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Lesson 1

Knowledge of Key Vocabulary Terms and Phrases
Lesson Overview:
Students will learn key vocabulary terms and phrases associated with multiplication; such as
factor, product, times, multiply, double, and triple. Students will take notes in their math journal
as the teacher shows examples and gives direct instruction of the multiplication terms. They will
make a list of words associated with multiplication in their journals. They will be able to detect
the symbol, X, as an operation that means times.
Materials Needed:
List of Key Vocabulary Words, Terms, and Phrases
Key Vocabulary Word Template Sheet (Appendix A)
Interactive Whiteboard
Student Math Journal
Student iPads
Lesson Objective:
Students will be able to identify key vocabulary terms and phrases associated with
Time: One 60 minute class session
Classroom Set-up:
6 Classroom Students Desks, Student iPads,, app Doceri
Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activity
To begin the lesson, have the students get out their math journals and put them on their
desks. The teacher will write a multiplication problem on the Interactive whiteboard, i.e.
3x6=18. Ask the students to talk with their tables to try and name what each part of the number
sentence means, and/or think of as many words as they can that they know are related to
multiplication. The students will work with their table, give them ab out 2-3 minutes to discuss.
Have the class come back together and share what they discussed in their groups. The teacher
will have the students open up their journals and label a new page, Multiplication Vocabulary
Step 2: Content Presentation

1. The teacher will go back to the first number sentence that was written during the preinstructional activity. They will have the class write the number sentence in their journal
(3x6=18). Under each number the teacher will label each part of the number sentence,
having the student mimic in their own journals (3&6=factor, 18=product). The teacher
will then explain that a factor is a number being multiplied and the product is the answer
when you multiply. Also, under each number the students will label what each number in
the number sentence represents (3=number of groups, 6=amount in each group, 18=total
2. Under the labeled number sentences, the students will write down the following terms:
factors, product, multiply, multiplication, X, and the communitive property. They will
label the definitions within their journals. The teacher will go through each term on the
interactive whiteboard as the class takes notes.
3. The teacher will then have the students discuss with their table groups each what each
term means and represents. The instructor will circulate through the room to insure there
are not any misconceptions being made and solidify the terms.
4. The teacher will hand out the Key Word Sheet to the students to paste into their math
journals. A copy of the handout will be up on the Interactive Whiteboard for the class to
see as well. The class will then come up with terms that mean the same definition as
multiplication (times, double, triple, twice as many, total, product, and all together).
5. The teacher will write down all of the terms until all those associated with multiplication
are up on the board.
6. The students will put their notebooks away and get out their iPads. The will use on of
their whiteboard apps (Doceri) to participate in the next activity. The teacher will do a
formative assessment activity with the students writing answers on their iPads.
7. The instructor will write a multiplication problem on the interactive whiteboard (ex:
6x7=42) and ask students to write the same multiplication sentence on their iPads. They
will then instruct the class to label each part of the multiplication sentence using their
iPads (ex: 6=factor, x=multiplication sign, 7= factor, =equals sign, 42=product). When
the students are finished, they will hold up their iPads to show the instructor their
answers. The instructor will go through a few more problems similar to the first for extra
practice (i.e. 5x8=40, 2x8=16, etc.). When the teacher feels the students are confident,
they can move on.
8. The teacher will then ask the students to write an example of the Communitive Property
on their iPads (i.e. 9x3=27 – 3x9=27). The students will each write their answers on their
iPads, while the teacher circulates through the room to monitor work. When students
have finished their work, they will hold up their iPads to show their work. The teacher
will quickly check each students answer.
9. The teacher will end the activity with a final question. The instructor will tell the
students to write down three words that indicate that multiplication is needed (i.e. times,
double, triple, twice as many, total, product, and all together). The students will write
their answer on their iPads and hold them up when completed.
Step 3: Learner Participation
1. Students will discuss multiplication terms and definitions with their table groups and the

2. The teacher will direct the students by having them write, copy, and answer
multiplication terms in their math journals and on their iPads using a discussion tool on
3. Students participate in an activity where their write multiplication answers on their iPads.
Step 4: Assessment
The students will participate in a formative assessment activity, answering questions
presented on the Interactive Whiteboard on their personal iPads (they will use a whiteboard app,
such as Doceri). This will act as an assessment of student understand on multiplication terms and
phrases associated with multiplication.
Step 5: Follow Through
Students will be using the knowledge taught and learned in the following lessons
throughout this instructional unit.
Answers Key for Math Journal:
Factors- The numbers that are being multiplied in a multiplication sentence.
Product- The answer to a multiplication sentence.
Multiply- To perform the process of multiplication.
X Symbol-An X is represented as a symbol that means to multiply two or more numbers
Commutative Property of Multiplication- The order that factors are multiplied together does
not change the product.
Answer Key of Key Multiplication Words Sheet:
Twice the number
Find the product
All together