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Aaron Schroeder

801 O’Keeffe Ave. Apt 27 | Sun Prairie, WI | (715)-225-1036 |

Online Portfolio

 To continue my growth and experiences as a GIS Technician in the continuously evolving field of
Geography through a full-time GIS position where my skills can be utilized and further expanded.


Comprehensive Environmental Geography Major
GIS emphasis | Geospatial Certificate
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: Bachelor of Science
Graduated: May 2015

Continental Mapping Consultants: Geospatial Technician

July 2015 – Present

 Comprehensive extraction of feature and terrain data using satellite imagery, in ArcMap, provided by clients
 Following specific extraction criteria and utilizing error checking software to make sure the gathered data is
at a sufficient standard to return to clients
 Coordinating with coworkers to improve data collection techniques and ensure data consistency
 Continental Mapping Consultants Website

Fort Sill Oklahoma Survey Field Work for CMC

December 1 – 10 2015

 Volunteered to assist our Field Survey Crew working on Fort Sill in Oklahoma for a 10 days
 Used Trimble Total Stations, Data Radios, and Trimble R8s to locate preexisting boundary points
 Once we found the points we installed rebar, posts, monuments and signs to distinguish the boundary
Updated and enhance an existing Excel database of every map housed in the Archives Department
 Researched each map to develop metadata
 Coordinated with the Archives staff to structure the database for easy updating and use

UW-Eau Claire: Learning and Technology Services - Help Desk Technician

Provided technology support to UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, students, and alumni in over 3,000 tickets
Troubleshoot software and hardware problems for personal mobile devices and laptops
Communicate with clients and resolve technology issues over the phone and through email
Create documentation for new technologies and software programs
Assist in the installation of technology in the new Centennial Hall

UW-Eau Claire Geography Department Geospatial Internship

May 2012 – May 2015

Summer 2014

Created SDE Databases and prepared data for input to ArcSDE
Worked with existing and downloaded geospatial datasets
Assisted with the conversion and implementation to new departmental server
Created documentation for all processes involved to set up the new server and how to access the data

UAS Search and Rescue Capstone Research Project

Spring 2015

 Working with two professors, two students and UAS RP FlightSystems
 Using the UAS imagery and DEM, our team is developing a model that will show searchers where the
missing person most likely went and what the terrain is like
 Using geospatial data (DEM, LCD, aerial imagery), and using cost-distance path analysis to assists in
determining high priority search areas. A custom python Script was developed to identify target areas for
UAS missions.

Geospatial Field Methods (GEOG 336)

Spring 2015

Design data collection approach of data collection and methods in a geospatial manner
Navigation using GPS technology and compass based land navigation techniques
Collected survey points using current GPS technology as well as traditional distance/azimuth methods
Creation of technical style reports in web/blog based format
Coursework website: Field Methods

Aaron Schroeder
801 O’Keeffe Ave. Apt 27 | Sun Prairie, WI | (715)-225-1036 |

Online Portfolio

Spring 2015

Python coding language to run common tools in ArcMap 10.2.2
 Set projections and coordinate systems
 Utilized data models, data generation and gathering, table joins, and queries
 Utilized vector analysis (buffer, intersect, union, identity, erase)
 Utilized raster analysis (map algebra, slope, aspect) and model builder
 Used Trimble GPS units to collect data and integrate the data into GIS
 GIS II Coursework: GISII


ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.2 (Spatial Analysis, Network Analysis, Geostastical Analysis)
Microsoft Office Suite
Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop)
PyScripter Python language
ESRI Online, ArcPad
ESRI Training Courses: Working with Geodatabase Domains and Subtypes in ArcGIS, Creating and Editing
Metadata in ArcGIS, Geodatabase Topology, Getting Started with the Geodatabase, Creating a Basic Map in
Pix4D basics
MySQL basics
SPSS basics


SAGGA – Student Advisory Group of Geography and Anthropology
o Committee of four students and the department head to plan events for the Geography Dept.
o Organized the 2014 Fall Geography and Anthropology Summit
GAC – Geography and Anthropology Club
o Fundraisers for the department: tee-shirts and squirrel stew
o Advertising the Geography Department by talking to younger students
Farm Hand – Worked on the family and neighbor’s farms my whole life
o Milked cows, built fence, birthed calves, bailed hay and drove tractor
Tough Mudder Volunteer and Participant (Wounded Warrior Project)
o Ran and volunteered the 2014 Wisconsin Tough Mudder
Other Activities I enjoy
o Hunting, hiking, camping, weightlifting, running

 Zach Aubrecht
Geospatial Technician: Pod Leader
Continental Mapping Consultants
(608) 807-8353

 Kent Gerberich
IT Manager: Client Support Services
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
(715) 836-3161

 Dr. Christina Hupy
Associate Professor of Geography
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
(715) 836-3313
 Martin Goettl
Geospatial Technology Facilitator
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
(715) 836-4709