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Small Industries Development Bank of India

Established in April 2,1990 Principal Development Financial Institution for: 

Promotion Financing and Development of Industries in the small scale sector Co-ordinating the functions of other institutions engaged in similar activities.

Business Domain of SIDBI
The business domain of SIDBI consists of small scale industrial units, which contribute significantly to the national economy in terms of production, employment and exports. Small scale industries are the industrial units in which the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs.10 million . About 3.1 million such units, employing 17.2 million persons account for a share of 36 per cent of India's exports and 40 per cent of industrial manufacture.


Business Domain of SIDBI
In addition, SIDBI's assistance flows to the transport, health care and tourism sectors and also to the professional and self-employed persons setting up small-sized professional ventures.

SIDBI Among Top 30 Development Banks of the World:
SIDBI retained its position in the top 30 Development Banks of the World in the latest ranking of The Banker, London. As per the May 2001 issue of The Banker, London, SIDBI ranked 25th both in terms of Capital and assets.

To empower the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector with a view to contributing to the process of economic growth, employment generation and balanced regional development.

To emerge as a single window for meeting the financial and developmental needs of the MSME sector to make it strong, vibrant and globally competitive, to position SIDBI Brand as the preferred and customer - friendly institution and for enhancement of share - holder wealth and highest corporate values through modern technology platform.

Mandatory Objectives: Four basic objectives are set out in the SIDBI Charter. They are: 

Financing Promotion Development Co-ordination


Development Outlook: The major issues confronting SSIs are identified to be: 

Technology obsolescence Managerial inadequacies Delayed Payments Poor Quality Incidence of Sickness Lack of Appropriate Infrastructure and Lack of Marketing Network

The entire issued capital of Rs.450 crore has been divided into 45 crore shares of Rs.10 each. Of the total Rs.450 crore subscribed by IDBI, while setting up of SIDBI, 19.21% has been retained by it and balance 80.79% has been transferred / divested in favour of banks / institutions / insurance companies owned and controlled by the Central Government.

Board of Directors(As on September 01, 2009) Shri R.M.Malla Shri Rakesh Rewari Shri Madhav Lal Chairman and Managing Director Deputy Managing Director Additional Secretary & DC (MSME), Ministry of MSME, Government of India Joint Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India Former Chairman, State Bank of India Former Chairman & Managing Director, Bank of India)

Smt. Ravneet Kaur

Shri Janki Ballabh Shri M. Balachandran


Board of Directors(As on September 01, 2009) Shri S.K. Tuteja Shri S.S. Chattopadhyay Shri K. Sitaramam Shri T. R. Bajalia Shri B. Manivannan Former Secretary, Government of India Chairman, West Bengal Financial Corporation Former Deputy Managing Director State Bank of India Executive Director, IDBI Bank Ltd. Executive Director (IT-BPR) Life Insurance Corporation of India MSME Entrepreneurectors

Shri A. Prabhakara

Product and Services:
INSTITUTIONAL Refinance For Small Road Transport Operators (SRTOs) General Refinance Scheme (GRS) Refinance Scheme For Textile Industry Under Technology Up gradation Fund (RTUF) Refinance Scheme For Acquisition Of ISO Series Certification By SSI Unit (RISO 9000) Composite Loan Scheme (CLS Single Window Scheme (SWS) Rehabilitation Of Sick Ind. Units

Product and Services:
INSTITUTIONAL (continued«) Scheme for Development of Industrial Infrastructure for SSI Sector (DII) Integrated Infrastructural Development (IID) Bills Rediscounting Scheme - Equipment (BRS-E) Bills Rediscounting Scheme - Equipment (Inland supply bills) Line Of Credit Foreign Currency to Commercial Banks (LOCFC)

Product and Services:
INVESTORS Fixed Deposit Scheme NEW ENTREPRENEURS Direct Credit Schemes Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme for Textile Industries (TUFS) Composite Loan Scheme (CLS) Single Window Scheme (SWS)

Product and Services:
Direct Credit Schemes Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme for Textile Industries (TUFS) Direct Discounting Scheme - Equipment (DDS-E) ISO 9000 Scheme (ISO 9000) Government subsidy Schemes 

Textile Industry Food Processing Industry

Product and Services:
Direct Credit Schemes Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme for Textile Industries (TUFS) Receivable Financing Scheme ISO 9000 Scheme (ISO 9000) SIDBI-kfw Scheme of Cleaner Production (CP) Measures Marketing of SSI Products Direct Discounting Scheme - Equipment (DDS-E) Inland letter of credit

Product and Services:
Marketing Fund for Women (MFW) Mahila Udhyam Nidhi

Product and Services:
MICRO FINANCE INSTITUTION On-lending Capacity Building Liquidity Management Equity Transformation Loan Micro Enterprise Loans Micro Enterprise Loans Scheme - Direct Credit Micro Enterprise Loans Scheme - Direct Credit


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