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Communication Strategies for Event Management



February 2015

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

Executive Summary


2.0 Situation Analysis
3.0 Communication Objectives
4.0 Target Audience/Stakeholders Analysis
5.0 Communication Strategy
6.0 Communication Tactics: IMC Toolkit
7.0 Budget
8.0 Timeline


Appendices: This section should include (but not
limited to)
 Charts / Tables / Infographics
 Mock-ups: sample press releases, sample
posters, sample advertisements, sample
website designs, sample social media
designs, sample marketing communication
collateral, etc.

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

The Cat Welfare society is officially approved and registered as a society on 23
October 1999 after a newspaper published a report about 5 kittens being burned
alive in a box. It was officially approved and registered as a charity in June 2004.
Being a charitable society, the Cat Welfare Society is dependent on donations to
keep running. However, due to irregular donations, the Cat Welfare Society faces
financial instability, creating the need for a campaign to develop a plan to encourage
regular donations through GIRO.

Situation Analysis
The Cat Welfare Society has various strength and weaknesses which may cause
problems or create solution to certain problems.
Cat Welfare Society’s Strengths include:

Providing free sterilization for community cats in HDB estates
Education programmes
o Outreach programme
Providing sterilisation schemes to cat owners
Saving abandoned cats
Having celebrities to support their cause
o Taufik Batisah
Implemented other electronic donation methods
o iBanking Transfer
o Cheque mail

Cat Welfare Society’s Weaknesses include:

Not knowing how to reach out to the younger audience
Targeting at an audience who doesn’t know much about Cat Welfare Society
Target audience not having GIRO accounts nor understand what is GIRO

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

Cat Welfare Society’s Opportunities include:

Helping to reduce the reproduction of stray cats
Celebrities endorsing CWS would encourage the target audience to learn
about CWS & attend the planned events
Education programmes might encourage CWS target audience to sign up for
GIRO donations.

Cat Welfare Society’s Threats include:

People who are against cat sterilisation
Other pet welfare organisations
Part of our target audience may not even bother about this campaign

Other than the various factors stated above, this campaign is a one – time effort
which encourages regular donations via GIRO spanning over a period of 6 months.

Communication Objectives
To develop a communication plan that will attract to contribute via GIRO donations.
Applying S.M.A.R.T:
To develop a communication plan that will attract at least 300 more donors to
contribute via GIRO at 3 – 6 months.

Our Key Messages

Small regular donations through GIRO can make the biggest change to the
community cats.

Regular donations can be done easier through electronic payment.

CWS believes that lots of community cats’ lives can be saved if they are
sterilized. Even if you are 18 – 28 years old, you can still help through

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

Target audience / Stakeholders analysis
This campaign targets at males and females who are aged 18 – 28 years old.
 Low – Middle income to help support personal needs to family
 Preference of payment modes have shifted from cash to electronic means
 Compassionate
o As long as It is for a good cause, they will be willing to help by either
donating or volunteering

o They want more information on how their donations will be used

Media – Savvy
o Fluent in terms of using the different media platforms E.g. F.I.T
o Often gather information from the respective media platforms.

Additional information:
Employment rate among youths in 2013
Survey is based on a youth residential population of 777.6 thousand people







Communication Strategy
Emotional Factor
The use of emotional approach would help to create a sense of sadness and cause
our target audience to sympathize with the plight of abandoned cats. This would then

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

help us to gather their support in terms of volunteering themselves or opting for
GIRO donations.
Shock Factor
The use of huge factual numbers would create a sense of shock in our target
audience as it would be something that they didn’t expect, leaving a clear impression
in their mind which may result in them sharing the information to their friends.
(Refer to appendix A for examples of poster down below).

Social Media Contest: INSTAGRAM CONTEST

Taking a picture with any cat + include one of our main message + hashtag
#CatWelfareSociety #GIROdonations
o This would help us to spread the word about Cat Welfare Society as
the more hashtag in place, the more exposure we get.

To get the event started, our celebrities, Taufiq Batisah and Melody Chen will
be the first to post their respective pictures with a cat in their INSTAGRAM.

