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The Firm

(Movie Review)

The movie is about Mitch McDeeres life in the firm Bendini, Lambert and Locke.
Mitch McDeere graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. He looked for a job
and the firm in Memphis named Bendini, Lambert and Locke offer him a high salary, big
house and new Mercedes. He accepted the offer because he sees money as security.
Therefore, there is a partnership between McDeere and the associates of the firm for
the exercise of a profession. Article 1767 paragraph 2, Two or more persons may also
form a partnership for the exercise of a profession. After accepting the job, McDeere
and his wife Abby went to Memphis for the job. After some time, McDeere passed the
bar exam with the 2nd spot. He had a surprise celebration party with the associates and
all the associates welcomed him as one of them. So delectus personae exists No one
can become a member of the partnership association without the consent of all the
other associates. As days go by, McDeere begins to realize that the law firm has full of
secrets and evil members but then he cannot afford to quit. There are only two ways for
lawyers to leave in the firm: stay until they retire as multi-millionaire senior partner or die
before their time. He said it to his wife because they have trust to each other. There is
fiduciary relation between them.
Mitch was approached by the FBI and asked him to collect the evidence to bring
the corrupt lawyers down or else he will get to the prison soon when the firm inevitably

goes down. He desperately looked for a way on how to leave the firm without the help of
the associates and the FBI.
The movie showed the character of McDeere as a good lawyer because he acted
in an ethical manner which is all the lawyer in the world should be. McDeere knows that
stealing the associates files is against the law because it violates the attorney-client
privilege. So he thinks for the other solution that he can do without violating the law. And
he realized that he cant say how rich he has to be to feel really secure because the true
meaning of security is fulfilling your oath as an attorney.

Pario, Joyce Ann M.