campuses are the new test facility for Emerging
Technology," written by Melissa Tait for Crunch Network, provides the reader with a
brief overview of previous technological advances that originated in a college or
university setting and have been adapted into everyday life. More importantly
though the article focuses in on how new emerging technologies, refined by college
students, may shape the near future. In addition the article explores how colleges
and universities currently utilize new and emerging technologies to not only attract
new students, but to improve student's college lives and experiences.

b. Citation for Internet Article 1, APA citation style/format used:

Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
Tait, M. (2015, December 12). College campuses are the new test facility for
emerging technology. Tech

Crunch Network. Retrieved from



Answers for Section 3:

a. The keywords used to complete the search were emerging technology.

b. Citation for Internet Article 2, APA citation style/format used:

Mairman, M./Viscusi, S. (2016, January 4). What's ahead for 2016: top 7 emerging
technology trends.

Retrieved from

c. The additional search engines used were Mozilla Firefox and Bing.

d. Comparison Table


Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
Reason for Rating
Provided most selection, user preferred search engine to find information, allows to
narrow search to news only by clicking, and does not have Ads as the first/top
result. Also no ads on the right pane which can be distracting at times. Once only
news was selected, selection was sorted by most recent and all items displayed
showed dates. Also top item was not from Wikipedia.
Showed Ads as top result, and user had to scroll past that to find actual. Ads also
present on right pane which is distracting. Does also allow narrowing by News only,
however News selection is not right next to All search results but further down the
row. Some results did not have dates and it was not clear if they were sorted
chronological. Top items all from Wikipedia.
First items all from Wikipedia. A lot of Ads on the right pane. No dates on selection
to allow user to pick newest one right away. A lot of images present. News tab not
next to all but further down the row.
Overall Experience/Satisfaction using search engine
User prefers this search engine as it is user friendly with a lot less ads than most
other sites. Allows easy chronological navigation and can quickly be narrowed down
to News only
User uses this search engine sometimes, but not preferred. A lot of ads during each
User dislikes this search engine the most, as it is hard to navigate and never seems
to find what the user is looking for. Has the most ads out of all of the search
Number of results
Once only News was selected narrowed search down to 2,800,00

Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
Once only News was selected narrowed search down to only 516 results
Once only News was selected narrowed down to 937,000

Answers for Section 4:

a. The article was posted December 12, 2015, however it is unclear when it was
actually written by the author, and does not appear to have been updated. The
article has however been shared among multiple social media outlets by readers.

b. The article does relate to the selected topic as it, in the beginning, describes
technologies that in the past were deemed emerging and isolated phenomenon at
colleges/universities however nowadays have solid roots in our everyday lives.
From there the article draws somewhat of a conclusion that emerging technologies
at colleges and universities tend to make the jump into the mainstream population
as the students working on refining these technologies are bringing them into their
future work environment, resulting in a wide array of exposure and utilization.

c. The author of this article is Melissa Tait, who is a Crunch Network contributor. She
works as the senior vice president of technology and project management at
Primacy, and has more than 15 years of experience in interactive marketing,
emerging technology, mobile and social development, quality assurance and web

Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
production. Primacy is a full service digital agency, specializes in creative design,
technology, marketing and other services.
Source if the above information cited in APA style:
Primacy. (2016). Awards and Recognition: 3000 miles to a cure. Retrieved from

d. The information and examples provided in the article appear trustworthy, as it

can easily be checked. For example one of the past emerging technology
phenomenon example, originating at a college or university campus, given was
Facebook. In addition the newer examples included a driverless shuttle system
currently being tested at St. Clara University has been verified as true on the
university's website. With this said, the provided information in the article is
accurate and can be supported by evidence and research.

e. The purpose of the article is to inform the reader that emerging technologies are
in fact utilized in many colleges and universities around the country, which in turn
serve as a testing ground to work out kinks. In addition the article informs the
reader that some of these technologies will likely cross over from the campus into
living rooms around the globe in the near future.

Answers to Section 5:
a. Access to the internet article was much easier as it was freely available upon
entering the desired key words into the desired search engine. The journal articles

Assigment 1: Information Literacy

Meike Kinstler
on the other hand were only accessible to current students at CCBC, and one
needed to sign into the CCBC library portal to access them.

b. The topic itself was actually hard to find recent articles, which holds especially
true for the internet article. Most of the other news articles presented on the search
related more to listings and ratings of upcoming available technologies, and did not
really provide any insight into how emerging technologies are utilized and
developed in the world today. Everyone understands that it starts with an idea,
however how that idea "emerges" to the world is what should be focused on. The
journal articles were easier as they focused in on new approaches and application of
emerging technology in the medical field and how money is made and sometimes
lost in the process.
c. The journal article, since it was a scholarly journal article, appears to have more
authority. It has been researched by people that work in the field, peer-reviewed for
accuracy and then was posted in a journal that is reviewed by others in the field.
This process is impressive in itself and therefore draws the upper hand. The
internet article was posted by a contributor on a network news portal and may be
viewed by people who work within the field, but also by layman, not experts. This
takes away from the authority of the an internet article, regardless of the topic.