Their popularity and fan base would then gather more people to follow suit
hence making the challenge a success.

Winners will be announced on the 20th March.

Judging criterions:
o Condition of their cat
o Identifying the correct message of CWS
o Number of likes

Main Event: The Great GIRO maze + Cat Gallery (GG Maze)

The GG maze + Cat Gallery allows our target audience to have fun yet learn
about the GIRO system at the same time
The Cat Gallery inside the maze will help out in terms of emotional appeal
towards the participants.
(Refer to Appendix D for Maze Layout)

Setting up the event:

The GG maze will be created using dividers to act as the walls of the maze.

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

Whenever there is a cross junction in the maze, a question will be pasted on
the walls for the participants to answer.
The multiple choice answers to the questions will include directions to take.
Picking the wrong answer will result in taking the wrong direction towards a
dead end.

Instructions / Rules:

Participants given 20 minutes to exit the maze.
Maximum of 10 participants at any moment in time
Upon entering, a volunteer (Timer) will follow the participant
Failure to exit the maze in 20 minutes, would forfeit the prize
Upon failure, volunteers are required to lead the participants out of the maze

Communication tactics
Posters would help to attract our target audience between the age of 18 – 21
because the colour scheme used in the posters are eye catching colours, such as
Red & Blue. After catching the attention of our target audience, our poster will then
send deliver the message of “CWS believes that lots of community cats’ lives can be
saved if they are sterilized. Even if you are 18 – 28 years old, you can still help
through donation.”
(Refer to appendix A for sample posters)
Flyer would help to reach out to our mass target audience between 22 - 28 years old
at Central Business District areas because our volunteers will be passing the flyers
to them directly. Even if they are to throw the flyers away, our objective of spreading
the word about the event would be fulfilled because they would still look at the flyer
before throwing it away at the end of the day.
(Refer to appendix C for sample flyer)
Pitches would help us reach out to the various tertiary institutes that we would like to
reach out to. Especially when asking for sponsorship of venues or even materials
required to make our event a successful. Asking for permission may also work better
when using a pitch because it shows our sincerity and provides information
regarding our event or the purpose, objectives and the reason behind Cat Welfare
Society’s decision to send them the pitch.

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Communication Strategies for Event Management



Budget Cost :

Fully coloured flyers
A3 Quality print posters
Keychains for completing
the maze
Food and beverages


$120 – 200

Est. 100 – 200 pax

Max $550



1st Mar 15th Mar

Social Media Contest: Instagram Contest

16th Mar - Social Media Contest: Judging Period
18th Mar
19th Mar

Social Media Contest:Confirm Winners

20th Mar

Social Media Contest: Announce Winners

23rd Mar - Posters & Flyers: Come up with design, message (if
27th Mar any changes need to be made)
Send out emails to areas where Posters want to be
put up, permission to use space, to RP for event
28th Mar
Mar April

Posters & Flyers: Confirmation

28th Mar - Posters & Flyers: Printed
1st April

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Communication Strategies for Event Management

April May



2nd April - 5th April Posters & Flyers: Plan out locations &
6th April - 12th
13th April - 27th
28th April - 9th

Posters & Flyers: Paste at respective
Posters & Flyers: Continue giving out flyers
Plan out the seminars
Seminar: Publicize

11th May - 29th

Seminar: Conduct talks at different
 After school hours
 2 schools per week

30th May - 7th

Event: Set-up
 Materials
 Decorations
 Order of food & drinks

 What have you learnt from the Seminar?
 Would you want to donate regularly?
 Do you think using GIRO is efficient in helping you donate regularly?
 Would you recommend this method to your friends?

Did the maze make you understand the problem that the cat population is
Did it trigger the urge to help out?
Did you apply for GIRO for regular donations?
Would you recommend this method to your family or friends?
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Communication Strategies for Event Management

The evaluation is to see if our objective of encouraging more donations via GIRO is a
success because of our event and Seminar. Therefore, our questions are crafted to
see if our target audience is more encouraged to donate via GIRO.

Appendix A:

Appendix B:

Appendix C:

Appendix D:

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Communication Strategies for Event Management



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