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Third Grade Pet Land News

January 5, 2016
Ask Me About…

Ask, "How are you doing on your math facts?" We will continue to have twominute timed multiplication math facts each Tuesday. (Some students may
have different amounts or types of problems due to personal learning styles.
Ex.: Student X is on division.)
Ask, "What is area? What is perimeter?" (This week we are working on
these concepts in our geometry unit. Area is the space inside of a shape.
We will later break this into square units and give the array model for area.
Perimeter is the distance around a shape.)
We are starting our annual "Reading Rocks" program for third and fourth
grade students. (Formerly Book Parade for our seasoned families with older
siblings.) Students are encouraged to set reading goals and choose from
books from our reading collection. Information and a Signupgenius will be
arriving in your email/child's green folder soon. The signupgenius is for
parents wanting to get involved with the Reading Rocks program at Hillside.
At the end of the program students reaching goals will have a culminating
Ask, "Did you like the read aloud Because of Winn Dixie? This week we are
viewing the movie and completing a compare/contrast of the book and movie.
It is interesting to hear students say, "I did not picture this character like
that!" This shows me they are truly comprehending and visualizing when

PTA sponsored two "Brainstormers" assemblies for our school celebrating
writing. During the first assembly, our school created a persuasive story, a
personal narrative story, and a creative writing story together. Several
students volunteers were chosen from our audience to act out each story out
in front of our school. It was fun!
The next "Brainstormer" assembly is in February. Students are
working this week on submitting a story by this Friday so that his/her story
might be chosen to share for our school soon. So far this week we are in the
editing and revising process of writing using checklists to guide us.

   Science
Ask, "What are you studying in science?" We are studying crayfish.
Crayfish are crustaceans. We are learning about the structures (parts) of
the crayfish this week and establishing a suitable classroom habitat. The
students are very excited about having these in our room!
Students will be taking the reading NWEA this week on Wednesday in the
computer lab. They will take the math NWEA next week. This test is not
timed. The purpose of this test is to measure individualized student growth
from Fall-Winter-Spring and year to year.
 Did you apply for a class job this month? What is/are your job(s)?
 No School-- Monday, January 18th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Wishing you well,
Mrs. Dowd 