2016 WWATS Rendezvous

4 Day Open Hunt
May 26th – 29th 2016 Memorial Day Weekend
Four Corners Christian Camp
Mancos, Colorado

Open to the Public and to all Treasure Hunters
WWATS (World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers)
Metal Detecting Hunts, Gold Prospecting, and many Special events & Seminars!

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th 2016
You and Your family are invited to 4 days of major fun daily seminars,
metal detecting, gold prospecting, gold panning, coin hunting, hidden
treasure hunting.
Learn many ways to Treasure Hunt and Prospect for Gold!
3 year membership available for $35.00
(You don’t need to be a member of WWATS to participate in this event)
*What makes this event a success is your generous donations!
** We need prizes (does not need to be related to the hobby) and
coins to bury (foreign, wheat, silver, clad, buffalos, etc.)
By donating to this event, your name along with donation will be listed on the web
site WWATS.ORG for all to see and you will be a major part of assuring all
participant’s a wonderful and successful weekend **
(No charge for kids under the age of 11years; ½ price for 11-15)
Good Discount for Paid WWATS Memberships!!

Thursday May 26th
Check in,
9 am set up camps or move into bunk houses & start of “Scavenger Hunt”
11 am seminars on WWATS, PLP & Events for the 4 Days!
Six special treasure hunts located in the camp. Be Here!
Seminar on “Arrow Head Hunting”, by a professional.
2 pm Seminar on “how to use your metal detector” and tips, by a professional.
4 pm “Speedo Hunt” bring your quarters!.

7 pm Kick-Back campfire time with many treasure stories’

Friday May 27th
9 am
2 pm

Rundown on today’s hunt and Rules.
“FOUR HOUR COPPER HUNT” This hunt will be hidden tokens for
copper rounds, bars, 5 oz. rounds, 1 pound & 2 pound bars !!!!
other copper coins will be buried (Indian Head Cents, Flying Eagle cent)
(Proceeds go to PLP in Jerry Hobbs name).
6:15 pm (token or tokens will be turned-in for prizes)
7 pm
Kick-Back campfire time again for more great stories.

Saturday May 28th
8:30 am start “ALL DAY HUNT” ends at 3:00 pm
3:30 pm prizes will be awarded for all tokens that were dug up that day!!
(Any tokens not found will be a special drawing).
7 pm
Kick-Back campfire time, more treasure stories----final night.
Dark Thirty FREE “Night Time Metal Detecting Hunt” with many prizes
(NO lights allowed)
**[Must be entered in “ALL DAY HUNT” to be allowed for “FREE Night Hunt”] **

Sunday May 29th
8 am
Non denomination church services.
9:45 am “Treasure Chest Hunt”
11:00 am Awards and finish up the great time this weekend has been.

We have lots of activates planned for this Event!!!!
Seminars, treasure hunts, metal detecting, gold
bike track, hay wagon rides, hunting on the shores of a
beautiful lake!
*Thursday [“Speedo Hunt”(bring your quarters) ]
* Friday [“Copper Hunt”&“Night Hunt”]
* Saturday [“All Day Hunt” ]
*Sunday [“Treasure Chest Hunt”and Awards! ]

This hunt weekend is limited to the first 146
entries only.
So sign up today, this hunt will fill up fast!!


Due to the time it takes to acquire prizes and coins for this big of event
has forced us to adopt a different pricing and time schedule.
*Cost of hunts such as the Main Hunt of $95.00 by January
1st, will go
up $25.00 more by April 1st, if you wait to
send in payment. Again cost will increase another $25.00
if you wait till“Day of Hunt” to make payment. It can
cost you dearly to wait, sent your payment in today!

Registration Form
Name ___________________________________________
City______________ State_______________ Zip_______
Phone #____-_______ Email________________________
I’m a WWATS member Yes___ No___ My #___________
Before Jan. 1st -- to April 1st -- to May 26th amount here
Thurs. check in cost: $95.00
Sat. Copper Hunt cost: $10.00
Treas. Chest Hunt cost: $5.00
WWATS paid 3 year membership minus
Total $ _______
(Discount is for paying memberships ONLY/not free memberships)
“You must bring your membership card”

Send your payment to:
Wayne (NuggetBrain) Peterson/WWATS
361 Camino Del Rio. Suite 241
Durango Colorado 81301 Email: nuggetbrain1@msn.com

“Four Corners Christian Camp”
The camp is located at: 14051 county rd. 37; Mancos, Colorado 81328
The camp is fully equipped with Bunk Houses, Showers, dry camping,
indoor seating, on the lake front, close to town, fresh air, a gathering fire pit.
Visit www.fcccamp.org for camp pricing OR call 970-882-2523
*All bunk house camping includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Starting at
$25.00 per person per night.
* Dry camping includes breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at $20.00 per
person per night.

They have full showers for campers, BMX style bike paths; there will be
horse drawn hay rides and many other specials to look forward to. Please
go to web site to reserve your place in this great camp or call today; bunk
houses are going to fill up fast!!
By my signature, I relieve the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers and property
owner/all employees, associates, officers & hunt officials of any and all claims, accidents, thefts
or injuries that may occur while participation in any hunt or function associated with this event. I
agree at all times to abide by all rules as set forth by the World Wide Assoc. of Treasure Seekers.

Signature:________________________________________ Date:_________________

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