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Comprehensive Classroom Guidance

Counselor Name: Heather Long

School: Profile Middle School
Title of Lesson: Personality Types
Date: 3/9/11
Unit: Career Guidance
Grade Level: 7
Time Required: 1 hour
ASCA National Standard:
Career Development Domain, Standard A: Students will acquire the skills to investigate
the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.
Competency (ies) Addressed:
C:A1.1 Develop skills to locate, evaluate and interpret career information
C:A1.3. Develop an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests and motivations
ASCA National Standard:
Career Development Domain, Standard B: Students will employ strategies to achieve
future career goals with success and satisfaction.
Competency (ies) Addressed:
C:B1.2 Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them
to current career choice
C:B1.4 Know the various ways in which occupations can be classified
C:B1.6 Learn to use the Internet to access career-planning information
C:B2.5 Maintain a career-planning portfolio

ASCA National Standard:

Career Development Domain, Standard C: Students will understand the relationship
between personal qualities, education, training and the world of work.
Competency (ies) Addressed:
C:C1.3 Identify personal preferences and interests influencing careerchoice and success
6 Poster Boards
Classroom Area
Index Cards
Get on the Bus Workbook from NHHEAF
Portfolio Worksheet
Holland Party Game (20 Minutes): (see handout) have students choose two careers of
interests based upon personality types after the game.

Personality Inventory (25 Minutes): Have students complete the personality inventory
from Get on the Bus. Have students choose two additional careers of interests based upon
the personality type from the inventory.
Portfolio (15 Minutes): Have students list the two personality types that they feel are the
best match from the activities above. Then, have students enter 4 career choices into their
portfolio worksheet. This should include two career options chosen from the Holland
Party Game, and two career options chosen from the personality inventory.
Students will demonstrate cooperative behavior in a group.
Students will recognize personal boundaries
Students will practice self-control
Students will use effective communication skills while playing the game
Students will cope with solving problems as they arise in the game
Students will apply conflict resolution skills
Students will demonstrate appropriate physical contact

Process data: see above

Perception data
Results data
How was the evaluation conducted?
Processed evaluation with the class discussions
How did the group cooperate to perform the machine function?
Were there any problems?
How were the disputes settled ?
(Attach additional documentation as needed.)
References: ASCA National Model, Get on the Bus